[1.7.10] Post Finem (after the end) [Tech][HQM][Hardcore] version 1.1.0

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    The earth was unable to support the exponentially growing population of humans. Wars began to break out between the small nation states over the dwindling food and water supplies. Once the energy crisis hit, the super powers join the fray. No on will remember who launch the first nuke but when it happened, the rest of the super powers pushed the button as well. This would have been the end of the human race if not for a group of enlightened scientist from around the globe that had formed the re-genesis project. Foreseeing the end, they launched dozens of rockets that were loaded with advanced technology capable of returning life to the plant. Ten thousand years later one of those rockets returns.....

    Can you survive the hostile environment, hold back the mutants creatures that inhabit the planet now, and strip enough resources from the barren landscape to rebuild civilization?

    This was a Jam Packed 2 entry.

    This pack is content compete but there may still be some bugs and balance issues to work out. Please report any issues you encounter in this thread.

    If you started in an older version and have already explored areas where fixed POIs are suppose to spawn they may not generate for you at those locations (you may still find them as a random structure)

    In versions prior to 0.2.0 it is important that you disable structure generation when creating a new world. As of version 0.2.0 this is now handled by mods. This means that worlds created before 0.2.0 will not generate the appropriate structures in newly generated terrain unless you use NTBexployer to turn the structure gen back on.

    Fastcraft is bundled with this pack, so when reporting bugs directly to mod authors be sure to mention that fastcraft is enabled.

    Carpenter's Blocks
    Extra Cells
    Flans Mod
    HQM-The Journey
    Malisis Doors
    Pam's HarvestCraft
    Recurrent Complex

    Version 1.1.0
    Fixed the Exotic Bee Quest, really this time!
    added mod Cooking for Blockheads
    changed Master Chef quest to reward CFB item set

    Version 1.0.1
    Enabled the genetics machines from Binnie's Mods to be able to manipulate flowers and butterflies
    Moved the Crash Site POI to the active folder
    Fixed the Exotic Bees Quest to accept the correct mutagen

    Version 1.0.0
    Enabled netherwart and wheat to be planted normally so bees that need them as flowers can work
    Increased base power needed to use magma crucible (only way I could find to disable power loop)
    Re-enabled the MRF enchanting system
    Re-enabled the Mekanism metallurgic infuser (have not found a way to disable the default recipe)
    Added quest to get Ender and Monastic bees
    Changed quest text to clarify exactly what spawners need to be turned in for exploration quests
    Changed Launch Code quest to ignore NBT data to make it completable
    Renamed a few quartz items to get rid of the nether in the name
    Added Red Sand to Minechem decomposer and synthesizer
    Added more reward options to Civilization quest

    Version 0.2.6
    Fixed broken quest With Sprinkles
    Replaced the rest of the queen rewards in bee quests
    Added a note about needing scoop to first bee quest
    Addded reward to wolf quest
    Added decomposer recipe for clouds
    Added recipe for Proven Frames
    Made warnings in the gun quests ALL CAPS
    Changed text in Alternative Energy quest to indicate any dynamo should work
    Added Random Crash Sites
    Revamp of Pig Villages in an attempt to reduce world gen lag and balance loot
    Many adjustments to POIs to try and reduce world gen lag
    Removed Mekanism recipe for metallurgic infuser
    Removed Infuser recipe for circuits
    Added the Fallout Shelter POI
    Removed gravity effect on some Thermal Expansion blocks to prevent crash
    Added Mod- InPureCore to cull NEI list

    Version 0.2.5
    This is a hotfix for the issues with NEI not showing forestry recipes
    Mods reverted to previous version-

    Version 0.2.4
    Tweaked some gun configs
    Increased Empowered Darksteel pick bonus vs obsidian again
    Fixed gravity on some lamps and lights
    First tier capacitors now stack in 64
    Added ability to give the AB-9 a scope
    Changed the scope to 3x zoom
    Added the Missile Silo dungeon
    Increased the damage of the AB-9, AB24 and LRW-21
    Unified all sawdust and wood pulp to be interchangeable in recipes
    Changed rewards for repeatable bee quests to give hives and not queens to fix issue with queens not producing drones.
    Modified GhastEgg POI to be more dangerous(maybe)
    Added heat to chisel lavastone
    Added decompose and synthesizer recipes to many items that did not have them before
    Added Crash Site POI
    Added Explorations Quests
    Added place holder for Fallout Shelter POI
    Fixed recipe for MFR chunk loader
    Updated Mods-
    -Custom Ore Gen
    -Binnie's Mods
    -Special Mobs
    -ProjectRed Mods
    -Pam's HarvestCraft
    -Malisis Doors
    -Malisis Core
    -HQM-The Journey
    -Carpenter's Blocks

    Version 0.2.3
    Fixed HQM quest that got broken in last update by engineer's toolbox update
    Removed ore spawn that got turn on by engineer's toolbox update
    Added some flavour text to Quest Chapters
    Many changes to Pigmen Villages
    Removed recipe for Flans Vehicle table because it crashes client
    (there will be other ways later to get some of the vehicles)

    Version 0.2.2
    Removed Blazes, Ghasts, Magma Cubes, Pigmen from world wide spawn list
    Added Blaze Hive and Ghast Egg to spawn structures
    Increased resin needed for special recipes in fabricator x10
    Ghasts will still spawn in swamp and mushroom biomes at random
    Reduced spawn rates of hungry zombies and pigmen
    Pigmen now spawn hostile to make Pigmen villages dangerous.
    Removed vanilla villages from all biomes (I hope this time)
    Fixed syntax error with the LaunchGUI message (should display correctly again)
    Updated Mods-
    -Recurrent Complex
    -Applied Energistics
    -Custom Main Menu
    -Ender Zoo
    -Engineer's Toolbox
    -Pam's HarvestCraft
    -Spice of Life
    -Storage Drawers
    -Storage Drawer Forestry addon
    Removed Mods-
    -Custom Chest Loot (unused, redundant)

    Version 0.2.1
    Primarily a quick fix for the safe being locked in spawn structure
    Increased RF transfer rate of dimensional transceiver and decreased loss

    Version 0.2.0
    Removed the ability to add a camel pack to a jetpack to solve a bug
    Fixed issues in configs that was blocking crafting of some AE2 stuff
    Nerfed bronze swords and tools
    Added recipe for lily pad
    Removed tesseract frame recipe
    Fixed some quests that may not have been detecting correctly to be fuzzy detection
    Increased the level of light that netherwart will tolerate
    Changed TE furnace quest to a sawmill quest
    Changed rewards for first few bee quests
    Builder's backpack can now hold all chisel blocks
    Renamed Adventure's backpack to Ammo backpack and allowed storage of the 4 primary ammo types
    Changed bee stinging potion effects
    Removed random graves and memorials from spawning
    No longer need to change structure generation setting when making new world
    Increased generation chance for gravestone mod catacombs slightly
    Fixed Slice and splice quest
    Changed trigger for Big reactor quest
    Reworded Crash and burn quest to reflect new spawn structure
    Removed mods-
    -Starting Inventory (no longer necessary)
    Added mods-
    -Malisis Doors
    -Extra Cells
    -Recurrent Complex
    Updated mods-
    -ModTweaker 2-0.8.2

    Version 0.1.3
    Fixed gun crafting quest for real this time
    Removed gravity from Open Computer Robots
    Turned Water Hive generation back on
    Doubled the spawn rate of rocky hives
    Turned the recipes for Engineer's Toolbox back on and restored the quest.
    Added quests for bees and trees
    Added information to the gun crafting quests that should help avoid a potential crash.
    Added quests for ocelot, wolf and horse
    Lots of spelling and grammar corrections
    Changed some of the Gendustry component recipes to be more in line with the pack
    Added recipe for hemp
    Added an effect when a player gets close to a Rocky hive they will get a message and a short poison effect

    Version 0.1.2
    More Quests
    Fixed Icon Is it cold enough for ya
    Fixed Gun crafting quest to not look for NBT data
    Added Vanadium to netherrack drop list
    Added Soulsand and End Stone clouds to world spawn (you will have to explore newly generated chunks to find them)
    Changed Soulsand to have same physics as normal sand
    Added Firestone Ore and Nether Bee hives to netherrack ore clouds
    Added loam and flowerbed from Botany to the whitelist for crops
    Fixed missing recipe for metallurgic infuser
    Changed recipe for energy cells for weapons
    Increased skull drop rate when using "The Ender"
    Fixed issue with both jetpack quest completing when crafting any jetpack.
    Added recipe to craft endermen head to make up for their rarity.
    Disabled a few Engineer's Toolbox recipes to prevent accidental corruption of worlds.
    Changed quest for ET to explain that some parts should not be used and why they are disabled.
    Decreased rate of hungry zombies
    Changed recipe for Mekanism steel casing and energy tablet
    Made new recipe for exchanger so it can be crafted now
    Added a way to summon an enderman
    -HQM-The Journey (4.2.4)

    Version 0.1.1
    Various typo fixes
    Fixed Eyes that don't cry quest to ignore NBT for detection
    Changed Municipal water quest to turn in rather than detection to avoid possible bad quest interaction
    Fixed all animal quests to be repeatable
    Disabled Pam's Market block recipe
    Added many new quests
    Turned earthquakes back off again
    Added cross breed recipes for a few pam's seed that were missing them
    Changed most of the better records recipes
    Added recipes for all Pam's tree based fruits and nuts (happy to take suggestions for better recipes)

    Version 0.1.0
    Updated to Forge
    Added Inventory Tweaks
    Added Werkbench
    Added BiblioWoods[Forestry]
    Greatly increased the drop rate of metals from stone, cobble, and netherrack
    Fixed stone and cobble dropping hydroxide, now drops iron (iii) oxide as intended
    Changed the fluid requirement in the Fabricator for circuit part to resin
    Changed cellulose requirement to 8 for Fiber in your diet quest
    Changed dependency, separated tasks, and reworded Dirty Job quest
    Change dependency for Little Support Quest
    Added a reputation to quest book to allow quests to be unlocked by total number of quest completed
    Added microscope quest
    Fixed resource loops with emasher fence and fence wire
    Added an ACE script to reload MT script on world starting to fix occasional loading problem
    Added some lines to the biome tweaker script to maybe fix the occasional tree sapling laying around.
    Added many quests (over 30)
    Allowed the open computer disassembler to disassemble all the things
    Added listAllseed to decomp recipes for small chance to get cellulose
    Removed most sword recipes
    Removed all wooden tool recipes
    Removed all stone tools except axe
    -Accidentally Circumstantial Events
    -Flans Mod
    -HQM-The Journey
    -Pam's HarvestCraft

    Version 0.0.2
    Public Release
    Increased the drop rate from rotten food
    Decreased chance of gravestone spawning mob
    Changed dirt and grass recipes and decomps to be more balanced.
    Added carpenters blocks mod
    Customized main menu
    Decreased spawn rate of nether mobs

    Version 0.0.1c
    Removed Engineer's Wrench from ore dictionary to fix script bug
    Added script file for Forestry
    Renamed Carpenter to Fabricator
    Added Solder compound
    Increase lead drop rate
    Most circuits are now made in the Fabricator
    Added Germanium to drop list
    Added Minechem recipe and decomp for plastic
    Currently unable to remove recipe for Basic Control Circuit from Metallurgic Infuser
    Harder recipes for SFM
    Many new quests in Advanced Tech tree
    Much harder Big Reactor recipes
    Quest for Big Reactors
    New Defence quests
    Applied Energistics inscriber press patterns now have recipes
    Harder recipe for inscriber press

    Version 0.0.1b
    Removed wood bits from mine shafts
    Fixed bug where summon wand would not be removed when used on gold block
    Reduced spawn rate of Pigmen, Ghasts, and Blaze
    Increased chance that creepers spawned in thunderstorm will be charged
    Reduced chance of Pigmen spawning already mad
    Added quest line for Agricraft irrigation
    Removed Pumpkins from spawning in world.
    Added more quest to basic tech tree
    Gated EIO and ET machines behind the TE machine frame
    More tweaks to Minechem decomp recipes
    Added script for tech recipe tweaks
    Added ore dictionary entry for wrenches
    Fixed the civilization quest to require stone bricks instead of monster eggs and made repeatable
    Added repeatable quests to get lives from monster killing and protein turn in
    Added additional text to Building blocks of life quest noting the need to put algae on shallow water
    Increased the starting building materials to full stack and added chiselled torches
    Added stack of building materials to reward options for Crash and burn
    Reduced nerfs from hunger overhaul for tree and crop growth
    Disabled earthquakes
    Many other quests added or changed

    Version 0.0.1a
    Bug fixes with scripts
    Additional quests
    Fixed Starter Pistol having wrong ammo loaded

    Version 0.0.1
    Initial pre-alpha preview release

    Pack Code:

    Known Issues:
    With the introduction of Pigmen Villages a world generation lag issue also got introduced due to the fact each village is generated using Recurrent Complex's maze generation and they are quite common in the landscape. It's the price to pay for having a more interesting world gen.
    Unable to disable easier recipe from Mekanism metallurgic infuser, guess it's up to the player to decide if they want to go easy or hard.
    Various grammar and word jumble issues in the quest text, feel free to point them out so I can remember to fix them in an update.
    Sometime it will be nearly impossible to reach the Pod from where you spawned, if that happens best to just try a new seed.

    Special Thanks:
    @Shane2482 - testing, bug finder, streaming the pack, structure building
    @shdwDragon - bug reporting, proof reading
    @Brenn_ - proof reading, structure building
    @FunshineX - Pack preview video
    @Akothebuilder - Pack preview video
    @Raccoon - Pack video series
    @Eskordok - Pack video series
    @Iskandar - inspiring me with Crash Landing pack
    @thephoenixlodge - inspiring me with Regrowth pack
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  2. Awerick11

    Awerick11 New Member

    Looks nice! How computer-intensive is it?
  3. Landstryder

    Landstryder New Member

    can be a little rough at times due to the block physics, but not too crazy.

    *** Strike that. It's quite crazy.*** With block physics and world gen changes and all the POIs added to world gen it can be quite intense on the CPU when exploring.

    Calms down a lot when not exploring.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
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  4. lw03

    lw03 New Member

    i cant wait to play this :D
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  5. dcon26

    dcon26 New Member

    Do you know when FTB will release it for the Launcher?
  6. shdwDragon

    shdwDragon New Member

    Looking forward to this! Can't wait for the pack code!
  7. Landstryder

    Landstryder New Member

    I wish I could say, it's been 5 days since I updated the submission thread with the extra info requested, but no response yet.
  8. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    Its a long weekend for staff too :), so thats not 5 working days now is it.
  9. Landstryder

    Landstryder New Member

    Hurray! the pack has been approved and is now on the launcher!

    Start playing now with the pack code- finem

    The splash artwork for the pack is missing because of little derp I made, saved the file as a jpg instead of png but here it is-
    should be fixed after the next update.
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  10. shdwDragon

    shdwDragon New Member

    Well, I know what I'm doing after I get off work today :)
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  11. JustVBecause

    JustVBecause New Member

    Finally i can play it :D
  12. Awerick11

    Awerick11 New Member

    What abut tinkers construct?
  13. classlessrook32

    classlessrook32 New Member

    OM FINNALLY ITS RELEASED. been watching this thread for the last few days, i really am interested in the minechem factors of this :)))))
  14. shdwDragon

    shdwDragon New Member

    Hey @Landstryder Had a blast with the pack last night! So far so good, but I'm only up to the point of the saplings!. I do have one quick question. I know pigmen aren't hostile during the day, but what about baby pigmen? I was running home after gathering some lava and out of nowhere this baby zombie pigman was running up to me and killed me in 2 hits. I hadn't killed or attacked any pigmen, was just running around. There was even another regular pigman that was just walking around close to me and wasn't agro.
  15. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    First impressions of this pack are good, the hunger/insane/temp are a bit brutal at start, but you soon learn how to deal with that, it does seem to be set a bit hard its very easy to get caught out & its so hard to get back to normal ranges, the quests seem fine, but a note here if you run around in one of the forest type biomes you will find saplings floating about, the mindchem is a good idea & it makes perfect sense with the back story, but its a real pain doing all the decomposing & crafting by hand, & as I see it it will be all manual for a long time, the ores from cobble just turned me off as it will take so long to get all the rng raw mat to make ingots.

    All that said good solid ideas, will be real fun to run when finished I would say.
  16. lw03

    lw03 New Member

    great pack so far i have been playing for around 3 hours now allthough i agree with @egor66 the ores from cobble is a turn off the amount you need to decompose is crazy for the amount of metals you get other than that i love the pack so far great job :)
  17. Landstryder

    Landstryder New Member

    There is a small chance that when a pigman spawns he will already be mad. It's pretty small, but it's just enough to keep you on your toes.

    Yes I noticed a bug with the cobble and stone decop, one of the drops that is suppose to give Iron Oxide is giving something else. Something to consider is that stone has the same drop table but 2x the chance of giving a result. I may increase the overall drop rate next update, but really once you can automate cobble gen>decomp I think you will find yourself swimming in resources, so I may instead compensate with more resources options for quest rewards.
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  18. shdwDragon

    shdwDragon New Member

    I'll expect it next time :) Hopefully!

    Out of curiosity, are you going to be doing a lets play of your own with the pack at some point? like a tutorial based one or anything?
  19. YakuzaTheKid

    YakuzaTheKid New Member

    I don't have NEI for some reason and i don't know how to make the Chlorophill :7
  20. shdwDragon

    shdwDragon New Member

    Don't have it at all? or is it just turned off? try hitting o when you are you in your inventory to see if it is just turned off.

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