1.5.0: (1.7.0) Dirt blocks randomly spawning "Khendrel Keght". from Ender Zoo.

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  1. BrickVoid

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    What is the bug:
    I downloaded this new version from the launcher and updated to it, and it would seem that some config option in the Ender Zoo settings file turned these dirt slimes on. These "Khendrel Keght" mobs are very annoying and can spawn from dirt or grass, placed by the player or not, when broken by hand. I don't know why Ender Zoo is suddenly doing this in the Direwolf20 modpack, but if this mob spawn should have been turned off, please update the next version of the modpack to reflect this. They do seem to drop random items which also is annoying as my inventory will fill up with random junk items from these dirt slimes.

    Meanwhile, I'm off to find materials to craft a shovel ... They don't seem to spawn nearly as often if I break dirt with one! That CrazyPants guy! :D

    Cheers ...


    Mod & Version:
    Ender Zoo 1.7.10-

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:
    Most definitely.

    Known Fix:
    Break dirt with a shovel seems like a temporary workaround until the mod's config file gets updated.
  2. sivina

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    # The chance that a Dire Slime will be spawned (0 = never, 1 = always).

    yes...more that 0.5 which is not cool, haveing issues which almost getting one dirt slime while shoving dirt...annoying like crazy.
    may be it should be tune down to 0.15 or lower :)

    dirt slime in my ssp server just got disable.too much pain to deal with this stuff
  3. VanDerProtofsky

    VanDerProtofsky New Member

    After updating to DW20 1.7.0, our server gradually went down to 5 TPS constantly. It was eventually found that somebody's Ender Quarry in our digger world was causing thousands of Dire Slimes to spawn.

    My workaround is to set D:direSlimeChance=0 in enderzoo/EnderZoo.cfg.
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  4. Ascent

    Ascent New Member

    Thanks VanDerProtofsky that did it. Man that was annoying. I don't understand how it was believed that that added something interesting to the game.
  5. immadeofpixels27

    immadeofpixels27 New Member

    setting D:direSlimeChance=0 will still leave some cpu calls (yes I know it's completely negligible), but setting B:direSlimeEnabled=false will completely disable it.

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