1.7.10 - HQM/SURVIVAL - Galactic Science - something fresh!

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    The nuclear dawn is here. Large powers around the world launched their nuclear arsenals, making the earth a place without future for mankind.
    Luckily you have a chance to survive this. Due to the space projects of your uncle Richard you happen to have a space rocket in your backyard and the coordinates of the outpost base on moon. And since im such a great storywriter, thats about it ;)

    This pack is kinda leightweight, so older comps might run it well.



    This thread is a recreation of the old thread which can be found here.
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    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    More about the pack:
    Survivalpack without hunger or mob modification. Your greatest enemies are oxygen supply and power (which results in oxygen supply ...). The reports about the moon having abundant resources to mine turn out wrong, there are only traces which you will have to extract from the dust and stone itself.

    The energy is tiered, the more you advance in HQM and the planet systems, the better power supply you can build (up to enormous fission reactors).

    Automation is also tiered a bit to the planetary advancement.

    The mod resolves around minechem an ex nihilo. Storage options are a bit limited. The purpose is to have new toys that make you think about how to best use and automate them without going the standard route we know from so much 1.6/7 modpacks. Magic is currently not in, it doesnt fits the theme.

    Perhaps we will see a mild magic mod like botania come in.
    There is some progress with HQM that you need/want to do at the start but after the initial series you are free to progress the way you want - with HQM or without. Some key materials are spreadout through the different planets, so your galacticcraft progression is tied to your overall progression.

    There is a special "progression" questline in HQM that will offer you special rewards at milestones you reach.
    The starting power is quite limited. The XU generators dont work in the low gravity of the moon somehow. But i made sure you have plenty of fresh new and interesting power sources. They wont deliever much power when you start your journey but open up later in the progression to a modular powersystem with advanced generators and even huge (17*17*17) fission reactors that yield large amounts of power. Green energy has been limited.

    Power should follow a progression, not be something you just spam until you have more then you need.

    Many items, including keyitems, are only obtainable through the use of minechem. For example if you want to produce rocketfuel for your generator, you cant simply throw some potatoes and unrefined sugar in. Those hightech machines need elements and molecules instead, so you have to throw sucrose and cellulose in!

    On the other hand ... it was never so easy to fusion atoms to make a nether star..
    Outstanding mods :

    Nuclearcraft - a mod that adds several machines to play with isotopes and use them in small generators or even a large multiblock fission reactor.

    Think of it as the "more scientific" big reactors.

    Quantumflux - It has the perfect trashcan - you throw an item in, you get 400 rf in reward! Also has some very interesting generators that extract rf from the void itself

    4Planets - the more planets, the better!

    Armourers Workshop - got tired of your skin? Make your 100% customized skin yourself!

    Gregs Lightning - Well it adds only one thing ... floodlights. No more torching!

    Openautomation - RF Lasors! Pew Pew!

    Super Massive Tech - Harvest the power of the stars for your energy needs. Seriously, you put
    stars in the harvester and get power out!

    Coremods :

    Ex nihilo+ex astris

    ...and some more
    Play it on the mym server : galactic.mym.li

    You might need to use the mym launcher since the FTB launchers version can be a bit behind sometimes when we update.
    - Use compressed Cobble in his decomposer for less energy use!
    - You can (and should) look what your base is made out off, perhaps decompose a bit?
    - Sugarcane is love!
    - Stirling Generators are a good early power buff up
    - Gravel yields so much more stuff in the sieve ... if only you could synthesize it ... oh wait ...
    - Minechem liquids (and their effects) can be poured into the world.
    - Swords can be coated with minechem stuff.
    - You can use moonturf&co in the crucible.
    - You can artificially create the moonblocks for sieving with minechem.
    - You can quarry the other planets and sieve for stuff.
    - Put a bucket of aspirin in your doorway, then a bucket of sucrose above it. Instant regen, hunger regeneration and speed 2.
    - You can coat foods with minechem chemicals as well, just put the food and the chemical together in the crafting grid.
    - Use minechem to make burnable stuff. Some molecules work just as good as coal and you get more of them per wood log.
    - Get an early Lava production running. You can decompose one Obsidian for 16 Silicondioxide!

    Source : https://mineyourmind.net/forum/threads/tipps-and-tricks.8627/
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    Thank you for keeping the Mod updated for nearly a Year now! Loving it!
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    Just a quick note - there was a crash bug in version 1.8a of NC related to the steam decompressors recently added. Although this is a part of the mod which isn't usually used too much, if you want to prevent players having any sort of issues, the mod has just been updated to 1.8b, where those bugs are fixed :)
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    Already created an update with 1.8a, will add 1.8b with the next update.
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    New not recommended update available with a lot of mod updates.
    Update will be pushed to recommended if no issues occur in the next few days.

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    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // Ouch. That hurt :(

    Time: 16年7月21日 下午4:41
    Description: Rendering item

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Rendering item
    at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func_94608_d(ItemStack.java:123)
    at net.minecraftforge.client.ForgeHooksClient.renderInventoryItem(ForgeHooksClient.java:161)
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.RenderItem.func_82406_b(RenderItem.java:563)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative.func_147051_a(GuiContainerCreative.java:929)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative.func_146976_a(GuiContainerCreative.java:760)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainer.func_73863_a(GuiContainer.java:78)
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.InventoryEffectRenderer.func_73863_a(InventoryEffectRenderer.java:38)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative.func_73863_a(GuiContainerCreative.java:638)
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78480_b(EntityRenderer.java:1358)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(Minecraft.java:1001)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(Minecraft.java:898)
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:148)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(Launch.java:135)
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(Launch.java:28)

    A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

    -- Head --
    at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func_94608_d(ItemStack.java:123)
    at net.minecraftforge.client.ForgeHooksClient.renderInventoryItem(ForgeHooksClient.java:161)

    -- Item being rendered --
    Item Type: null
    Item Aux: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null
    Item NBT: null
    Item Foil: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.RenderItem.func_82406_b(RenderItem.java:563)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative.func_147051_a(GuiContainerCreative.java:929)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative.func_146976_a(GuiContainerCreative.java:760)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainer.func_73863_a(GuiContainer.java:78)
    at net.minecraft.client.renderer.InventoryEffectRenderer.func_73863_a(InventoryEffectRenderer.java:38)
    at net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative.func_73863_a(GuiContainerCreative.java:638)

    -- Screen render details --
    Screen name: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative
    Mouse location: Scaled: (424, 71). Absolute: (848, 563)
    Screen size: Scaled: (683, 353). Absolute: (1366, 705). Scale factor of 2

    -- Affected level --
    Level name: MpServer
    All players: 1 total; [GCEntityClientPlayerMP['1_Hong'/2005, l='MpServer', x=-4.43, y=65.62, z=2.02]]
    Chunk stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 439, 439
    Level seed: 0
    Level generator: ID 00 - default, ver 1. Features enabled: false
    Level generator options:
    Level spawn location: World: (0,0,0), Chunk: (at 0,0,0 in 0,0; contains blocks 0,0,0 to 15,255,15), Region: (0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,0,0 to 511,255,511)
    Level time: 2532 game time, 2532 day time
    Level dimension: 0
    Level storage version: 0x00000 - Unknown?
    Level weather: Rain time: 0 (now: false), thunder time: 0 (now: false)
    Level game mode: Game mode: survival (ID 0). Hardcore: false. Cheats: false
    Forced entities: 95 total; [EntityBat['Bat'/3602, l='MpServer', x=28.25, y=38.00, z=44.56], EntityPig['Pig'/20, l='MpServer', x=-51.50, y=64.00, z=-26.50], EntityPig['Pig'/21, l='MpServer', x=-53.50, y=65.00, z=-28.22], EntityBat['Bat'/4373, l='MpServer', x=57.46, y=17.21, z=-13.50], EntityPig['Pig'/22, l='MpServer', x=-53.50, y=65.00, z=-29.81], EntityBat['Bat'/4374, l='MpServer', x=40.15, y=15.34, z=-13.44], EntityPig['Pig'/23, l='MpServer', x=-61.84, y=64.00, z=-25.81], EntityZombie['Zombie'/3095, l='MpServer', x=-18.28, y=24.00, z=30.88], EntityChicken['Chicken'/24, l='MpServer', x=-55.50, y=63.00, z=58.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/25, l='MpServer', x=-54.50, y=64.00, z=56.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/26, l='MpServer', x=-53.50, y=63.00, z=58.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/27, l='MpServer', x=-60.56, y=62.37, z=64.53], EntityCow['Cow'/28, l='MpServer', x=-33.22, y=67.00, z=-58.50], EntityCow['Cow'/29, l='MpServer', x=-38.72, y=65.00, z=-54.44], EntityCow['Cow'/30, l='MpServer', x=-36.78, y=67.00, z=-62.50], EntityCow['Cow'/31, l='MpServer', x=-35.19, y=68.00, z=-62.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/32, l='MpServer', x=-30.50, y=63.00, z=-40.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/33, l='MpServer', x=-28.50, y=64.00, z=-41.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/34, l='MpServer', x=-31.50, y=63.00, z=-40.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/35, l='MpServer', x=-23.59, y=64.00, z=-40.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4643, l='MpServer', x=6.50, y=11.00, z=67.50], EntityItem['item.item.seeds'/4389, l='MpServer', x=14.09, y=63.13, z=11.25], EntitySlime['Slime'/2854, l='MpServer', x=-79.38, y=19.00, z=50.63], EntityChicken['Chicken'/40, l='MpServer', x=-11.50, y=67.00, z=-74.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/41, l='MpServer', x=-14.50, y=68.00, z=-76.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/42, l='MpServer', x=-13.50, y=68.00, z=-75.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/43, l='MpServer', x=-17.47, y=68.00, z=-67.53], EntityChicken['Chicken'/44, l='MpServer', x=-24.59, y=64.00, z=3.59], EntityChicken['Chicken'/45, l='MpServer', x=-22.38, y=64.00, z=-3.44], EntityChicken['Chicken'/46, l='MpServer', x=-19.47, y=65.00, z=11.44], EntityChicken['Chicken'/47, l='MpServer', x=-29.41, y=65.00, z=29.44], EntityChicken['Chicken'/48, l='MpServer', x=-10.56, y=65.00, z=20.56], EntityChicken['Chicken'/49, l='MpServer', x=-5.59, y=64.00, z=1.44], EntityChicken['Chicken'/50, l='MpServer', x=-13.44, y=62.63, z=17.84], EntitySquid['Squid'/2104, l='MpServer', x=8.28, y=60.38, z=-31.81], EntitySquid['Squid'/2106, l='MpServer', x=7.84, y=61.31, z=-30.63], EntityChicken['Chicken'/59, l='MpServer', x=34.59, y=65.00, z=-28.41], EntityChicken['Chicken'/60, l='MpServer', x=40.56, y=64.00, z=-25.66], EntityChicken['Chicken'/61, l='MpServer', x=39.63, y=64.00, z=-26.63], EntityChicken['Chicken'/62, l='MpServer', x=43.50, y=64.00, z=-26.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/67, l='MpServer', x=59.50, y=64.00, z=-20.50], EntityChicken['Chicken'/68, l='MpServer', x=55.63, y=64.00, z=-12.63], GCEntityClientPlayerMP['1_Hong'/2005, l='MpServer', x=-4.43, y=65.62, z=2.02], EntityChicken['Chicken'/69, l='MpServer', x=59.19, y=64.00, z=-16.69], EntityChicken['Chicken'/70, l='MpServer', x=59.22, y=64.00, z=-14.78], EntityBat['Bat'/4166, l='MpServer', x=-64.24, y=37.85, z=-69.83], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4686, l='MpServer', x=70.50, y=26.00, z=-15.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/3664, l='MpServer', x=60.16, y=38.00, z=-6.16], EntityZombie['Zombie'/3665, l='MpServer', x=64.50, y=38.00, z=-9.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4179, l='MpServer', x=64.88, y=16.00, z=-31.22], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4709, l='MpServer', x=-62.88, y=36.00, z=-74.47], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4456, l='MpServer', x=-3.50, y=21.00, z=-66.50], EntitySpider['Spider'/4712, l='MpServer', x=-71.78, y=36.00, z=-73.88], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4457, l='MpServer', x=19.50, y=12.00, z=51.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4713, l='MpServer', x=-81.50, y=13.00, z=-57.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4714, l='MpServer', x=-78.50, y=13.00, z=-59.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4204, l='MpServer', x=-12.50, y=18.00, z=-64.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4205, l='MpServer', x=-12.50, y=18.00, z=-66.50], EntitySpider['Spider'/4717, l='MpServer', x=-83.50, y=13.00, z=-51.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4206, l='MpServer', x=-19.50, y=18.00, z=-69.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4207, l='MpServer', x=-18.50, y=18.00, z=-68.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/3185, l='MpServer', x=-78.50, y=17.00, z=-2.50], EntitySquid['Squid'/2161, l='MpServer', x=58.41, y=54.31, z=43.38], EntityZombie['Zombie'/3955, l='MpServer', x=22.56, y=38.00, z=17.00], EntityZombie['Zombie'/3957, l='MpServer', x=-79.50, y=17.00, z=-2.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4471, l='MpServer', x=-84.50, y=19.00, z=-0.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/3709, l='MpServer', x=25.50, y=46.00, z=-30.50], EntitySquid['Squid'/2180, l='MpServer', x=34.25, y=62.28, z=36.75], EntityBat['Bat'/4740, l='MpServer', x=21.47, y=50.73, z=-28.31], EntityZombie['Zombie'/3976, l='MpServer', x=-26.50, y=28.00, z=25.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4257, l='MpServer', x=36.50, y=31.00, z=10.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4258, l='MpServer', x=-26.50, y=20.00, z=28.50], EntitySpider['Spider'/4518, l='MpServer', x=-7.50, y=22.00, z=39.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4521, l='MpServer', x=-78.50, y=21.00, z=18.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4012, l='MpServer', x=56.50, y=38.00, z=-8.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4527, l='MpServer', x=-44.50, y=27.00, z=-58.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4783, l='MpServer', x=-48.50, y=27.00, z=-53.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4528, l='MpServer', x=-50.50, y=27.00, z=-54.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4017, l='MpServer', x=-79.50, y=36.00, z=-68.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/4019, l='MpServer', x=-28.47, y=20.00, z=-75.16], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4028, l='MpServer', x=21.88, y=36.00, z=39.16], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/4029, l='MpServer', x=25.50, y=36.00, z=39.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4541, l='MpServer', x=-10.50, y=21.00, z=53.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4542, l='MpServer', x=-10.50, y=21.00, z=52.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4543, l='MpServer', x=-6.63, y=21.00, z=60.06], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4295, l='MpServer', x=17.50, y=19.00, z=-32.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4303, l='MpServer', x=-29.47, y=27.00, z=-29.91], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4305, l='MpServer', x=-37.06, y=25.00, z=-29.63], EntityZombie['Zombie'/3794, l='MpServer', x=-55.50, y=38.00, z=-67.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/3795, l='MpServer', x=-54.50, y=38.00, z=-68.50], EntityCreeper['Creeper'/2006, l='MpServer', x=-60.94, y=36.00, z=-74.47], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4571, l='MpServer', x=-32.50, y=28.00, z=-49.50], EntityZombie['Zombie'/4572, l='MpServer', x=-33.50, y=28.00, z=-54.50], EntitySkeleton['Skeleton'/2286, l='MpServer', x=66.50, y=29.00, z=-12.50], EntityBat['Bat'/4348, l='MpServer', x=67.50, y=25.82, z=-9.59]]
    Retry entities: 0 total; []
    Server brand: fml,forge
    Server type: Non-integrated multiplayer server
    at net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.WorldClient.func_72914_a(WorldClient.java:373)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71396_d(Minecraft.java:2444)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(Minecraft.java:919)
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:148)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(Launch.java:135)
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(Launch.java:28)

    -- System Details --
    Minecraft Version: 1.7.10
    Operating System: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0
    Java Version: 1.8.0_91, Oracle Corporation
    Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
    Memory: 1223778720 bytes (1167 MB) / 2476736512 bytes (2362 MB) up to 5726797824 bytes (5461 MB)
    JVM Flags: 4 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xmx6144m -Xms256m -XX:permSize=256m
    AABB Pool Size: 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) used
    IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 13, tallocated: 95
    FML: MCP v9.05 FML v7.10.99.99 Minecraft Forge Optifine OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_C1 90 mods loaded, 90 mods active
    States: 'U' = Unloaded 'L' = Loaded 'C' = Constructed 'H' = Pre-initialized 'I' = Initialized 'J' = Post-initialized 'A' = Available 'D' = Disabled 'E' = Errored
    UCHIJA mcp{9.05} [Minecraft Coder Pack] (minecraft.jar)
    UCHIJA FML{} [Forge Mod Loader] (forge-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA Forge{} [Minecraft Forge] (forge-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA CodeChickenCore{} [CodeChicken Core] (minecraft.jar)
    UCHIJA Micdoodlecore{} [Micdoodle8 Core] (minecraft.jar)
    UCHIJA NotEnoughItems{} [Not Enough Items] (NotEnoughItems-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA OpenComputers|Core{} [OpenComputers (Core)] (minecraft.jar)
    UCHIJA OpenModsCore{0.9} [OpenModsCore] (minecraft.jar)
    UCHIJA <CoFH ASM>{000} [CoFH ASM] (minecraft.jar)
    UCHIJA GalacticraftCore{3.0.12} [Galacticraft Core] (GalacticraftCore-1.7-
    UCHIJA SpaceCore{4.1.9} [4Space Core] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA ExoCore{0.1.2} [4Space Exoplanets Core] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA ExoElipse{0.1.2} [4Space Exoplanets Elipse] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA SpaceCallisto{4.1.9} [4Space Callisto] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA SpaceEuropa{4.1.9} [4Space Europa] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA SpaceVenus{4.1.9} [4Space Venus] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA SpaceIo{4.1.9} [4Space Io] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA SpaceMercury{4.1.9} [4Space Mercury] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA SpacePluto{4.1.9} [4Space Pluto] (4Space-4.1.9-CUSTOM_1.jar)
    UCHIJA bspkrsCore{6.16} [bspkrsCore] ([1.7.10]bspkrsCore-universal-6.16.jar)
    UCHIJA Treecapitator{1.7.10} [Treecapitator] ([1.7.10]Treecapitator-universal-2.0.4.jar)
    UCHIJA armourersWorkshop{1.7.10-} [Armourer's Workshop] (Armourers-Workshop-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA plushieWrapper{0.0.0} [Plushie Wrapper] (Armourers-Workshop-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA CoFHCore{1.7.10R3.0.3} [CoFH Core] (CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar)
    UCHIJA AwesomeSauceCore{0.1.0} [AwesomeSauce Core] (AwesomeSauceCore-1.7.x-b52.jar)
    UCHIJA AwesomeSauceComponents{0.1.0} [AwesomeSauce Components] (AwesomeSauceCore-1.7.x-b52.jar)
    UCHIJA bdlib{} [BD Lib] (bdlib-
    UCHIJA betterstorage{} [BetterStorage] (BetterStorage-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA AWWayofTime{v1.3.3} [Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry] (BloodMagic-1.7.10-1.3.3-17.jar)
    UCHIJA bookshelf{1.2.0} [Bookshelf] (Bookshelf-1.7.10-1.2.0.jar)
    UCHIJA CarpentersBlocks{3.3.7} [Carpenter's Blocks] (Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.7 - MC 1.7.10.jar)
    UCHIJA chisel{} [Chisel] (Chisel-
    UCHIJA CustomMainMenu{1.9.2} [Custom Main Menu] (CustomMainMenu-MC1.7.10-1.9.2.jar)
    UCHIJA thedalekmod{39.75} [The Dalek Mod] (Dalek_Mod_1710.jar)
    UCHIJA darkcore{0.41} [Dark Core] (darkcore-0.41-180.jar)
    UCHIJA ImmibisCore{59.1.4} [Immibis Core] (immibis-core-59.1.4.jar)
    UCHIJA DimensionalAnchors{59.0.3} [Dimensional Anchors] (dimensional-anchor-59.0.3.jar)
    UCHIJA dimstorage{1.3} [DimStorage] (DimStorage-1.7.2-1.3.jar)
    UCHIJA Eln{50} [Electrical Age] (ElectricalAge_BETA-1.10_r50.jar)
    UCHIJA endercore{1.7.10-} [EnderCore] (EnderCore-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA Waila{1.5.10} [Waila] (Waila-1.5.10_1.7.10.jar)
    UCHIJA EnderIO{1.7.10-} [Ender IO] (EnderIO-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA exnihilo{1.38-49} [Ex Nihilo] (Ex-Nihilo-1.38-49.jar)
    UCHIJA exastrisrebirth{MC1.7.10-1.01-null} [Ex Astris Rebirth] (Ex-Astris-Rebirth-MC1.7.10-1.01-null.jar)
    UCHIJA ExtraUtilities{1.2.12} [Extra Utilities] (extrautilities-1.2.12.jar)
    UCHIJA MineTweaker3{3.0.10} [MineTweaker 3] (MineTweaker3-1.7.10-3.0.10B.jar)
    UCHIJA FTBL{1.0.17} [FTBLib] (FTBLib-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA FTBU{1.0.17} [FTBUtilities] (FTBUtilities-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA GalacticraftMars{3.0.12} [Galacticraft Planets] (Galacticraft-Planets-1.7-
    UCHIJA GalacticScience_Tweaks{1.4} [GalacticScience-Tweaks] (GalacticScience_Tweaks-1.4.jar)
    UCHIJA minechem{} [Minechem] (Minechem-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA advgenerators{} [Advanced Generators] (generators-
    UCHIJA GregsLighting{1.11.2} [Greg's Lighting] (GregsLighting-1.11.2-mc1.7.10.jar)
    UCHIJA hardcoremapreset{2.2.0} [HardcoreMapReset] (HardCoreMapReset-2.2.0.jar)
    UCHIJA HardcoreQuesting{4.4.4} [Hardcore Questing Mode] (HQM-The Journey-4.4.4.jar)
    UCHIJA inpure|core{1.7.10R1.0.0B9} [INpureCore] (INpureCore-[1.7.10]1.0.0B9-62.jar)
    UCHIJA inventorytweaks{1.59-dev-152-cf6e263} [Inventory Tweaks] (InventoryTweaks-1.59-dev-152.jar)
    UCHIJA IronChest{} [Iron Chest] (ironchest-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA JABBA{1.2.1} [JABBA] (Jabba-1.2.1a_1.7.10.jar)
    UCHIJA launchgui{1.7.10-2.0-18} [LaunchGUI] (LaunchGui-1.7.10-2.0-18-client.jar)
    UCHIJA Mantle{1.7.10-0.3.2.jenkins191} [Mantle] (Mantle-1.7.10-0.3.2b.jar)
    UCHIJA modtweaker2{0.9.5} [Mod Tweaker 2] (ModTweaker2-0.9.5.jar)
    UCHIJA modularsystems{2.2.1} [Modular Systems] (ModularSystems-1.7.10-2.2.1.jar)
    UCHIJA NEIAddons{} [NEI Addons] (neiaddons-
    UCHIJA NEIAddons|Developer{} [NEI Addons: Developer Tools] (neiaddons-
    UCHIJA NEIAddons|AppEng{} [NEI Addons: Applied Energistics 2] (neiaddons-
    UCHIJA NEIAddons|Botany{} [NEI Addons: Botany] (neiaddons-
    UCHIJA NEIAddons|Forestry{} [NEI Addons: Forestry] (neiaddons-
    UCHIJA NEIAddons|CraftingTables{} [NEI Addons: Crafting Tables] (neiaddons-
    UCHIJA NEIAddons|ExNihilo{} [NEI Addons: Ex Nihilo] (neiaddons-
    UCHIJA Netherless{0.9.0} [Netherless] (Netherless-0.9.0.jar)
    UCHIJA NuclearCraft{1.6c} [NuclearCraft] (NuclearCraft-1.6c--1.7.10.jar)
    UCHIJA OpenComputers{} [OpenComputers] (OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    UCHIJA OpenAutomation{1.7.x-b218} [OpenAutomation] (OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b218.jar)
    UCHIJA OpenMods{0.9} [OpenMods] (OpenModsLib-1.7.10-0.9.jar)
    UCHIJA OpenBlocks{1.5} [OpenBlocks] (OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.5.jar)
    UCHIJA progressiveautomation{1.6.33} [Progressive Automation] (ProgressiveAutomation-1.7.10-1.6.33.jar)
    UCHIJA quantumflux{1.7.10-1.3.4} [QuantumFlux] (QuantumFlux-1.7.10-1.3.4.jar)
    UCHIJA RandomThings{2.2.4} [Random Things] (RandomThings-2.2.4.jar)
    UCHIJA RefinedRelocation{1.1.16} [Refined Relocation] (RefinedRelocation-mc1.7.10-1.1.16.jar)
    UCHIJA ResourceLoader{1.2} [Resource Loader] (ResourceLoader-1.2.jar)
    UCHIJA rftools{4.21} [RFTools] (rftools-4.21.jar)
    UCHIJA RouterReborn{} [Router Reborn] (RouterReborn-1.7.10-
    UCHIJA SGCraft{1.9.5} [Greg's SG Craft] (SGCraft-1.9.5-mc1.7.10.jar)
    UCHIJA SolarFlux{1.7.10-0.8b} [Solar Flux] (SolarFlux-1.7.10-0.8b.jar)
    UCHIJA superMassiveTech{MC1.7.10-0.4.0-alpha-114} [Super Massive Tech] (SuperMassiveTech-MC1.7.10-0.4.0-beta-114.jar)
    UCHIJA TardisMod{0.995} [Tardis Mod] (tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar)
    UCHIJA VeinMiner{0.31.6_build.unknown} [Vein Miner] (VeinMiner-1.7.10_0.31.6.unknown.jar)
    UCHIJA VeinMinerModSupport{0.31.6_build.unknown} [Mod Support] (VeinMiner-1.7.10_0.31.6.unknown.jar)
    UCHIJA yampst{1.3.5} [YAMPST] (Yampst-gs-1.4.0.jar)
    GL info: ' Vendor: 'Intel' Version: '4.3.0 - Build' Renderer: 'Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400'
    OpenModsLib class transformers: [stencil_patches:FINISHED],[movement_callback:FINISHED],[map_gen_fix:FINISHED],[gl_capabilities_hook:FINISHED],[player_render_hook:FINISHED]
    Class transformer null safety: all safe
    CoFHCore: -[1.7.10]3.0.3-303
    Mantle Environment: DO NOT REPORT THIS CRASH! Unsupported mods in environment: optifine
    List of loaded APIs:
    * appliedenergistics2|API (rv2) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * armourersWorkshopAPI (1.7.10- from Armourers-Workshop-1.7.10-
    * BloodMagicAPI (1.3.3-13) from BloodMagic-1.7.10-1.3.3-17.jar
    * BuildCraftAPI|core (1.0) from extrautilities-1.2.12.jar
    * BuildCraftAPI|tools (1.0) from extrautilities-1.2.12.jar
    * CarpentersBlocks|API (3.3.7) from Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.7 - MC 1.7.10.jar
    * ChiselAPI (0.1.1) from Chisel-
    * ChiselAPI|Carving (0.1.1) from Chisel-
    * ChiselAPI|Rendering (0.1.1) from Chisel-
    * CoFHAPI (1.7.10R1.0.2) from Bookshelf-1.7.10-1.2.0.jar
    * CoFHAPI|block (1.7.10R1.0.10) from NuclearCraft-1.6c--1.7.10.jar
    * CoFHAPI|core (1.7.10R1.0.13) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHAPI|energy (1.7.10R1.0.12) from RouterReborn-1.7.10-
    * CoFHAPI|fluid (1.7.10R1.0.12) from Ex-Astris-Rebirth-MC1.7.10-1.01-null.jar
    * CoFHAPI|inventory (1.7.10R1.0.10) from NuclearCraft-1.6c--1.7.10.jar
    * CoFHAPI|item (1.7.10R1.0.13) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHAPI|modhelpers (1.7.10R1.0.12) from RouterReborn-1.7.10-
    * CoFHAPI|tileentity (1.7.10R1.0.13) from EnderIO-1.7.10-
    * CoFHAPI|transport (1.7.10R1.0.10) from NuclearCraft-1.6c--1.7.10.jar
    * CoFHAPI|world (1.7.10R1.0.12) from Ex-Astris-Rebirth-MC1.7.10-1.01-null.jar
    * CoFHLib (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|audio (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|gui (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|gui|container (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|gui|element (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|gui|element|listbox (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|gui|slot (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|inventory (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|render (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|render|particle (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|util (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|util|helpers (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|util|position (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|world (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * CoFHLib|world|feature (1.7.10R1.0.3) from CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.3-303.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API|FileSystem (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API|Lua (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API|Media (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API|Peripheral (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API|Permissions (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API|Redstone (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * ComputerCraft|API|Turtle (1.75) from tardismod-1.7.10-0.995-350.jar
    * EnderIOAPI (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.7.10-
    * EnderIOAPI|Redstone (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.7.10-
    * EnderIOAPI|Teleport (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.7.10-
    * EnderIOAPI|Tools (0.0.2) from EnderIO-1.7.10-
    * Galacticraft API (1.3) from GalacticraftCore-1.7-
    * inpure|api (1.7) from INpureCore-[1.7.10]1.0.0B9-62.jar
    * McJtyLib (1.8.1) from mcjtylib-1.8.1.jar
    * minechemAPI (1.7.10R1) from Minechem-1.7.10-
    * OpenBlocks|API (1.1) from OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.5.jar
    * OpenComputersAPI|Component (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Core (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Driver (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Driver|Item (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Event (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|FileSystem (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Internal (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Machine (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Manual (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Network (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * OpenComputersAPI|Prefab (5.6.4) from OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
    * RefinedRelocationAPI (1.0.0) from RefinedRelocation-mc1.7.10-1.1.16.jar
    * Thaumcraft|API ( from Ex-Astris-Rebirth-MC1.7.10-1.01-null.jar
    * VeinMinerApi (0.1) from VeinMiner-1.7.10_0.31.6.unknown.jar
    * WailaAPI (1.2) from Waila-1.5.10_1.7.10.jar
    Chisel: Errors like "[FML]: Unable to lookup ..." are NOT the cause of this crash. You can safely ignore these errors. And update forge while you're at it.
    EnderIO: Found the following problem(s) with your installation:
    * Optifine is installed. This is NOT supported.
    * The RF API that is being used (1.7.10R1.0.13 from <unknown>) differes from that that is reported as being loaded (1.7.10R1.0.12 from RouterReborn-1.7.10-
    It is a supported version, but that difference may lead to problems.
    This may have caused the error. Try reproducing the crash WITHOUT this/these mod(s) before reporting it.
    Modpack Version: 1.5.12
    Stencil buffer state: Function set: GL30, pool: forge, bits: 8
    Launched Version: forge-
    LWJGL: 2.9.1
    OpenGL: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 GL version 4.3.0 - Build, Intel
    GL Caps: Using GL 1.3 multitexturing.
    Using framebuffer objects because OpenGL 3.0 is supported and separate blending is supported.
    Anisotropic filtering is supported and maximum anisotropy is 16.
    Shaders are available because OpenGL 2.1 is supported.

    Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'fml,forge'
    Type: Client (map_client.txt)
    Resource Packs: []
    Current Language: English (US)
    Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
    Vec3 Pool Size: 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) used
    Anisotropic Filtering: Off (1)

    Is this crash olny occur on 1.5.12? Or my computer is too crapy?
  8. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    Please update to the latest version.
  9. Are you planning on a new recipe for naquadah alloy? Im just starting the questline and cant make any. Am i doing something wrong?
  10. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    That's a bug which was caused by the mod update. It's already fixed in 1.6.2 and currently waiting for FTB to push the update.
  11. Crazy-San

    Crazy-San New Member

    Is the version on Curse going to get updated? That one is still on 1.5.12
  12. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    Hm, I thought they updated it there too, I will ask about it.
  13. Awesome thanks for the quick reply
  14. MineYourMind

    MineYourMind Active Member

    Update is now available with small fixes.

  15. memnarch162

    memnarch162 Guest

    Just dropping in to say thanks for making/maintaining the pack and also to mention that I had to use commands to get myself back out of the dimension with the blood altar. The short range telepad wouldn't teleport me back to the stargate room (stood in the blue and red particle streams for about 5 minutes) and the key just gave the message of "The key grows briefly warm, then goes cold again" or something like that. I couldn't break any blocks in that dimension neither so perhaps it's related?

    Thanks again!
  16. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    The intended way to leave that dimension is via the tardis which you can create with the key.
  17. memnarch162

    memnarch162 Guest

    Yeah, that's what I figured, but it simply wouldn't make the tardis until I was back on the moon. Testing in one of the back up saves gave me the message again. http://i.imgur.com/fFlSDax.png

    I'd deleted the Dim-112 folder and copied in a new one from a new template save before the backup was made since I'd started in the ftb version before the 1.6.1 update. Could that have caused the problem?
  18. gladiusmaximus12

    gladiusmaximus12 New Member

    So first of all thanks for this amazing pack, its just me and a friend of mine playing at moment whenever we have free time, but it's has been fun. We haven't even left the moon due to the lack of resources and not knowing what the heck we are supposed to do. Well besides that, I wonder since, i just made a spawner room if the evolved spawner when picked up with a diamond dolly aren't broken, because I cant get to spawn again even in a completely dark room. Also no mobs of the same type anywhere near the dam thing. Do these follow the same mechanics of vanilla minecraft? Is it because I beat the dungeon boss?
  19. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    That's sort of a intended bug.
  20. gladiusmaximus12

    gladiusmaximus12 New Member

    That is really, really disappointing :(. Is this true to all types of spawner?

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