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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by madnewmy, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!

    Today, I got bored, like usual. I than decided to start doing a modded village on a small personal pack, playing in creative.

    I spawned in on a small bumpy island, which got flattened quite fast, thanks to bound tools!

    I got the very first house build up today. Trying to go for a medieval look, while keeping a few "industrial spot"

    Here is the very beginning. Will try to update whenever I have time to play!

    Day One
    Day two
    Day Three
    Day four
    Day Five
    Day Six
    Day Seven

    Hope you like it
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  2. Salamileg9

    Salamileg9 Well-Known Member

    Hm... I should do this. I've wanted to practice building lately, but whenever I set my mind to it I see a shiny new toy in the creative menu and start playing with it.
  3. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Day 2:
    built the townhall and added a functional ME system to the lot

    Image here
  4. Scottly318

    Scottly318 Well-Known Member

    Awesome design on the town hall.
  5. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus Popular Member


    I'm gonna do a village/town for my next world so keep the inspiration coming
  6. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member


    Yea, should get another house or two up tonight :)
  7. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

  8. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

  9. Scottly318

    Scottly318 Well-Known Member

    Nice to see someone put boats at a dock!
  10. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    So, I learned something awesome today: Carpenter fence will connect to carpenter block covered by glowstone!

    Made a small demonstrative image for today's building :)

    Added a shipyard, which I am not sure about... Dosen't look sooooo good from the front...

    Also, built a bridge to the next island! That took forever... It's not linked up just yet, still need to figure out where I will link it too!

  11. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

  12. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Day Seven... I installed Growthcraft in order to make a mini brewery, but dosent look so quite good...

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