1.14 mod spotlighting and coverage of 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 mods from time to time

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  1. Hello, I'm a new Youtuber that covers 1.13/1.14 modding with launcher tutorials or mod spotlights where most in the same subscriber range as me will cover mod tutorials for how to install it not how it works, I more so help the Modloader dev teams for Fabric mostly and used to for Rift when it comes to bugs or giving mods promotion/give people an idea of how it works.

    I commonly make mod spotlight videos besides the odd tutorials for 1.13/1.14 mods/datapacks besides infrequently if I find any some of the mods in the 1.7.10 to 1.12.2 range. I plan to run a forum wiki of sorts soon but otherwise I might post the odd videos to not really promote myself but to give people an idea of what I do in the community to promote mods or help people out if they don't know how a mod works and they get stuck or are curious about features in that mod.
  2. Some of my works on YouTube and wikis/forum threads for 1.13/1.14 coverage of mods:

    -Forum Threads:



    Wikis (with help from contributors, the Rift one was started by another user then I put what I know about Rift for it, then the Fabric one I started but many other users contributed to it, refined it and made it what it is now):

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