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Whitelist Server [1.4.7][FTB MINDCRACK PACK][WHITELISTED][NO BLACKLIST!]Feed the Beast!

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Xboxplayer7, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. emogod

    emogod New Member

    heck no I hate everyone that griefs
    Yupp raised just like it.
    Im 24 years of age am American been playing since beta 1.1 and starting a video series if I get on the server. Have a wonderfull day
  2. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    Name stentninja ( wouldn't c that coming)
    No I have nervier been banned
    I am always nice to other players and staff
    Special I love IC2 and build craft my aim is to make a power station in the server if accepted thank have nice day :)[DOUBLEPOST=1359333858][/DOUBLEPOST]By the way I nervier grief on any server I don't like to I like a challenge[DOUBLEPOST=1359333974][/DOUBLEPOST]Also all my creations were griefed :(
  3. MachoMann

    MachoMann New Member

    IGN: MachoMann
    Have You ever Been Banned? Yes, but not for the reason you think. Me and a group of people joined a random server and spammed chat and somebody in our group
    posted it on Youtube. This was a long time ago and i didn't realize it such a bad thing, I was just REALLY excited that i was going on Youtube :p
    Will you Grief? No, i absolutely hate griefers.
    Will you be kind to other players? Yes, i will be kind. I have been looking for a good server for a while now with kind people and a not-griefed-to-hell
    server. Hopefully this will be the server for me :)

    Quick question, is the GregTech recipes on hard? I hate having to use up a huge amount of resources just to make something so simple.
    Hope to see you all soon :)
  4. theepurplemage

    theepurplemage New Member

    IGN: theepurplemage
    banned: never
    I will never grief, steal, pvp rudely, or act rude. I will act mature, polite, and respectfully. I am 25, and I just want to make some friends and build a community.

  5. Relic_Hunter

    Relic_Hunter New Member

    IGN: Relic_Hunter
    Banned: Never
    would you ever grief?: NEVER!! It is sooooooo stupid and i can't imagine anyone stupid enough to grief. I will be really good.
    Will you be nice to other players?: Yes i will. I will help other people with problems and help build things for the server. spectre AKA spec and I will work together and build awesome stuff. We have played on servers before and I know him in real life.
    Facts about me: Spectre and i are really good friends. He told me how awesome your server is. He also told me about when he built a house for coolguy. I will always be kind and help people. My goal is to create a thriving base and to help others achieve the same goal. I hope i get picked and i will help the server a lot. I heard your building a new spawn and i am perfectly willing to help out.

    Your fellow minecraftian,

  6. Jaeger_F0X

    Jaeger_F0X New Member

    IGN: Jaeger_F0X
    Banned? Never
    Will I grief? No. I might prank, but nothing excessive.
    Kind to other players? Yes, I am usually a very nice guy.
    I'm a 19 year old college student. I might not be able to play everyday, being is that I'm studying to be an Engineer, but when I do get some free time, I'll spend it in the server. I'm relatively new to FTB so I only have the basics down, and what I've been able to gather from GenerikB's videos.

    I used to belong to a small vanilla minecraft server, but it went down due to inactivity.

    you can contact me through skype: brandon808955
  7. ZachTheCommie

    ZachTheCommie New Member

    IGN: ZachTheCommie
    Banned?: Not that I'm aware of. I'm I'm randomly on someone's blacklist, I don't know why.
    I do not ever grief, and I'm really nice to anyone who's not incredibly rude. I also don't hack or cheat or spam, etc. No point in doing that.

    An interesting reason to add me instead of someone else? Well, I... hmm... built a cool thing once, maybe?
  8. IronDome

    IronDome New Member

    Hello, Im here to register 2 players
    IGN's: IronDome, wardog3000
    Have I ever been banned?:Once for freaking out when someone hacked and griefed us.
    Will I grief?: No, never griefing is just destruction of the world and someones art work.
    Kindness: We will treat ppl how they want to be treated, nicely, unless they start using bad language.
    We are 12 year olds who wish to find one single server with anti grief protection.
    We might be on 1 - 2 hours a day and I, IronDome hope to apply for admin or moderator.
    Thanks!, IronDome[DOUBLEPOST=1392251739][/DOUBLEPOST]I also took 3 years of art in school and am a proffesional artist at mindcrack if you need help with anything such as a market place.
  9. IronDome

    IronDome New Member

    BTW if your slots are full just say it out loudso i dont waste time waiting. Thanks :D
  10. keybladeboy1

    keybladeboy1 New Member

    Have I ever been banned?: No I haven't been banned before.
    Will I grief?: No I wouldn't, and I really don't know why people grief. Why wont they just have fun?
    Will you be kind to others? Of course! I will help people in need as much as I can!
  11. DT_Darkness

    DT_Darkness New Member

    IGN: DT_Darkness
    Have You ever Been Banned? No
    Will you Grief? No i wont but i will get revenge if someone does it to me.
    Will you be kind to other players? Yea, unless its someone i hate, i dont hate people unless its for a good reason.
    Hope to get a Quick responds :D
  12. TJPearl

    TJPearl New Member

    Tell us your IG Name TJPearl
    Have You ever Been Banned? No
    We will check This at mcbans.com Nope
    If you have been Banned why?
    Will you Grief? No sir
    Will you be kind to other players? Yes, i love meeting new people :D
  13. Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez New Member

    IGN: xXPeanut37Xx
    Banned: Never
    Grief: No.
    Kindness: im not here to greif or pvp im here to build alot of different projects and show them off to other people on the server and also see alot of there designs and idea's.
    I would like to join your server because I love the minecrack pack and i work better when im playing with other's.
  14. King_husky

    King_husky New Member

    Tell us your IG Name King_husky
    Have You ever Been Banned? never been banned
    We will check This at mcbans.com
    If you have been Banned why? -
    Will you Grief?I've never been banned/ greifed
    Will you be kind to other players? I treat people with respect and will not mess with there base's item

    I hope to be a great addition to this server ^^
  15. Aldriik711

    Aldriik711 New Member

    My IG name is Aldriik711
    I have never been banned
    I do not like griefing, which is partly why I am looking to join a whitelisted server. The other reason, is I am looking for friendly players to help me learn FTB. I am not a pvp type of person. And I am kind of quiet most of the time but most definitely friendly.
    I appreciate you taking the time to look over my application.

  16. FargoGamer

    FargoGamer New Member

    IGN: FargoGamer
    Banned: Never (at least i don't remeber about any think like that)
    Grief: I will never grief!
    Kindness: I realy like to help and speak with other people!

    I will like to join this server because i love FTB Mindcrack, and i wanna play it with other people!
  17. Magicalribs

    Magicalribs New Member

    Tell us your IG Name Bigjake0123
    Have You ever Been Banned? Plenty of times
    If you have been Banned why? Various reasons, but none related to really what I'm after
    Will you Grief? Definitely not.
    Will you be kind to other players? We're not really going for a pvp server but if Both of u Agree then pvp is ok. Yes of course, kindness is required in small communities
  18. musicman148

    musicman148 New Member

    IGN: musicman148
    Have You ever Been Banned? No i have not
    Will you Grief? Never
    Will you be kind to other players? Yes, it is needed for a small community and i like to help others out!
  19. Halapeno02

    Halapeno02 New Member

    IGN: Halapeno02
    Have I Ever Been Banned?:Not once!
    Will I Grief?:I will not grief.
    Kindness?: I am nice but if someone is killing me i will defend myself.
    (added) Other: I am 12 but a act maturely and know very much about all the mods included.
  20. Aarieaaron

    Aarieaaron New Member

    IGN: aarieaaron
    Have I Ever Been Banned?: Yea
    Why? The admin didn't like me very much, apparently forgetting to cut down the remains of a single tree is enough to get someone banned.
    Will I Grief?: No, I have no reason to.
    Kindness?: I am nice unless provoked, I will defend myself if need be. I do tend to swear out of impulse.

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