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Whitelist Server 1.7.10 Steincraft | Direwolf20 1.6.1 | Whitelist | 32 Slots | 24/7 |Plugins| Family Friendly | TS3

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by bgsteiner, Sep 21, 2014.


Drop cauldron and all the plugins to update to 1.0.2

Poll closed Dec 21, 2014.
  1. Yes

    11 vote(s)
  2. No

    9 vote(s)
  1. Mirosa25

    Mirosa25 Active Member

    Is the server down? For some reason it says it cant connect.
  2. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    Make sure you are on the 1.6.4 version the update has not been pushed to the server yet
  3. Mirosa25

    Mirosa25 Active Member

    Ah, ok that makes sense. It didn't say weather it was on 1.6.4 or 1.7 so that's what may have caused the confusion.
  4. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    UPDATE: I am currently testing plugins and as soon as I have them all figured out I will upload the new version to the server and begin pre-generating the world.[DOUBLEPOST=1414867749][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Yeah I'm working on theupdate
  5. 5N4LE

    5N4LE New Member

    1.) IGN: sammynem
    2.)Age: 17
    3.)How long have you been playing Minecraft: don´t even know anymore :)

    1.)IGN: Domto
    2.)Age: 18
    3.)How long have you been playing Minecraft: Same

    4.) Why do you want to join our server: we are brothers. Until now we both have been playing a lot of modded minecraft in a communety, named hideoutkingdom, Domto was Admin there. But since one month noone of us heared of the owner. Now the servers and the website shut down. This is the reason for us to look for a new server and urs seems perfect, because of ur decent hardware and good rules.
    If we like the server i might get some of the hideout kingdom players to follow me and join ur server. It seems ur interrested in keeping the server going for longer than 2 weeks wich is most important.

    We hope to get whitelisted and like ur server and communety.
  6. tigerfrog555

    tigerfrog555 New Member

    Hey guys! I'm on the 1.6.4 version right now and it still says cannot connect to server. Is it down for the update? Thanks! Also, I would like to get someone's Skype to help me understand what mods I need to understand to survive best. Thanks!

    Edit: It says "Connection Refused: connect
  7. LiftedDuramax419

    LiftedDuramax419 New Member

    hes probally updating it to 1.7
  8. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    Yeah sorry I took the server offline and am generating the new word to help prevent lag when we all get on.
    Ill put the 1.6.4 version on for you while it generates[DOUBLEPOST=1414879026][/DOUBLEPOST]
    approved welcome aboard
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2014
  9. Mirosa25

    Mirosa25 Active Member

    Should we update to 1.7.10 version 1.01 of the pack?
  10. SwiffyD

    SwiffyD New Member

    1.) IGN: Swiftd1546
    2.) Age: 24
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Alpha
    4.) Why do you want to join our server?: Have been looking for a place to enjoy the new DireWolf20 update in
    a friendly environment. I also may be interested in recording in the future.
  11. Neroxify

    Neroxify New Member

    1.) IGN: kaionixx
    2.) Age (optional): 19
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since beta 1.2, so for a few years
    4.) Why do you want to join our server: I was playing alone for quite a while now, and I wish to change that, and seeing this server resetting soon and with an emphasis on the social aspect seems like a perfect opportunity.
  12. tigerfrog555

    tigerfrog555 New Member

    when world gens, can I help build new spawn?
  13. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    Yes the server will be on 1.0.1
    The server will be following recommended builds[DOUBLEPOST=1414885834][/DOUBLEPOST]UPDATE: So I have generated 50% of the start area and it seems to be continuing fine. I should have the ip switched over by the end of the night. I do wish to convey that this server is in a very beta state and may be prone to crashing.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2014
  14. kuroikaen

    kuroikaen New Member

    1.) IGN KuroiKaen
    2.) Age 17
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft Since the old 1.2.5 days.
    4.) Why do you want to join our server It seems like a small, friendly group. Working together is far more fun than alone.
  15. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

  16. obgolden

    obgolden New Member

    1.) IGN: obgolden
    2.) Age: 15, almost 16
    3.) How long have you been playing minecraft?: 3 years
    4.) Why do you want to join our server: I love modded minecraft but don't like to play on huge servers
  17. bgsteiner

    bgsteiner New Member

    UPDATE The server is now on 1.7.10 come on and have some fun
    Also please be patient with any crashes i cant find all the bugs by myself
    If you get a whitelist error pm me as i had to rebuild the whitelist due to a change in its formatting

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  18. ivoryfire

    ivoryfire New Member

    1.) IGN. ivoryfire
    2.) Age (optional). 23
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft. 3-4 years (started 1.3.2 modded)
    4.) Why do you want to join our server. cause its direwolf20 1.7 <hell ya
  19. Ben_scannell

    Ben_scannell New Member

    1.) IGN ben_scannell
    2.) Age (optional) 14
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft i played it in early beta i dont know how long that is.
    4.) Why do you want to join our server Because ive loved the previous D.W20 packs and i'd love to just be on a nice family friendly server
  20. Alex Bowerman

    Alex Bowerman New Member

    1.) IGN: Bowerman2000
    2.) Age: 13 Nearly 14
    3.) How long have you been playing Minecraft? 4 Years
    4.) Why do you want to join our server: I love playing minecraft modpacks, playing in small, friendly communities and working with other players.

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