[1.12] SecurityCraft ~ Security Cameras, Retinal Scanners, and more!

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    SecurityCraft is a security mod that allows you to protect your house using a wide variety of blocks, including security cameras, retinal scanners, keypads, and much more.

    Main features:
    Security cameras: Monitor your house while you're not at home!
    Reinforced blocks: Blocks that can only be removed by the person that placed them down. No more griefing from naughty players.
    Password-protected blocks: These blocks, which currently include a keypad, furnace, and chest, are only accessible if you input the correct passcode. Useful for restricting access of a certain area to only "authorized" users.
    Retinal scanners: Emits a redstone signal when it's looked at by its owner or added players.
    Keycard readers: Use different keycards to manage accessibility of other players around your base.
    Standard & camouflaged mines: For when you feel like using brute force to protect your base!
    Username loggers: Logs the name of any player that comes near it. Suspect someone is stealing diamonds out of your chest? You can use this to find out exactly who it is.

    ... and many more!

    Spotlight made by TheAtlanticCraft:

    Download from CurseForge here:

    Please leave any feedback or suggestions you have!


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