[1.6.4] Sleepless Horrors

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  1. Siro

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    Nightfall is coming.
    Prepare yourself.

    Inspired by super hostile maps, hardcore players bored with modded Minecraft, players that built all the machines and declared they had beaten a pack, endless forum arguments about tedium vs difficulty, and a healthy dose of my own particular brand of trollishness.


    Pack code: sleepless
    Click for Detailed list of Included Mods/Permissions

    For Hardcore Difficulty Players: This pack was mostly built with you in mind. While the difficulty is ramped up, the frustration and tedium of starting over is ramped down significantly. Powerful enemies need powerful tools and I have given you both.

    For Everyone Else: It's a tough pack even on Easy. Don't be afraid to die as I've added a few interesting little touches to help you recover your gear. I've also included some fun non-hardcore-ish stuff and decorative things if building is your thing. If you need help getting started, check out the tutorial spoilers below.

    For Server environments: A server download is now available on the launcher. Do take a look at the detailed list of included mods above, I note all the client-side/single player only mods and these are the only ones disabled. If you want to disable more, by all means. If you need cheat mode access in NEI for OPs, change the lockmode in the NEI.cfg from 1 to -1.

    A quick word on OceanCraft
    This mod is a lot of fun and really adds a lot to ocean life in single player. However it currently does NOT work in a server environment due to a rendering issue that causes a crash on server startup. The mod author is aware of the problem and plans to address it in a subsequent release, so don't pester him about it.
    A quick word on Optifine
    I did everything I could to get this pack as small and efficient as possible while still presenting the same general theme I wanted to present. That being said, if you do still want to add optifine, make sure you remove the noVoidFogNoDimming mod, as they directly conflict/crash and it would be redundant with optifine installed anyway.
    OptiFine_1.6.4_HD_C6 is reported to work with the pack.
    Recommended Additions
    Mutant Creatures by thehippomaster21: Adds boss-like mobs that are pretty amazing. The ONLY reason this isn't in the pack is that I couldn't get permission to add it. If that changes at some point, it will be added to the pack. However, don't bother the mod dev about it, that's my job. By all means add this on your own and enjoy some epic battles.
    The map/radar/minimap of your choice. I realize Zan's/Voxelmap isn't everyone's favorite.
    Infernal Mobs by AtomicStryker: If you've somehow gotten through the toughest boss fights in this pack and come out of it wanting more, this is the extra dose of insane difficulty you're probably now looking for. This mod was a strong contender for inclusion, but I couldn't bring its difficulty down to the level where both my primary tester and myself thought it should be with respect to the rest of the pack.

    OriginalxSyn: For being my primary tester, the reason for this pack ultimately coming into existence, streaming pack testing through about 20some iterations of the pack. Without this guy right here, there would be no pack.

    All the mod developers: Click through to their mod page and see what they have to say and who they have to thank. This pack comes to you because these guys were all awesome enough to make these mods and allow me to distribute them through the FTB Launcher for free.

    Mulletzorz and company: For spending far, far too much time late into the morning hours getting Sleepless Horrors working on a server and encouraging me to hang out in Teamspeak more.

    The FTB Team: For hosting the pack on the launcher.

    Watchfull11: For wrangling all these third party packs.

    Apologies to anyone else I've forgotten.

    For everything in the pack, I will provide direct support. Some mod authors don't like dealing with cross mod interaction issues, so you should generally run issues by me first. The best way to do this is if you're having a crash to put it on pastebin. With that it's usually pretty easy for me to hunt down the problem.
    The FTB Team isn't responsible for support for the pack, so please don't bother them about it.
    If you've added a mod to the pack and need help tracking down a problem, I'm happy to do that. Just keep it to the thread and if you're copying/pasting a lot of stuff at least put it in spoiler tags if not linking to pastebin. I usually check the forums throughout the day, just be patient.
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  2. Siro

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    First off, a few words about what is going on with this pack. The general idea is to have players face all the various mobs that have been added to the pack. To that end, I wrote a minimod (linked in my signature) that disables beds in a fun way. This means there's no setting your spawn point and no sleeping away the night.
    In Hardcore you don't respawn anyway, no big deal there. But removing a relatively easy way to avoid mobs really changes the way the game plays.
    On a server, this means you'll probably not set up very far from spawn because every time you die you'll have to go that much further to get back to your base. Hopefully, this encourages community building and infrastructure in the face of a legitimate threat/obstacle (mobs/distance). Also, after the first few times, there should be no calls to sleep every 10 minutes. ;)

    And now onto the Q&A Format:
    Q: What are these yellow hearts above my health bar?
    A: Natural Absorption hearts. They regenerate relatively quickly and are meant to be a shield against being hopelessly crippled in the early game by a bad fall or a lucky hit by a zombie. They're also upgradeable both through armor enchantments and permanent boosts.

    Q: I went to another dimension and all my extra absorption hearts went away?
    A: They're still there. To make them show up, you can either take off and put back on a piece of armor with that enchant on it to toggle the display or they'll appear next time you take damage.

    Q: My Bed exploded?!
    A: Muahahaha. This is intended. It's right in the title "Sleepless Horrors". I even made sure it looked like something you wouldn't want to lie down on. The materials that go into beds can be at least partially reclaimed in the SAGmill.

    Q: Where's all the copper? I can't make machines and stuff!
    A: I hid it in other dimensions. You can find it in Erebus and the Nether.

    Q: What's Erebus? How do I get there?
    A: An amazing dimension brought to you by Dylan4ever. Get some stone bricks (any kind, cracked, mossy, etc) and make a nether portal shape out of them. Light it with a Portal Activator (two sticks and a spider eye diagonally).

    Q: Why does my ME controller look weird and not use power?
    A: Because I am pushing Applied Energistics forward as an earlier game solution to storage. To that end, it requires no power to run (so the controller has no power gauge) and certus quartz is relatively common. You'll still need to head to the nether for nether quartz or obtain it in one of the rare places it can spawn in the surface world.

    Q: Wait, nether quartz in the surface world?
    A: Yes, where there's netherrack, nether ores of all types can generate. Even in the surface world. There will be a few ruins that will have some and the bottom level of roguelike dungeons is always netherrack. Either way, it can be difficult to get.

    Q: So what's the really early game storage solution?
    A: Dartcraft has Storage Chests which retain their inventory on breaking and only need stone/cobblestone to make. They're also upgradeable as you progress through Dartcraft. MFR has the Deep Storage Unit for individual items as well.

    Q: What do I do for armor?
    A: There are LOTS of options for this. Check out NEI for things like "leggings" "boots" "helm" "chest" etc. There's also flight options offered by Mekanism and Dartcraft. Also of note, just about everything is enchantable/repairable by Enchanting Plus, including Dartcraft. If you're just reading this and haven't really played the pack, this may seem OP. Please reserve judgement until you've killed the Ender Dragon.

    Q: What do I do for weapons?
    A: There's quite a few options here as well. In addition to swords, there's various projectile weapons/launchers and a very powerful EMP weapon.

    Q: What do I do for power?
    A: Just about everything that generates power works with everything else that accepts power in this pack excepting that you might need a length of some kind of cable between power production block and power using block. There's all the buildcraft engines, the dartcraft force engine, the enderio stirling generator and photovoltaic cell, Mekanism's heat generator, windmill, solar panels, hydrogen generator, etc.

    Q: Why is meat a fuel for the force engine?
    A: Why wasn't meat always a fuel? Problem solved.

    Q: Why are meteor shields so loud?
    A: What am I, a meteorologist? (har) They cover a considerable area once fully charged with red meteor gems, you don't need to locate them right in/next to your base. There's also sound mufflers.
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  3. Mulletzorz

    Mulletzorz Member

    Awsome modpack. I run a 16 person server and it's great! A must if you like hardcore/horror/survival. good job Si!
  4. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    1.5 Changelog
    * Updated Erebus to 0.1.2
    * Updated bspkrsCore to v5.3
    * updated EnderIO to
    * updated Extracells to 1.6.7d
    * updated Gravestone to 2.5.1
    * updated Hardcore Ender Expansion to 1.3.3
    * updated Lycanite Mobs to 1.4.3
    * updated roguelike dungeons to 1.2.9
    * updated MFR to
    * updated NEIAddons to
    * updated OpenBlocks to 1.2.4
    * updated denlib to 3.2.6
    + Added OpenModsLib 0.1, required for OpenBlocks 1.2.4
    - Removed Damage Indicators from server build
  5. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    1.6 Changelog
    * Updated BCTools to 1.4-a-15
    * Updated EnderIO to
    * Updated Gany's End to 1.5.5
    * Updated Gany's Nether to 1.5.4
    * Updated Gany's Surface to 1.5.3
    * Updated Lycanite Mobs to 1.4.6
    * Updated Quarry Plus to 1.0.3
    * Updated denlib to 1.6.4-3.2.6
    * Updated extrautils to 1.0.3a
    * Updated EnderStorage to
    * Updated CodeChickenCore to
    * Updated ChickenChunks to
    * Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion to 1.4.1
    * Updated Mekanism to
    * Updated Mekanism Generators to
    * Updated NotEnoughItems to
    * Updated neiaddons to
    * Updated OpenBlocks to 1.2.5
    * Updated OpenModsLib to 0.2
    * Updated Translocator to
    * Added Void Monster
    - Removed Mekanism Tools
  6. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    1.7 Changelog
    * Updated bcTool to 1.4-a-16
    * Updated CodeChickenCore to
    * Updated Dartcraft to 0.2.17
    * Updated Enderio to
    * Updated Extracells to 1.6.8d
    * Updated Farlanders to 1.1
    * Updated Gany's End to 1.5.7
    * Updated Gany's Nether to 1.5.6
    * Updated Gany's Surface to 1.5.4
    * Updated Gravestone to 2.7.1
    * Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion to 1.4.2
    * Updated Lycanite Mobs to 1.4.7b
    * Updated Roguelike Dungeons to 1.3.0
    * Updated Not Enough Items to
    * Updated Translocators to
    * Updated Mekanism to
    * Updated Mekanism Generators to
    + Added Iquana Tweaks 1i
  7. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking Too Much Free Time

    This sounds amazing...
    Welp my game crashes on startup
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  8. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    What kind of crash is it? Can you post the log to pastebin?
  9. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking Too Much Free Time

    I think it is just my PC. I have a very crappy computer so I cannot really do much to fix it besides wait until I can get some new parts, I will get the log later though.
  10. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    Ah okay. Are you able to run other 1.6.4 packs like Direwolf20 or Monster? I've had some users report success with using optifine and/or the vanilla launcher to build a Sleepless Horrors-compatible pack that functions on older computers.
  11. palnai

    palnai New Member

    I'm having difficult using the pack as well, sadly I can't post the log as the game crashes and brings the log with it too suddenly of me to copy it.
    What happens basically is the mod pack will start loading and the screen where the game will be will appear, it will have the "Mojang" logo, and after a bit more loading it'll crash and that'll be it. (Just before it crashes the game window will go from the "mojang" logo to black)

    Honestly I think it's just my machine as it really doesn't like minecraft or most mod packs though some do work.
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  12. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    There are a large number of issues that can cause a crash after the Mojang logo because this is when things are trying to load.

    Forge generally generates a crash report which is saved into the pack's crash report folder, but when it doesn't there's always the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log which tracks everything (and where the -1 and -2 represent the two previous logs). That means it often won't fit on a pastebin, but when looking for exceptions, you'll usually see a series of " at blah blah blah" which indicate where something is throwing an exception which can be snipped out and put on a pastebin.
  13. palnai

    palnai New Member

    Ah had no idea, I'm kinda new to this kinda thing.
    I'll share the crash report once I can find it (my machine, an iMac, tends to hide things)
  14. I have the mudpack, seems fun... but NEI is stuck in ultiliy mode, any ideas
  15. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking Too Much Free Time

    World and goobal settings
  16. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    That's actually intended. However, if you want to change it, find the nei.cfg and change this line:
    to this
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