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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by wha-ha-ha, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. SoraZodia

    SoraZodia Forum Ghost Third Party Pack Team Mod Developer

    @colonelhomer815 You ran out of RAM hence the OutOfMemoryError.

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  2. colonelhomer815

    colonelhomer815 New Member

    anything I can do besides getting more RAM?
  3. Mevansuto

    Mevansuto New Member

    No. Allocate more RAM on the launcher.
  4. colonelhomer815

    colonelhomer815 New Member

    I just tried that I got:

    Error: unable to create Java virtual machine
    Error: a fatal exception occurred. Program will exit.
  5. SoraZodia

    SoraZodia Forum Ghost Third Party Pack Team Mod Developer

    What were your Java arguments?

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  6. colonelhomer815

    colonelhomer815 New Member

    just got it working, cheers.
  7. More than 50 sub-part of this modpack doing videos!
    I have a stable game for the need to upgrade myself if something comes out updates!
  8. Big Reactors not updatable, because TPPI tweaks crash!!
    The crach is solved!!
    This two-line at (TPPI \ minecraft \ config \ TPPI \ TPPITweaks.cfg) file to be written to FALSE

    # Big Reactors fuel rods take just a touch of reactor glass.
    B:glassFuelRods=true (<<--- it should be FALSE!!!)

    # Big Reactors reactor casings require steel. Affects ONLY the casings.
    B:steelReactorCasings=true (<<--- it should be FALSE!!!)
  9. Strikingwolf

    Strikingwolf New Member

    Please use Spoilers or pastebin for Crash reports...thanks :D
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  10. Do you minimum 2gb of launcher???? MINIMUM!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Strikingwolf

    Strikingwolf New Member

    Me no I minimum at 1 Gig
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  12. The 64bit java and 64bit windows only working 4gb+. If not 64bit, install it! And this pack is NEED minimum 2gb ram in launcher.
  13. lcd

    lcd New Member

    Is there anyway to make furnaces produce Thermal Expansion ingots when you have GregTech disabled? when it is disabled you only get IC2 ingots unless you use TE dusts, when it is enabled everything seems to be TE
  14. painer

    painer New Member

    Amazing mod pack, we are hosting on a 4 gig server and its running pretty well. Seems a little heavier than DW20 but the added features are worth it.

    I am noticing one line that pops up occasionally on the console and I just wanted to see if if is something I need to config or is normal for the pack.

    Fetching addPacket for removed entity

    Is there an easy way to figure out which mod causes this occasional repeat? Thanks again, great modpack.
  15. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk New Member

    I can't tell if I am just being stupid or if this is an actual thing but infernal mobs doesn't seem to work for me. I tried setting silverfish to "always infernal" because I'm making a map and when i spawned in dozens of them none of them had particles or a enderdragon like health bar on the top, is this a bug or am i missing something and derping out hard?
  16. tterrag1098

    tterrag1098 New Member

    It's possible you also need to enable silverfish to be infernal at all, you can find that here: https://github.com/TPPI-Dev/TestPackPleaseIgnore/blob/master/config/InfernalMobs.cfg#L236
  17. Ulithium_Dragon

    Ulithium_Dragon New Member

    Please explain what you mean by ""highly configured, non-intrusive, and "classic" feeling GregTech", because I absolutly HATE GregTech with all seething torment of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 burning souls, and I don't remember liking it any better when it first came out... I also don't remember it being any easier or less time-consuming, or less of a complete, 99.99999% total replacer of IC2...

    I don't know, there's just something about a mod saying: "Lets take a perfectly good, fully functional, really amazing mod like IC2, completely rewrite it, make it 2000% harder, add 10000% less documentation, and convince people to use it by advertising it as an "upgrade" or "improvement" on the original mod."...
  18. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    In other words, you do NOT have to get into gregtech if you don't want to at all. Gregtech is only needed for Gregtech and some IC2 recipes(And the buildcraft quarry.) But! Before you complain about that, there is much better options then the quarry in this pack, like the Digital Miner and turtles.
  19. Ulithium_Dragon

    Ulithium_Dragon New Member

    So I take it no Extra Utilities then...?
  20. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Oh there is Extra Utilities. :p

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