1.5.0: Pack not compatible with Ars Magica


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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
In Episode 1 of his Season 7 Lets Play Direwolf20 states that he wished to include Ars Magica 2 but could not because Mithion has essentially stopped development on it and including it would be a risk - and there might have been permissions issues.

However, this would be a nice mod for users to add to the dw20 pack, but for the fact that without a default compatibility config in place the mod conflicts with half a dozen other mods in the dw20 pack with conflicting potion ids.

This means a custom config needs to be made and distributed which makes a server based on dw20 + Ars Magica to be that much more confusing for end users to install correctly.

Now this is clearly not a bug in any strict sense. I post this only on Direwolf20's own desire to have included Ars Magica in the pack.

Mod & Version:
Ars Magica 2

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