1.12.2 [Curse] (Alpha) Blood, Sweat, and Gears v1.31.4 The Thaumonuclear Update! (testers needed)


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
Explore distant worlds from the majestic skylands of the Aether to the blackened depths of the Abyss, as you mine, craft, and build your way through a place where ancient magic and high technology work hand in hand. Blowing stuff up is optional, but strongly recommended all the same!
Ores form massive deposits in all manner of shapes and sizes and change bearing on biomes and dimensions. Some thrust proudly from the earth to be seen for miles around, while others leave a gentle scattering of gravelly ores hidden amongst the grasses, or glow eerily in the creeping darkness. Get aboard your trusty airship and see what there is to find! Cruise through dense clouds of copper, chase a narrow vein of tin deep underground and blast open geodes full of glittering diamonds!



Technological might and arcane mystery combine and work to compliment one-another; feel the roiling heat of the blast furnace as you pump it with pure elemental fire, master the alchemical applications to petrochemical engineering, and harness the healing power of nature to quell the intense radiation from nuclear fuels.

If you're having trouble installing the pack on Twitch (as I often do)- try downloading the .zip and installing it with MultiMC (Add Instance -> Import from zip -> hit Browse and locate the pack download)

I could use some help with building and testing the pack, if you're interested in packbuilding or playtesting join the Discord and dive in! (or just dive in and post here)
(Experience not essential- Its my first time too!)

Please drop any bugs/issues/exploits/stuff I missed into the issue tracker. (please do not send crash reports/bugs ect directly to mod devs- its probably something on my end)

Pack available on Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears
Alpha Roadmap:
Pack artwork
Icon (launcher/CF page)
Pack Header
Title screen/loading screen
Pack Description

(90%) All mineral resources implemented
(70%) ImPet liquid resources
(90%) ImEng excavator resources
Dungeon loot final check over
(75%) Structures, Biomes ect all ok

(70%) Overall pack progression in place
(90%) Suitable guidence/quests ect so players don't get stuck
(100%) Main ore processing finished
(40%) Magical engineering
(60%) Oil and PetroChem engineering
(0%) Nuclear engineering
FAQ (ect...):

Will tornadoes destroy my world?
No. Your world is perfectly safe.
Tornado damage is strictly limited to a handful of player created blocks. All building materials are perfectly safe for tornado shelters, and there is minimal long term damage to worldgen.

How stable is the pack? Is it safe to play?
In terms of technical stability, I haven't crashed it in quite a while.
In terms of pack/worldgen- I'm fairly happy with the current modlist, and I'm not planning any major changes to the worldgen or removing any mods. (The mods I've left to add can use existing resources)
As for gameplay- there might be holes/breaks in progression (please let me know so I can fix), and theres more balacing/tweaking to do. I'd recommend playing with cheats on for now just in case.
However this pack is still in Alpha state. Meaning features are incomplete or missing, and things will probably break in all kinds of twisted and unnatural ways.

Does this pack have documentation?
I've used FTB quests to provide a lightweight guide through the pack's progression. This tutorial should update passively as you progress, and will point you in the right direction should you feel lost.
I've also added in a lot of extra info and tips with JEI, as well as drawing up this ore processing chart.
(Note: This is not a questing pack. Sorry to disappoint if you're into that- but it really is intended as lightweight tutorial and not a gameplay mechanic)
Added 3 guides to help with the nuclear stuff.
Nuclear Materials Processing guide
Uranium and Thorium Processing guide
Naquadah Processing guide

About FMP blocks
I've added most of the modded blocks to FMP, the exceptions being ore blocks, mineral storage blocks, and Chisel/Umlimited Chisel Works mods due to the sheer number of entries.
If you'd like any to build with anything extra let me know and I'll add them in.

How did you do that thing in the worldgen? Can I borrow ideas for my own project?
The custom worldgen is all done with CoFH world. You're welcome to borrow ideas/scripts for your own project (Might be worth checking out the Behind the Scenes thread).

Links to everything
Modlist - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/relations/dependencies
Curseforge Page - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears
Discord Channel - https://discord.gg/Jjya2Ma
Github (for scripts and issue tracker) - https://github.com/CelestialPhoenix/BS-G-1.12-Pack
Behind the Scenes thread (outdated) - https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/blood-sweat-and-gears-behind-the-scenes-packbuilding-help-dev-thread.299006/

I was generously granted permission to make various custom blocks/items using mod textures.
This pack contains custom texture assets taken from:
Abyssalcraft (Granted) - https://imgur.com/XzpuJJ5
Aether II Highlands (Granted) - https://imgur.com/z8UKkwY
Thermal Foundation (Open) - http://teamcofh.com/permissions/
Tinkers Construct (Open) - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/tinkers-construct
Thaumcraft (Granted) - https://i.imgur.com/7jkwKx7.png
Vanilla Minecraft (Open)

IC2 (Granted- conditional) - https://imgur.com/Em61sI6 - As of Alpha 1.26.x IC2 and the custom textures used are no longer in the pack.
(Additional Items for IC2 - still available to download available in the Discord channel)
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Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
Alpha 1.19.0 Insanity check Alpha

Download - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2808005

When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
Contains changes to underground worldgen- you may discover world-seams/discontinuities underground, but not on the surface.
Contains changes to overground surface trace. You may discover small surface seams/discontinuities above ore deposits.

Known issue with IC2 conduits (cables) not connecting to Immersive Engineering dynamo. Use an LV capicitor to bridge between the two.

Added Fast Furnace 1.3.1 by Shadows_of_Fire
Added Fast Workbench 1.7.2 by Shadows_of_Fire
Added Material Changer 1.0.3 by Lellson8
Updated Alternating Flux to 0.12.2-2
Updated Immersive Engineering 0.12-92
-removed darkstone hoe and sword
-nerfed darkstone axe, pickaxe, and shovel
-removed recipe for charcoal block
-fixed diamond generation in overworld
-fixed nickel trace generation
-fixed my stupidity with axe mold dropping hammer heads. Probably should stop copying and pasting the scripts...
-fixed issues with gravel ores resisting gravity. Resistance is futile
-added enhanced wooden propeller, hemp leaf, hemp string
-new texture for infernal brick
-removed stone tool models, stone ring
-new recipes for steel molds
-added manual for ImEng metal press
-fixed recipes for rod and ring mold
-removed annoying drops from grass blocks
-tweak sturdy casing recipe
-new workbench recipe
-fixed missing recipes for coal boiler, alloy kiln
-added processing recipes for sugarcane, hemp
-removed flint hoe and sword
-added compressor recipes for gem dust to plate
-switched rubber source to use IC2's resin
-added recipe for casting black shape plates
-added nickel and redalloy rod
-nerfed flint tool durability
-tweaked small chest recipe
-removed smelting recipe for rubber
-fixed recipes for conduit
Immersive Engineering
-fixed recipes for treated wood planks, slabs, sticks
-removed decorative treated wood from ore-dict
-added/fixed hemp seed drop in grass
-fixed slag/steel output from BF
-additional recipe for improved BF
-hint for crude BF
-fixed rubber smelting in alloy kiln
-tweak alloy kiln recipe
-tweak scaffold recipes
-tweaked steel armour to damascus steel
-enabled ore-dict searching
-decrapafied JEI; hidden filled cells, cans, capsules, tanks.
-fixed recipe clash with hoes and swords molds
-fixed hammer mold recipe being stupid to do
-tweaked charcoal drops rate from charcoal piles
-removed stick drops from leaves
-removed leather strip, new recipe for leather cordage
-nerfed flint tool durability
-Fix clash with Quark and Primal Wood piles
-fixed recipes for iron and steel tanks
-fixed metal block ore dictionary
-attempt to make ImEng dynamo work
-reduced sapling drop from Silverwood
-fixed plates being craftable
Thermal Foundation
-removed recipe for charcoal block
-tweaked recipe for stone torch
-fixed ingots being craftable
-added block to ingot smelting
-tweaked charcoal, log fuel values a little
-fixed seed drop from grass
-new compass, flint'n'steel recipes
-nerfed remaining stone/wood tools
-tweaked iron bars recipe
-buffed fuel burn time
-new names and recipe for balloon, frame upgrades
-alternate recipes available
Worley's Caves
-reduced mininum lava level in caves
-tweaked caves a little more


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
Alpha 1.20.0 Build and Dig
Download- https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2820745

Notable changes;
Added Buildcraft
-BC kinesis pipes reworked as high tech 'Laser Conduits' useful for carrying massive amounts of Rf.
Immersive Engineering Excavator
-70 new resources to exploit!
-Ore mines which contain minerals and ores native to the local dimension
-Quarry deposits which fill the remaining chunks, and contain large quantities of building/decorative stones.
-The Excavator digs significantly faster and consumes a lot more power in turn.
Immersive Petroleum fluid resources
-Crude oil and lava in the overworld
-Massive magma plumes in the nether. (in leu of physically pumping the Nether lava ocean!)
Changed Naquadah deposits to match the local darkstone
Made a [crude] fix for IC2 cables not connecting to ImEng dynamo- see 'terminal block' (ok ok its the LV capacitor with a few tweaks)

When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
Contains changes to worldgen- you may discover world-seams/discontinuities in the Darklands (final Abyssalcraft Dimension).

Added Buildcraft by CovertJaguar, SpaceToad et al
Added Energy Converters by xalcon
Updated Chisel to
Updated CEU to
Updated Gregtech to
Updated IndusterialCraft to 2.8.70-ex112
Updated Natura to
Updated Umlimited Chisel Works to 0.3.0
-tags for abyssal/dreaded/abyssalnite cobblestone, abyssal coralium ore, dreaded dirt
-tags for clouds and ferrosite
-disabled Fungi Forest biome
-added ore tags to white sand, flesh chunk/block
-disabled oil/water worldgen
-disabled gears (duplicate materials)
-new recipes for transport pipes
-added Gtech assembler recipes for transport pipes, fluid pipes, power pipes
-added tips for transport pipes
-renamed kinesis pipe to Laser Conduit
-renamed clay pipes to silver pipes
-new recipes for pipe sealant
-changed conduit tooltips to use Rf
-recipes for laser and assembly table
-added ore tags to chipsets
-a bunch of ore-dicting done
-replaced narquarric darkstone/ores with regular darkstone/ores
-added thick wooden plates
-added bone/blood/blue/pearl clay/bricks
-extra tags for custom material ore blocks
-switched naquarric darkstone ores to regular darkstone
-removed naquarric darkstone
-fixed darkstone ore textures
-fixed yellow garnet ore name
Energy Converters
-new recipe and name for energy bridge, FE producer/consumer, MJ producer/consumer
-disabled IC2 Eu and Rf producers/consumers
-added hints for remaining blocks
-tweaked conversion ratio. 1MJ = 512Rf.
(cobble//Mk1 conduit should carry equivilant to Gtech HV power 512Eu/t)
-new recipes for single block farms and associated circuit based paraphernalia
-new recipes for multifarm blocks
-Added flags to generate Rose/Gold gears
-Added flags to generate Rose/Gold, Brass small gears
-Added flags to generate Aluminium rotor
-balanced glue output from sticky resin
-removed machine casings- unecessary crafting step to make hulls
-new recipes for tanks
-mixer recipes for clays
-advanced circuits gated behind assembly table
-removed tin soldering recipes
-added few extra circuit recipes using BC components
-advanced circuits no longer gated behind assembly table
-added ore tags for basalt, black/red granite, marble cobblestone
Immersive Engineering
-additional recipe for powder barrel
-hidden coords on core samples
-tweaked excavator:
--removed stock deposits for excavator
--added coal, copper, diamond ore deposits to overworld
--added basalt quarry deposits to overworld
--added quartz, sulphur, redstone zinc ore deposits to the Nether
--added Netherrack, Scoria, Nether Beach, Flesh Pit, Boneyard, Nether Fort quarry deposits to the Nether
--added Bismuth, Bauxite, Diamond, Tetrahedrite ore deposits to the Aether
--added Holystone, ferrosite, soils quarry deposits to the Aether
--added Beryllium, Coralium, Magnetite, Manganese, Salts ore deposits to the Abyssal Wasteland
--added Abyssal cobble and sand quarry deposits to the Abyssal Wasteland
--added Rare Earths, Dread Ores, Magnesium, Titanium ore deposits to the Dreadlands
--added Dreaded, Abyssalnite stone, Dreaded dirt quarry deposits to the Dreadlands
--added Platinum, Tungsten, Uranium deposits to The End
--added Xenolith and Obsidian quarry deposits to The End
--added Chrome, Iridium, Neodymium, Uranium ore deposits to Omothol
--added Omothol Stone/Marble/Basalt quarry deposit to Omothol
--added Naquadah and Osmium ore deposit to the Darklands
--added Darkstone quarry deposit to the Darklands
--tweaked excavator deposits to be in every chunk
--buffed excavator dig speed to 9
--increased power consuption to 16kRf/t
--reduced fail chance to 0
--increased yield size by factor of 100
-tweaked LV capicitor into LV terminal block
-tweaked recipe for sample drill
-tweaked infomation about core samples to make it read better (.lang)
-tweaked stock fluid reservoirs
-added lava (infinite), Pyrotheum to the Nether
-added Coralium to the Wasteland
-added Antimatter to the Dreadlands
-fixed treecapitator for rubber wood
-hidden Buildcraft facades from JEI. Seriously- 55 pages of Facades is NOT needed. Ever.
-fixed treecapitator for Natura trees
-added tags to heatsand
-added tags to scoria stone
-Gtech recipes for leaded glass
-frostbound renamed to blue stained
-tweaked recipe sets for decorative stone
-tags for decorative cobble stone
-added tags to crushed obsidian
Thermal Foundation
-Gtech recipes for hardened glass
-fix congealed blood in slimeball ore dict
-fix iron bars requiring steel
-added ore tags to stone slab, sandstone slab, clock, red sand/stone, yellow sand/stone
-tweaked sandstone ore tags
-fixed hopper recipe
-new clock recipe
-removed cobblestone tag from mossy cobble
-tweaked Balloon upgrades
-fixed upgrade names
-engine upgrades and names
-core upgrade and names
-new recipes for all modules, bombs, workbench


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
Alpha 1.21.2 Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Notable Changes;
[hopefully] Fixed Twitch launch being completely useless at the one job its supposed to do
Fixed properties of Manadiamond tools/armour (mining level, durability ect)
Tweaked some materials of Gtech components
Reworked Gtech oil, and biomass processing to integrate with Immersive Engineering/Petroleum.
Added alchemical cracking and de-sulphuring of oils with Thaumcraft
--Alchemical Polymerisation in the Chemical Reactor.
Changed Pyrolyse Oven to have a variable charcoal output based off different types of logs.
--Like with Primal charcoal piles, rarer and more difficult to farm trees have a greater output.
Fixed a bunch of ore-dict issues, fixed Braggite producing Native Uranium Clusters.

Full update
21.0 Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble
-Fixed duplicate ore dicts for log types
-Tweaked Manadiamond tools/armour to have similar stats as diamond
-Added runic alter recipes for Manadiamond armour
-Manadiamond shears recipe requires shears instead of 2 plates
-manuals for excavator, ImPet Distil tower
-changed IV components to use Platinum cable
-changed IV motor to use long magnetic Neodymium rod
-added additional crafting recipe for LV pump to use rubber rings
-added additional crafting recipe for MV motor to use annealed Copper
-fixed LV pump recipe requiring additional screw
-fixed pumps requiring wrong type of screw
-added assembler recipes for Gtech components
-LV Sensor/Emitter can use any type of Quartz
-MV Sensor/Emitter can use any type of Flawless Quartz
-Renamed Distillation Tower to Refinery Tower
-Tweaked a few other names while I was at it
-Added Description for Refinery Tower
-Reworked Crude oil and 2nd oils refinary tower recipes
-Added Bitumen melting and solidifying recipes
-added melting recipes for elemental fluids
-added fluids sulphuric/tar fluid, cracked tar x2, alkenes
-tweaked de-sulphuring recipes
-distillation recipe for bitumin
-tweaked distil recipes for oils/steam/hydro cracked oils to work with ImPet
-changed cracking of individual hydrocarbons to produce cracked gas instead of cracked-hydrocarbons.
-removed distillation recipes for cracked individual hydrocarbons
-removed distillery recipes for cracked individual hydrocarbons
-removed mixer recipes for fuels
-added alchemical recipes to chem reactor for polymerisation
-Added alchemical air processing
-Tweaked Bio Diesel recipes to optionally include Bio-Fuel
-Added plantball recipes to compressor
-Tweaked biofuel distillation recipes.
-Modified Pyro-Oven charcoal recipes to changed depending on wood type
-Added nitrogen recipes for oil and coke in pyro oven.
-Added solidifying recipe for tar
Immersive Engineering
-Added refinery recipes for Diesel, Gasoline, Nitro Diesel, Bio-Fuel
-Added generator fuels to match Gtech fuels
-Renamed Biodiesel to Bio-Fuel
-Added Biomass/Fruit Juice/Seed oil processing to squeezer
-Added Biomass Processing to mixer
-Added Distillation Recipes for Crude oil and 2nd oils, Steam/Hydro Cracked oils, fermented biomass, charcoal byproducts
-Removed stock distillation tower recipe
-added additional recipe for asphelt
-cactus ore dict
-Fixed duplicate ore dicts for log types
-added alchemical cracking and de-sulphuring of oils
-added alchemical air processing
-fixed Braggite producing Uranium native cluster
-automatic filling of essentia phials
Thermal Foundation
-renamed bitumen [clathrate] into tar.

Changelog available in pack download


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
22.0 More Ores, Ore Mores and Morechids- https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2835537
Ore are now generated with the 'Bloodied Orechid'
Which generates different ores depending on which blocks you feed to it.
Also contains small fixes to the ore-dictionary, and a fix to Omothol ore-gen.

This release also has some fixes to the ore-dictionary, and contains a tweak to overground surface ore deposits- you many discover world-seams/discontinuities when exploring Omothol.

22.0 More Ores, Ore Mores and Morechids.
Added Morechids 1.3.0 by Taw_, _ForgeUser21487010, TheDooieBall
Added Resource Loader by 1.5.3 by Lumien231
Updated Gregtech to
-Fix ore dict stones
-Removed recipes for Orechids
-Added ore processing for new Gtech macterials/ores from Orechid development
-Fix basalt and marble ore dicts
-Fixed certian Omothol deposits being super ore dense
-Added Clay Aluminium/Lithium/Silicon/Sodium ores
-Added Obsidian Manganese/Iron/Silicon ores
-Added Glowstone Gold/Redstone ores
-Added Soulsand Coal/Oilsand/Silicon ores
-Added Holystone Silicon ore
-Added Abyssal Iron/Silicon/Silicon Dioxide/Kaolinite ores
-Added Abyssal Sand Banded Iron/Silicon/Glass/Kaolinite/Spessertine ores
-Added Dreadstone Silicon/Calcium/Molybdenum, Potassium, Aluminium, Potassium, Abyssalnite ores
-Added Abyssalnite Silicon, Calcium, Molybdenum/Potassium/Aluminium/Abyssalnite ores
-Added Dreaded Obsidian Silicon/Iron/Titanium/Potassium/Abyssalnite/Magnesium ores.
-Added Dolomite Calcium/Magnesium/Carbon ores
-Added Omothol Calcite/Wollastonite/Silicon Dioxide ores
-Added Omothol Marble Calcite ores
-Added Omothol Basalt Silicon Dioxide/Potassium Feldspar/Biotite
-Added Dreadstone Potassium/Magnesium/Aluiminum/Silcon/Tin/Lead/Silver/Sulphur
60 so far
-Added ore tags for above
-Added Calcium native cluster
-Added Bloodied Orechid
-Added processing for Clay, Obsidian, Basalt, Marble, Red/Black Granite, Netherrack, Endstone, Andesite, Diorite, Pink Granite, Holystone, Glowstone, Abyssal Stone, Abyssal Sand, Dreaded Obsidian, Dolomite, Dreadstone, Omothol Stone/Marble/Basalt, Dreadstone
-Added Recipe for Bloodied Orechid
-Added 'generate ore' to Silicon, Carbon, Calcium, Silicon Dioxide, Kaolinite, Biotite, Potassium Feldspar, Wollastonite materials
-Added Plagioclase, Hornblende, Pink Granite, Holystone Abyssalcraft materials/rocks/CT rocks, Glassy materials
-Basalt ore dict
-Tweaked Clay and Brick dust to give 1 dust per block
-Electrolyzer recipes for andesite, diorite, pink granite
-Centrifuge recipes for glowstone, holystone
-Macerator recipes for various stone dusts
-Ranamed coal to Anthracite
-Fix slag ore dict
Immersive Engineering
-Added ore processing for Orechid fallout
-Fix slag ore dict
-Calcium native cluster processing
-Fix granite, andesite ore dicts
-Calcium native cluster processing
Full changelog in pack download
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Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
23.0 Quantum Leap - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2849639

When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.

Added MoreTweaker by NoeppiNoeppi
Livingwood can be used as treated wood for many, many recipes
Buildcraft MJ system now uses Rf, in multiples of 10,000
Reworked assembly table recipes to account for new power mechanic
Assembly table now assembles Nano and Quantum circuits/components
Cha'rcoal can now be produced in coke/pyro ovens
Mixer recipes for alloy dusts, crafting dusts is now lossy
Added processing recipes for the Railcraft Rolling Machine
Numerous small fixes and tweaks
Added Nuclear Cracking. This is perfectly safe and environmentally conscientious way of manufacturing quantum technology- you have nothing to worry about.

23.0 Quantum Leap
Added MoreTweaker 1.0.3 by noeppinoeppi
Updated CraftTweaker to
Updated MoreTweaker to 1.0.4
Updated NuclearCraft to 2.18l
Updated Unlimited Chisel Works tp 0.3.3
All mods
-Added livingwood counterpart for treatedwood recipes
-Removed duplicate coal coke entries
-Fixed Terrasteel dust missing a "smelting" recipe
-Assembly machine recipe for nano-processor CPU, quantum-processors, quantum core
-Tweaked assembly machines recipes to account for different energy ratio. (1 MJ= 10,000Rf= 2500Eu)
-Tweaked lang file to show MJ as rF (x10kRf)
-Used lang file to move previously changed names of Kinesis Pipe
-Fixed Coal/Coke intermixed chisel groups
-Fixed iron block ore dict
-Added Cracked Eye/Pearl/Star, Quantum Pearl, Quantum Core
Energy Converters
-Changed Buildcraft conversion ratio to 10000rF per MJ
-Added compressor recipe for slag dust/item
-Removed chem reactor recipe for Nano CPU
-Changed quantum items to use cracked varients
-Tweaked Dreadwood to produce Cha'rcoal in pyro oven
-Removed Alloy smelter recipes for steel ingot/block
-Fixed BF requirement for Invar
-Crafting alloys of dusts is now lossy
-Added mixer recipes for alloy dusts
-Added (temp?) recipe for Radon gas
Immersive Engineering
-Removed crusher ore byproduct- produces same ore type instead.
-Tweaked Dreadwood to produce Cha'rcoal in coking oven
-Tweaked coking oven processing for parity with RC
-Added Ender Pearl, Ender Eye, and Nether Star as reactor fuels.
-Fixed Aluminium ingot ore dict
-Disabled water active cooling
-Added Rolling Machine processing for Thick Plates, Conduit, Rings, Rods, Long Rods, Wires
-Tweaked BF recipes to use proper ore-dict output
-Removed processing recipes for crusher- this machine is now fully disabled.
-Renamed Crushed Slag to Crushed Clinker
-Tweaked wooden tie recipes
-Tweaked Dreadwood to produce Cha'rcoal in coking oven
-Tweaked coking oven processing for parity with ImEng
-Fixed Gt axe on taint wood logs
-Fixed invar BF shortcut
Thermal Foundation
-New additional recipe for rockwool

Full changelog in pack download


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
24.0 Loopity Loop - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2859224

This update rearranged a lot of ore byproducts. This might add material shortcuts (byproducts of byproducts) which skip the world/dimension gates. Please let me know if you find any.

Added Rock Crusher Recipes for all ores (Gravel ore + 10% crushed ore)
Added Arc Furnace Recipes for all ores (0-5 Ingots/Dust + 0-6 Lustrous Clinker, always 6 units total)
Tweaked Pure Ores not to produce unique byproducts (still gets a material bonus)
Tweaked byproducts of Mineral Ores- 4th byproduct now obtainable
Industrial Sifter:
-can process gravel ores for all byproducts at a lower overall yield
-can process gemstones for greed (higher yield, broken gemstones)
-can process gemstones for pride (lower yield, quality gemstones)
Ore Washer:
-distilled water recipe now useful (time/power saving)
-added Primal Mana, produces main ore in leu of byproduct
-added Luck, producing a high chance of a full dust
-added Coralium, producing second and third BPs
-added Antimatter, producing main ore and fourth BP
-Added missing ores to Mercury and Sodium Persulphate recipe sets
-Added a Magnetic recipe set
-Added Toxic recipe set
Electromagnetic Seperator
-now outputs a useful amount
-added missing magnetic materials
Extractor- can be used to skip purification steps (no bonus output, fixes ore cleaning in the Steam Age)
Mana Dipping- can be used to skip purification steps (no bonus output)
Buffed output of carbon reduction when using Avogadro's Compound in EBF
Native Clusters
-added missing smelting recipes
-added TC rare earths as Infernal Furnace byproduct
-buffed processing in ImEng machines

Confused? No worries- made a flow chart to help explain things. (see pack description)

24.0 Loopity-Loop
(at least this wasn't the Christmas release, otherwise it'll be named "Array in a Manger")
All mods
-tidied some duplicate ore tags
-rearranged a lot of ore byproducts. This might add material shortcuts (byproducts of byproducts) which skip the world/dimension gates. Please let me know if ou find any.
-created a flow chart of the ore processing chain
-added bitumen, tar, lubricant, antimatter to crystallizer
-added refined antimatter recipe to materializer
-added missing purification set to mana pool dipping
-added missing ores to mana pool dipping
-added recipe for luck
-replaced manual ore-dict with a super efficient script by Nuzzleskatev
-added NuclearCraft blocks to chisel lists
-added lubricant, magnetic, toxic, luck, antimatter, refined antimatter clathrates
Immersive Engineering
-fixed ore block ore tags
-reworked crusher processing to include all ores
-buffed output from crushing native clusters
-added crusher recipe for quicksilver native cluster
-reworked Arc Furnace ore processing, buffed native cluster output
-Fixed pure ores giving byproducts (all machines)
-Fixed mineral ores not having byproducts (all machines)
-Reworked chemical bath ore processing
-Reworked electromagnetic separator ore processing
-Quartz ores gold byproduct in macerator
-Fix glassy ore-glass processes
-Added Magnetic, Toxic, Luck, Distilled Coralium, Refined Antimatter fluids
-Added Magnetic and Toxic chemi-bath sets to ore processing
-Generate Ore for Gallium, Cadmium, Eskolaite, Borax, Barite, Paramontroseite, Caesium, Naquadria, Corrundum, Cadmite, Ratsbane, Lithia, Andradite, all pure oxides, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Quicklime
-Reworked Ore byproucts again
-Condensed main ore processing down to a single file
-Added ore process to extractor. Same as ore wash/centrifuge, with no byproducts. Should fix cleaning ores in steam-age.
-Added Mana, Luck, Distilled Coralium, Refined Antimatter as ore wash fluids
-Changed ore wash, therm/centrifuge to give 1 tiny dust
-Buffed carbon-reduction ore process in EBF
-Added Lustrous Dust, +macerator recipe
-Added recipes for Primal Mana, Distilled Coralium
Modular Machinery
-Refined Industrial Sifter script to use array+loop (gemstones)
-Added gravel ores to Industrial Sifter
-Added addition tiers to Industrial Sifter
-Added overclock bonus to Industrial Sifter output
-Added Greed/Pride processing to gemstones
-Added recipes for Magnetic/Toxic fluids
-Added Rare Earths drop for all clusters
-Added a hint for obtaining rare earths
Thermal Foundation
-fixed ore block ore tags
-fixed ore processing crafting dust recipes. These are getting very annoying
-added remaining native cluster recipes. BF materials smelt to dust

Complete log in pack download.


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
25.1 Now With TriNitroTripling! - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2885040
-Use explosives to drop 3x impure dust from ore blocks

Added ore block transmutation with Abyssalcraft
Added ore block agglomeration with Botania
-The above two combined with the Pure Daisy allows one to transmute most metals.
--Added a documentation chart for the above. Added Abyssalcraft

Ore processing route via crystallizer, materializer, and transmutor
25.0 TriNitroTripling
Added In World Crafting 1.13.0 by IterationFunk
Updated CoFHCore to
All mods
-added tooptips and info to the various explosives available
-fix Redstone/Electrotine/Lapis/Lazurite/Sodalite/Apatite ore block output
-processing for Niobium cluster
-Updated ore processing chart
-Added ore transmutation chart
-Added more info about coking ovens
-Repurposed crystalline/shard Silica, Alumina to Silicon Dioxide, Corundum
-Added Ore processing route through Crystallizer, Materializer, Transmutor
-Added Ore block processing to Transmutor
-added ore block background material transmutation
-added ore upgrade processing to agglomeration
-reworked Pure Daisy ore processing to account for new ores
-fixed pipe crafting recipes
-knocked out fragile fluid shards
-Added Crystalline Shard, Crystalline ore varients, with ore tags
-Added Niobium native cluster
-Added macerator recipes for crystal shards
-Added Quicksilver ore
-Added GENERATE_ORE tags to Cerium
-Streamlined ore processing for background stone varients
-Renamed cell to chemical cell
-removed recipes for fluid pipes
-added conversion for dungeon loot ingots
-disabled explosives
In World Crafting
-Added TriNitroTripling
-disabled manual rolling machine
-reworked Native Cluster creation to account for new ores
-added recipes for Niobium Cluster
-reworked drops from Porous stone
-Added info on Faucet and Casting Channels
-removed smelting of charcoal (AGAIN!!)

Complete log in pack download.


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
26.1 A bit of a doozy!! - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2908164
This update contains significant changes to the overworld surface generation;
--NuclearCraft wasteland biomes will lose their wasteland soils. This will make a complete mess of wasteland biomes. New chunks will have undamaged wastelands.
--Existing rubber trees (IC2) will dissapear, and Gregtech trees will generate in new chunks. This may produce some small lighting glitches that can be fixed with a block update.

When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
This update changes to the mod list- items/blocks from IC2, NuclearCraft, and Thermal Dynamics will be lost!
(Immersivetech stuff will update perfectly fine).

Special thanks to Shattered for digging up more bugs than the NSA. Cheers bud!

Notable changes:
Tweaked early game progression to adjust for no IC2. A Steam or Sterling engine can be directly connected to a Thermionic Fabricator, Metal Press, Rolling Machine, and ULV CEF unit.
Gtech rubber tree enabled
Fixed Gtech regenerating it's ore-gen files. Enjoy your bonus ores and oil.
Updated an absoloute tonne of mods
Added the Shimmering Daisy, and petite variant. Intended as an aide to fight taint- not a permanent containment to it
Tweaked a few things related to taint- it can be fought without a Primal Crusher, but with some difficulty.
Fixed mining levels of Cobalt, Diamond ores
Fixed mining levels of Cobalt tools. Level 3 Woo!!
Added in a large number of material processing recipes

Added Forgelin 1.8.4 by ShadowfactsDev
Added Immersive Posts 0.1.5 by TwistedGate
Added Immersive Technology 1.4.22 by tgstyle0 and Kurtchekov
Added Interactions 1.8.0 by TimInc
Added Logistics Pipes by mc_rs485 et al
Added Not Enough IDs by fewizz_ et al
Added Whoops 1.0.1 by Noobanidus
Replaced NuclearCraft with NuclearCraft Overhauled 2o.1.0-1.12.2
Updated AbyssalCraft to 1.9.16
Updated Aether II to 0.2.7+build218-universal
Updated Aether II to 0.2.7+build224-universal
Updated Aroma1997Core to
Updated Athenaeum to 1.17.4
Updated AutoRegLib to 1.3-32
Updated BASE to 3.13.0
Updated Biomes-o-Plenty to
Updated Botania to r1.10-363
Updated BotaniaTweaks to 1.8.6
Updated Buildcraft to
Updated Buildcraft to
Updated CEU to
Updated Chisel to
Updated CoFHWorld to
Updated CraftTweaker to 4.1.20
Updated CTM to
Updated Dropt to 1.16.1
Updated Dropt to 1.17.0
Updated Energy Converters to
Updated Farseek to 2.4
Updated Farseek to 2.5
Updated FastWorkbench to 1.7.3
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.47
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.49
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.50
Updated JEI to
Updated Forestry to
Updated Gregtech to
Updated Mantle to
Updated Modtweaker to 4.0.17
Updated Modtweaker to 4.0.18
Updated Modular Machinery to 1.11.1
Updated MoreTweaker to 1.0.11
Updated MTLib to 3.0.6
Updated Primalcore to 0.6.105
Updated Quark to 1.6-177
Updated Quark to 1.6-178
Updated Reborn Core to
Updated Redstone Flux to
Updated Streams to 0.4.8
Updated Tellme to 0.7.0-dev.20190610.165828
Updated ThaumicJEI to 1.6.0-27
Updated ThermalFoundation to
Updated Tinkers Construct to
Updated Tinkers Construct to
Updated Unlimited Chisel Works to 0.3.4
Updated WanionLib to 2.4
Updated Worley's Caves to 1.5.1
Removed Immersivetech (this was replaced with Immersive Technology)
Removed IC2 expirimental
Removed TATW
Removed Thermal Dynamics (replaced with Logistics Pipes)
All mods
-unified dyes to 1 of each item
-tweaked many things to adjust for losing IC2
-Added Gtech recipes for petals, petal blocks, floral powders, floral fertalizer
-Added ore tags to petal blocks, floral powders
-Tweaked recipe for floral fertalizer
-Added pure daisy processing for rock/wool, glass, clay, concrete
-Added mana dip processes to igneous rocks
-Removed stupid recipes from mana dipping
-Added hints for filling the apothecery.
-fixed missing recipe for wooden tool rod
-added Cobalt, Cobaltic, Cobaltite ore since Gtech does stuff in a stupid way I can't fix
-removed or redrawn stuff that used IC2 texures
-removed some useless items
-added sheetmetal block/item Chrome, Darmstadtium, Iridium, Osmium, StainlessSteel, Titanium, TungstenSteel, with ore tags and recycling recipes
-fix Gtech hammer in mold hammering recipes
Immersive Engineering
-removed a bunch of stupid from the crusher
-fixed a few things
-added processing recipes for cobbleworks, worldgen stones
-tweaked names/recipes for cable terminal/insulators
Immersive Posts
-removed duplicate materials
-tweaked crafting recipes
-added Railcraft processing recipes
-added Gregtech assembling recipes
-Reworked Cupronickel as Constantan
-Added Uranium rods
-Fix chemical cell naming
-Added dye processing to extractor, mixer
-Fixed Gtech regenerating its oregen files
-Tweaked rubber trees to be THE early source of rubber
-added compressor recipes for bee comb blocks
-added pyro oven processing for coal lumps
-fixed pyro oven nitrogen being less efficient
-added recycling recipe for heating elements
-changed magnetic iron rod to ULV voltage
-reworked biogas engine as steam engine
-reworked peat engine as sterling engine
-added more efficient recipes for metal electron tubes
-disabled squeezer
Immersive Engineering
-Tweeaked recipes for metal fences
-Added Assembly Machine recipes for fences
Immersive Posts
-Tweaked recipes for metal fences
-Removed duplicate materials
-Added Assembly Machine recipes for fences
-Added ability to harvest taint plants with a grafter
-Added Shimmering Daisy
-Added Petite Shimmering Daisy
-Shimmering Daisies are useful aids to fight taint, not permanant solutions to containing it!
-reduced output of infinite water source to match RC water sidings.
-tweaked recipe of above to match water siding tech level.
-tweaked name a little
-removed recipe processes from Gtech machines
-Removed recipes for duplicate materials
-tweaked mining levels of dark ores
-tweaked properties of taint blocks, makes fighting the stuff possible- but also a little trickier
-set void metal tools to mining level 4]
-set primal crusher to mining level 6, buffed dig speed significantly
-tweaked melting/alloying for constantan/cupronickel
-tweaked crafting/rolling/assembly recipes for iron bars
-removed ore dict on certain dyes
-tweaked dye mixing in the crafting table, added recipe for brown dye
-added recipe tool rod back to stick
-tweaked mining levels of diamond and iron ores
-tweaked light levels of torch, netherrack
-fixed block of Anthracite name
Complete log in pack download.


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
27.0 So I finally added a Questmod even though this isn't a questpack - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2915785

Warning: When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
Warning: Contains changes to overground surface generation. Primal mud and BoP quicksand no longer generate. There may be small seams in the surface.

Added Questing.
The quest system is intended as lightweight guide through the pack, showing what to aim for next should you feel stuck.
Note: This is not a questing pack, there are no hand ins or payouts, and the system should passively update itself as you progress (meaning if you get stuck at a later point, you don't have to go back and do a bunch of early stuff first before getting the help you need).

Added Bottled Milk - you can now milk cows with a bottle instead of a bucket.
New recipe for the Aether portal block
Extractor can process flint and gemstones (steam age)
Reworked cutting machine- no more cheesing it with water.
Buffed Cracker Unit and Refinery Tower recipes.
Removed easy plastic recipe from Chem Reactor
Added new recipe set to the ImEng Fermenter
NuclearCraft enabled hardcore containers. Probably nothing to worry about.
Fixed log punching, and other early game stuff
Railcraft rolling machine is now the MetalWorker
Cleared out recipes for TiCon casts, since those aren't in use and it isn't fair to look at recipes you can't use
A whole tonne of various material processing tweaks and minor fixes (see below).

27.0 So I finally added a Questmod even though this isn't a questpack
Warning: When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
Warning: Contains changes to overground surface generation. Primal mud and BoP quicksand no longer generate. There may be small seams in the surface.
Added Bottled Milk 1.1.0 by FerretTomato
Added ItemFilters by LatvianModder et al
Added FTB Lib by LatvianModder et al
Added FTB Quests by LatvianModder et al
Updated Aroma1997Core to
Updated Buildcraft to (switched to BC modules)
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.52
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.53
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.54
Updated MoreTweaker to 1.0.12
Updated NuclearCraft to 2o.1.1-1.12.2
Updated ViesCraft to
-new recipe for portal block (now requires Thaumcraft or Botania)
t-added ore tags for planks/slabs
-fix plank crafting
-tweaked wild barley to wild wheat, and the drops from it
t-added ore tags for planks/slabs
-disabled quicksand generation
t-fixed duplicate mud
-fixed Lexicon recipe clash with Forestry book
-added flesh purification
Bottled Milk
-Added hint for milking cows
-Added ore tags
-removed bucket crafting recipe
-Added hint for tanks
-fixed laser conduit mk2 name
-removed Coal survival deposit
-changed metal press tool:cutter to Guillotine
-added Shredded Biomass (replace IC2 biochaff)
Energy Converters
-fixed naming and recipes
t-added ore tags for planks/slabs
FTB Quests
-Added quests for the pack
-Added hint for tanks
-Fixed MV/HV motor recipes
-Removed Forge Hammer, hard hammer small gear recipes
-Tweaked choc. coin recipe
-added gold and rose gold ring
-added gemstone extraction to extractor
-added flint extraction to extractor
-added gravel processing to sifter
-tweaked cutting saw processing
--metals/minerals now only use lubricant
--stone/rocks now only use water
--wood/plastic use compressed air
--added missing recipes, culled stupid recipes
-fix constantan-cupronickel ore dicting
-tweaked recipe for Cracker Unit, Refinery Tower
-tidied EBF ingot processing
-fixed casing assembler recipes
-removed heavy oil from pyro oven
-removed tools-in-crafting grid stupidity
-removed easy plastic chem reactor recipe
Immersive Engineering
-reworked processing recipes for fermenter
-new recipe set for insulators
-changed recipe for insulating glass
-buffed fluid pipe recipe
-added ore tags for planks/slabs
-enabled hardcore containers. Probably nothing to worry about.
-re-enabled log punching
-reduced drop from charcoal piles
-disabled mud patches from worldgen
-fixed rubber wood log stack recipe
-fixed duplicate mud, added as chisel group
-cleared out a lot of tool-in-grid annoyence
-fix buttons
-added ore tags for planks/slabs
-tweaked iron ladder
-Added hint for tanks, magnifing glass
-Added Bolt cutting to Rolling Machine
-renamed Rolling Machine as Metalworker
-removed stupids from Metalworker
-tweaked recipes for metal fence, rails
-made Metalworker and Charge Driver slightly more expensive.
-removed batteries ect
-tweaked electric loco recipe to fit above
-added ore tags for planks/slabs
-Fix small gear mold casting
-Removed ore tags from TiCon casts
-Removed uses from TiCon casts
-added a few missing small gear casts
-fix stick crafting
-fix wood/stone tool crafting
-tweaked cake to use milk bottles
-reduced flint drop from gravel poking
-nerfed stone axe attack damage
Full log in the pack download


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
1.28.1 Tornado Warning! - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2928140
Added Weather2 mod. Makes the world a lot more dangerous.
Don't panic- its only a danger to players, animals, monsters ect... The storms won't trash your world.

Added Better Builders Wands and Building Gadgets
New recipe for Avogadro's Compound
Added cobbleworks and metalworks processing to Thaumcraft
Pyrotheum Dust can melt blocks in world. (cough cough Infernal Furnace lava block)
Petrotheum, Aerotheum, Cryotheum dusts can also be used in world. Open to more suggestions
Added new electrodes for the ImEng Arc Furnace
Added mod support to FMP. Will take requests for any missing mod blocks.
Added Rf and Eu 'lore' quests to Electrical Tinkering
Added optional weather warning quests to the Surviving the Night chapter

Detailed log in the spoiler below
28.0 Tornado Warning
Added Better Builders Wands by Portablejim
Added Building Gadgets 2.8.2 by DireWolf20 and Error_MiKeY
Added CoroUtil 1.2.37 by Corosus
Added Weather2 2.6.12 by Corosus
Updated AbyssalCraft to 1.9.18
Updated AbyssalCraft Integration to 1.10.0
Updated Chisel to
Updated CoFHCore to
Updated CoFHWorld to
Updated CTM to
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.56
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.58
Updated Logistics Pipes to
Updated NuclearCraft to 2o.1.2-1.12.2
Updated Quark to r1.6-179
Updated Reborn Core to
Updated Redstone Flux to
Updated ThermalFoundation to
Updated ThermalFoundation to
Updated ThermalFoundation to
-switched ImEng and Gtech steel blocks. Should fix issues with ImEng Multiblocks
-tweaked Transmutor and Crystallizer fuels
-tweaked Crystallizer, Materializer, Transmutor (fixes ore feedback loops)
-fix copper ore duplicate ore dict
-enabled aerwhale riding
-tweaked wand recipes
-changed names to Novice, Apprentice, Master, Artisan wands
-fixed duplicate ore dicts
-fixed wood slab ore dicts
Building Gadgets
-new recipes for everything
-fixed broken crafting w/ Gtech tools recipes
-fixed Abyssal Spodumene and Darkstone Skaergaardite textures
-added a Coilpack item
-nerfed saw durability
-temporarily enabled all microparts in JEI
-added mod support for more microparts
-added missing vanilla microparts
-Well I can't think of a "micropart" joke to go here ;)
-fixed broken EBF recipe
-fixed ImEng insulator lathing
-started rock slab cutting in cutting machine
-added Tungsten ring
-fixed material solidifying
-changed glue extraction from rubber to leather
-added wood processing to extruder
-fix stone/redstone plate compressor recipes
-tweaked steel block processing to ImEng block
Immersive Engineering
-added info about terminals and insulators
-recipes and hints for terminal blocks
-tweaks to windmill and waterwheel recipes
-fixed Gadolinite ore arc furnace recipe
-added new electrodes for the Arc Furnace
Immersive Technology
-removed salt from ore dict
-added ability for Pyrotheum Dust to melt blocks
-added ability for Aerotheum Dust to erode blocks
-added ability for Petrotheum Dust to crumble blocks
In World Crafting
-added ability for Cryotheum Dust to freeze blocks
-tidied tanks, cells ect...
-disabled blaze hopper
-cleared out pyro/petro dust crafting recipe crap
-metalworker recipes for mixed metal ingot, iridium alloy ingot
-added cobbleworks processing
-added metalworks processing (Steel, Invar, Damascus)
-remove crystal oredicts for Redstone/Glowstone/Ender clathrates, clashes with AbyssalCraft
-added hint for elemental dust interactions
-new recipe for Avogadro's Compound
-disabled wooden hopper
-what? you thought it'll slip through? Bwh-ha-ha-ha-hahahahahahahahaha!! Thats cute!
-tweak/fix paper recipes
-reduced tornado damage down to a handful of player-placed blocks
-reduced tornado accuracy
-new recipes for weather blocks

Full log in the pack download


Well-Known Member
Sep 23, 2014
I haven't tried this yet, but I have played with tornados in the past (Atonement modpack). Are you sure you want to go with it? It makes things impossible to build on the surface, and the areas around you become a crappy wasteland pretty fast.


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
I haven't tried this yet, but I have played with tornados in the past (Atonement modpack). Are you sure you want to go with it? It makes things impossible to build on the surface, and the areas around you become a crappy wasteland pretty fast.

I've played with tornadoes before, and seen the damage they cause. I've changed tornado damage to a short whitelist of player created blocks so they won't trash your world, or pull your base apart.
(They can uproot crops, pull torches off the walls and blow out portals- however all the building blocks are tornado proof, and worldgen outside of villages should fully recover).
Feel free to run a testworld if you like; /weather2 storm create f1 should spawn an F1 tornado at your location.


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
28.2b Tornado Warning! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2928710
'B' Release to fix Gtech regenerating its worldgen files.
Possibly the most annoying issue to date, hopefully its FINALLY put to bed.

Tweaked tornadoes to ignore redstone torches.
Tweaked tornadoes to pick up wooden ladders and signs.
(Primal wooden ladders are still safe as they're a free-standing solid block)


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
1.29.0 The Frangible Update! - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2951284

When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
WARNING: This will *poof* all the current crystal/shard ore items,and petrochem/alchemical clathrates.

This puts the last of the ore-processing stages into place. Final multipliers/yields are subject to feedback, but expect in excess of a 20-30x yield if my maths is correct!
Added Frangible Ores!
-Frangible ores can be exploded for a 6x yield (4x ores, +2x byproducts)
Added the Industrial Grinder!
-Processes ore blocks for 4-5.5x ores and Bps, depending on the crushing fluid used.
TriNitroTripling, Arc Furnace, Industrial Sifter, Forge Hammer, and Macerator now have correct yields for high yield ores such as Lapis and Redstone.
Added Tectonic Petrotheum recipes to Ore Washer
Added recipes for Flawless and Exqisite gemstones to the Materialiser.
Added missing tool heads (constantan, copper, electrum, gold, lead, nickel, silver, platinum, tin)
-fixed TFo tool crafting
-changed 3x3 digging tools to require Stainless Steel instead of Titanium
Thats it and I'm knackered; the above was a bit of a rewrite of stuff under the hood, and the scripts involved were a pretty steep learning curve.

Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.59
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.60
Updated Logistics Pipes to
Updated NuclearCraft to 2o.2.6-1.12.2
-Materializer can produce Flawless and Exquisite gemstone during ore processing
-added missing tool heads (constantan, copper, electrum, gold, lead, nickel, silver, platinum, tin)
-changed clathrates to use material generator.
-added Frangible Ores
--high yield when destroyed with explosives
--you get nothing with a pickaxe
--added quest, hint and recipes for above.
-reworked crystal ores/shards to use the material builder. Textures are a lot less washed out.
-Added missing crystal shards
-fixed cast copper hammer heads
-fixed hammer head mold name
-fixed recipes for empty gearboxes
-optomised ore processing script
-macerator now has correct yield for high-yield ores
-added Tectonic Petrotheum to Ore Washer.
-added crushed centrifuged ores to Electromag Seperator
-removed hammer in crafting grid ore processing
-added Taint as alchemical fluid
Immersive Engineering
-Arc Furnace now has correct yield for high-yield ores
In World Crafting
-Explosives now have correct yield for high-yield ores
Modular Machinery
-industrial sifter now has correct yield for high-yield ores
-fixed broken recipes for Vanillaesque tools
-added recipe for horse armour and fishing rods
-changed 3x3 digging tools to require stainless steel instead of titanium
-added saddle to ore dict.

Full log in the pack download.


Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
1.30.0 Pressing the Nuclear Button - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/2973750
When opening an existing world with this update- you'll get a warning about missing blocks/items. This message can be safely ignored.
WARNING: This will *poof* all the current crystal/shard ore items, petrochem/alchemical clathrates, some nuclearcraft machines, and a few wierd GT ore indicators that aren't in use here.

-Gregified NC machines, components ect, removed duplicate machines
-Removed 'free stuff' machines
-Rebranded some old machines; assembly machine to Fuel Packager , fluid extractor to Molten Fuel Crucible, salt mixer to Molten Fuel Blending Plant, centrifuge to Molten Fuel Reprocessor, and ingot former to Molten Isotope Casting Unit.
-Nuclear fuel pellets are now made in the 'Fuel Packager'
-Moved isotope preparation to Gtech machines (typically requires EV tier machines)
-Moved non-nuclear materials processing to Gtech machines.
-Streamlined Nuclear fuel processing a little, fuel processing is typically handled in NC machines.
(this opens up the way for magical enhanced fuels and processing)
-Redesigned NC armours
-added NC related materials (non nuclear) to Gtech and ContentTweaker

-Rebranded FTB Quests as a Guide, added a few more info entries, added cyptic hints for ore deposit locations.
- fixed an absolute tonne of bugs, exploits and issues. A special thank you to Shattered for digging up the lions share of the issues.
-added some QoL mods as suggested by the Reddit Community. Thanks guys.

-made a few tweaks to oregen to makes things a little easier/more user friendly;
-increased number of Diamond veins in each deposit
-increased Coal generation, added surface trace
-increased Tetrahedrite, Bismuth, and Salts generation
-tweaked Molybdenum generation
Normally I'd say full log below, but my laptop scrambled it, so its most of a log. Some changes may be unaccounted for (more than usual anyway).

Added Controlling 3.0.9 by JaradIII08
Added CraftingTweaks 8.1.9 BlayTheNinth
Added InventoryTweaks 1.63 by JimeoWan
Added More Overlays 1.15.1 by FeldiM245
Added Realistic Item Drops 1.2.14 by Funwayguy
Added The One Probe 1.4.28 by McJTY
Added TOP Addons 1.13.0 by DrManganese
Updated AbyssalCraft to
Updated AbyssalCraft Integration to 1.11.2
Updated AetherII to 0.3.0+build411-universal
Updated Athenaeum to 1.18.1
Updated Gregtech to
Updated Logistics Pipes to
Updated Immersive Technology to 1.7.61
Updated NuclearCraft to 2o.2.7-1.12.2
All Mods
-added processing recipes for rich Diamond, Lapis ores
-fixed a bunch of broken ore dicts
-Enabled TC warp wuss mode
-Coralium ore now generates in a single massive lump instead of everywhere
-disabled coralium converting fluids outside the wasteland. Too destructive for a simple accident/grief
Aether II
-enabled weather effects in the Aether, just clouds and effects so no storms here.
-fixed an embarassing screw up with crafting recipes
-fixed diamond ore generation
-buffed coal generation, now has surface trace
-buffed and fixed redstone generation
-tweaked Tetrahedrite, Bismuth, Salts, Molybdenum, Magnesium
-added a bunch of NC related items
-fixed broken ore dict entries
-added quartz tool heads
-Changed trees not to generate in abyssal dimensions
FTB Quests
-rebranded as guide
-added hints for ore-gen locations
-added few infomational quests
-fixed machine parts quest requiring a motor
-fixed starting quests not appearing front and centre
-tweaked a few quests/dependancies for easier reading
-added a dirty dirty secret for dirty dirty cheats
-processing for nuclear isotopes
-processing for non-nuclear NC materials
-fixed a bunch of processing recipes
-dark ash contains clinker instead of carbon
-fixed and tidied stuff
-cleared out file recipes
Immersive Engineering
-added nugget-ingot smelting in alloy kiln
-fixed revolver recipe
-tidied a lot of disabled items
-hidden ore byproduct tab since its inaccurate
-disabled the light level overlay
-removed duplicate machines and components
-redesigned a few machines;
-new recipes for machines
-new recipes for reactor and turbines components
-tweaked fuel processing line a little
Realistic Item Drops
-enabled auto pickup
-removed easy clinker smelting
-fixed graphite-coal smelting loop
-added aluminium melting since this randomly went missing
-new recipes for probe
-new recipes for goggles
-disabled note
-dupe bug with smelting ingots
t-tweaked fuel recipe
-tweaked render settings a little; should run better

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Too Much Free Time
Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
BS&G 1.31.4 - The Thaumonuclear Update! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blood-sweat-and-gears/files/3092324

This update will throw a message about missing blocks/items. This can be safely ignored.
Updated Forge to
A special thank you to QuantumTraverse for helping with the Nuclearcraft fuel calculations and coefficients.
Added the Naquadah fuel chain;
- Naquadah (Nq)
- Ceresium (Cc)
- Jupiteriun (Jt)
- Saturnium (Sa)
- McRavium (Jm) - in honour of Jason McRay (Infitech 2 fame)
- Ecobronium (Ec) - in honour of Econbrony (Infitech 2 FTN edition fame)
- Pyurium (Py) - in honour of Pyure (Infitech 3 fame)
- Vyrallium (Vy) - in honour of Vyraal1 (FTB:I fame)
-- Naquadah fuels closely mimic the standard Nuclearcraft fuels, except it starts with the safest fuel (LENq314) running as hot as the hottest Californium fuel (HECf249).
Added magically enhanced nuclear fuel types; BoC, TNS, and Lc'T
- These are upgrades to the Nitride, Oxide, and Zirconium-Alloy fuel types
- This allows for significantly less radiation, reducing the chance of meltdown, or squeezing every last drop of power out of the fuel.
Added in the Uranium processing chain to extract U235 and U238.
Tweaked the Thorium processing chain a little.
Created a guide for Uranium and Thorium processing - https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/703311018297786532/769866044558147594/unknown.png?width=1170&height=658
Added in the Naquadah processing chain to extract Nq314 and Nq319
Created a guide for Naquadah processing - https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/703311018297786532/739809054217601027/unknown.png?width=1170&height=658
Added nuclear processing to Abyssalcraft, Botania, and Thaumcraft
Enabled radiation and gave everything else a delicious and healthy green glow
-Fixed multiblock descriptions hiding the multiblock preview. Descriptions now have their own JEI tab.
-Tweaked the Electric Locomotive into the 'Redstone Locomotive'
--This now runs off a Redstone signal (same running cost as powered rails)
--(as a side effect, the Metalworker now runs for free too!)
-Added recipes for the Perpetuum Locomotive
by request Added Antique Atlas to serve as a minimap mod
Updated a lot of mods- this probably broke some stuff that I haven't yet found.
Full release notes in the spoiler on Curseforge
Full log in the pack download