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Whitelist Server [1.4.7][FTB MINDCRACK PACK][WHITELISTED][NO BLACKLIST!]Feed the Beast!

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Xboxplayer7, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. valiarmarcus

    valiarmarcus New Member

    IGN: ValiarMarcus
    Have You ever Been Banned? Nope
    Will you Grief? No, the only times I would ever mess with someone else's things are a) they asked me to, b) it is a harmless joke and know it will be received as such, c) it is a present (leaving a big pile of gold blocks on their land) or d) they have set up something that is encroaching upon my build
    Will you be kind to other players? Yes, I love showing people ways to do new things, I'm pretty experienced with the mods in mindcrack, and amongst other things am a Bee-savant and can add all sorts of awesome :)
  2. Adampatryk

    Adampatryk New Member

    IGN: Adampatryk

    Banned? - Never (Checked this on mcbans.com by doing as instructed - verifying an account on the minecraft server and logging out and logging back into mcbans.com)

    Will I Grief? - No I will not. All I ever look for in a server is people who I can trust and be friendly with rather than worry that I will get griefed whilst I am away.

    Will I be polite? - Definitely, I am not a rude person and like to treat others like I would want to be treated as I always empathize with people who are victims.

    I am 15 years old and I live in the UK. I used to play on a vanilla minecraft server whenever I had the time to. I loved that server however it was shut down and I do not know why. Since then I have been looking for a server that has the same community but every server that I found was filled with jerks. Also I am bored of vanilla and have played Mindcrack before (I know how to play but I am not super experienced)
    and so I would love to join this server and be a part of a friendly community.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
  3. daen0144

    daen0144 New Member

    Tell us your IG Name: DaniXtaza
    Have You ever Been Banned? yes i did
    We will check This at mcbans.com
    If you have been Banned why? well i got banned from some little servers cause some hackers got in my other minecraft account and hacked the server
    Will you Grief? no
    Will you be kind to other players? We're not really going for a pvp server but if Both of u Agree then pvp is ok. i will be kind and nice to other players
  4. The_Archer

    The_Archer New Member

    Have You ever Been Banned? No, here is mcbans to prove it.
    Will you Grief? No I don't believe in griefers.
    Will you be kind to other players? Totaly! "A happy community is a good community" as I always say!
  5. Retson

    Retson New Member

    IGN: RetBossin
    Banned: never
    Grief: I'm against people like that.
    Kindness: Won't attack anyone but i will defend myself
    I would love to join your server i have alot of experience with most of the mods and am a friendly player.

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