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    As outlined here, Forge is implementing a new set of best practices regarding core mods.

    On a basic level, normal mod adds new content into the game, whether this be a machine, or a new type of ore or block. It does this without interfering with the actual core minecraft files. These mods interact with the Minecraft game through Forge. So Forge will add new features into the base Minecraft API that mods then take advantage of. An example of this might be the ore dictionary which lets all the different versions of copper work as substitutes for each other. Or the Capability system which changes the way modders can interact with blocks that have inventories or other special features (like furnaces etc).

    When mods want to modify Minecraft code in new ways that Forge does not accommodate and in a way that would only be useful in a select set of cases, they might write a core mod. This will then directly modify the Minecraft code, adding the functionality that the mod requires.

    The best practices that the Forge team are implementing are designed to ensure that core mods are only used when they are essential and where appropriate, functionality added by a core mod is instead added directly into Forge itself. For those cases where a core mod is still appropriate then the aim is to ensure that the core mod only includes what is needed, and everything else is pushed into a separate normal mod or library.

    The second purpose of the best practices is to help ensure the authenticity of core mods by encouraging mod authors to sign their mods. This essentially allows your computer to check that you are running an unmodified versions from a source you trust. This must be stressed that this is NOT a security measure over the content of the mod. As any mod has the ability to do anything it wants on your computer. You should still only download mods from people you trust.

    Lastly, the best practices call for visible source for core mods so that any mod that is directly changing minecraft files can be easily checked to ensure they are working as advertised.

    These ‘best practices’ are intended to be voluntary on the part of mod authors. However as a team, FTB fully supports the implementation of these best practices and our goal from 1.12 onwards will be to design and develop mod packs that use mods that follow these best practices. We will also be ensuring that any FTB built mods also follow them. Where appropriate we will work with mod developers when they are looking to follow the best practices but are delayed from making changes for whatever reason.
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    Cool I don't use core mods so /shrug
  3. Henry Link

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    I like the idea of these practices. If they are followed we should have fewer conflicts and easier to locate issues when there are problems.
  4. ProxyNeko

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    Although I'm all for jar signing and I am going to start signing my normal mods as soon as I can work in the time I feel like this could kill off FTB packs a little since there are so many closed source core mods out there that the devs are just not gonna want to open source at all and it's usually the bigger devs in the community that have them :/
  5. Uristqwerty

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    This is a decent position for Forge to take, as long as they continue to act in good faith in their role as a platform to assist mods and mod development.

    However, Forge has, over the past many years, been lacking in that role. I have seen many technically-decent solutions that utterly overcomplicate APIs, and I have seen requests for additions that are rejected, leaving the requester no choice other than to implement it themselves as a core mod. Forge has often demonstrated that they are strongly opinionated, and willing to impose their opinion on the platform, even to the detriment of players.

    In a positive move, Mezz in now helping, which might even mark a turning point in the overall direction of Forge, but it overly hasty to throw your support behind them on this matter. Please don't rush into a role as an enforcer of opinionated and restrictive policies.
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    List the mods! The first thing that comes to my mind is Fastcraft, but since that's 1.7 only, and won't be ported to the newer versions as far as I know; it's irrelevant. Most mods aren't core mods or aren't closed sourced; the combination doesn't really close off many pathways.
  7. Quetzi

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    @Uristqwerty We don't intend to enforce anything that we don't believe to be in the best interests of the community. We'll be disregarding the core mod guidelines completely for the Unstable pack, which should give the affected core mods the time they need to transition to be compliant with the best practices. After that, if a particular mod/dev needs more time or has specific issues meeting the guidelines then we are quite happy to work with them on a case by case basis and make allowances where mods are trying to be compliant but aren't quite there yet. If a dev for some reason completely opposes the guidelines without good reason then that will be a different matter, even then, remember that not all mods are suitable for all of our packs anyway. I don't think we're expecting too many issues with the current crop of core mods at least, in fact I think the hope is that a bunch of those will no longer need to be core mods once Mezz has worked his magic. A notable example being CoFHCore no longer needing to be a core mod in 1.12.
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    The practices say nothing about open or closed source status. It simply says that core mods should be visible source. You can have a visible source project that is still closed source.
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    yes but i think fastcraft what be one of those mods that are ok because of what it doing all the stuff it doing is to help people
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    Unstable 1.12 is out don't know why there was no news for it? Just FYI!

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