[1.7.10] Hello World! [Curse Launcher][Full Release][HQM][JamPacked II]

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Would You Watch Videos If We Made Them? Some gameplay and some modpack creation?

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  1. StacyKrugger

    StacyKrugger New Member

    Thanks for updating the pack and I'm really looking forward to the new pack!
  2. synthdei

    synthdei New Member

    Is there an update on the FTB launcher update? It's been 10 days, is FTB really that slow to approve?
  3. AUSGrizzly

    AUSGrizzly New Member

    Hi There!!!
    Just thought I should let you know... I am now deaf...
    Thankyou for making sure that the voiceover from starting the game is at a HIGH VOLUME LEVEL, Is greatly inconsiderable AND is voiced by someone with a REALLY shitty Microphone, that and a high pitched voice doesn't fully help. OH and making sure that there is no way to turn it down in the menu other then master volume but when you turn it back up it resumes...

    Seriously though, how did this stay? Was there no double checking on that, I mean if it was the Packmaker who voiced this, did you take a moment to listen to your recordings???
    Squeaky Prepubescent voice aside. The recording is very much poorly done and makes it impossible to understand for the greater part...

    EDIT:: So after playing a little more, I can say that its interesting but really isn't very clear with direction. How to get into lab without breaking through the walls? Donno but found that teleporting thing so yeah theres that. The world is just to barren too. If anything having it form so sort of elevation in terrain would make it semi interesting to look at...
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2015
  4. emmyleeanne

    emmyleeanne New Member

    Is FTB really this slow? I mean... Come on.
  5. Zarvoxbe

    Zarvoxbe New Member

    The map start as creative (1.0.1 version).
  6. adamsogm

    adamsogm Guest

    How slow is FTB? Latest is still 1.0.1 and spawns in creative.
  7. i spawned in creative
  8. zaliack123

    zaliack123 Guest

    V1.01 - Spawned in creative, at the wrong location, with the ability to edit HQM, and wasn't able to use the enderIO anchor (which I'm assuming you're meant to use).
  9. Dissa1

    Dissa1 New Member

    while it may be 4 years from the last comment I wanted to say,
    Mine started in creative as well :(
  10. ashwindov

    ashwindov Active Member

    I remember having lots of fun with this pack years ago so it should be fine enough to play

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