[1.10][curse]Out to Get You[pve][light][beta]updated Dec 4th 2016


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Jul 29, 2019
Just released a new mopack on curseforge. Do note it is in the early development stage. Saves are unlikely to be compatible between versions.

the aim of this modpack is to increase the player vs enemy experience. I never really felt there was enough battle going on. I made this pack to fix that. I will likely need to alter it drastically as time goes on as I am aiming at a player vs environment pack. Not a kick my face into the ground until I beg for mercy pack(I think I am getting closer to a "I chose to die that way" feeling). This pack is meant to be played in hard mode with mob griefing, and fire tick off(new worlds will default to these settings). Though how you play the pack or the changes you make to it are ultimately up to you(please no support requests if you modified the pack in any way). If you want a extra challenge turn off mob griefing, firetick, daylight cycle, and set the time to midnight.

Mods were mostly chosen based on whether they gave more to fight or gave something to fight back with. I have a google document to track the current mods and changes. Their are not very many mods. I am open to suggestions for mods to change and edits to be made to the configuration of the pack.

I would appreciate very much a link to your accomplishments in this pack. I know what I have done in it. I don't know what you have done in it though.
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Jul 29, 2019
Latest Update: December 4st , 2016
removed "Lycanite's Mobs Complete". It was entertaining. I think it might have been countering the intent of the pack as much as forwarding it.
changed the configs so that hoes only broke one block. may undo that now, not for sure. Most did it(now that i remember)as some of Lycanite's mobs spawned if the wrong tool was used to do something. Such as not using a hoe to harvest crops.
cyberware augments now drop on death. I read it was an issue to keep them on death and don't want them to have to be re-crafted every time, where possible.
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Jul 29, 2019
Mod list?
I've been keeping the full modlist on the google document. Figured the less number of places I have to copy past data the less likely I am to forget one.

currently the modlist might be (curse actually does a much better job of listing them on a part of my project page. I try to keep a accurate list. Not for sure it is though):
Apple Skin
Aroma Backup
Aroma Core
Auto Reg Lib
Better Achievements
Blood Magic
Chisel and Bits
Chisel and Bytes
Chunk Indicators
Death Counter
Default World Generator (port)
Doom-like Dungeons
Ender Zoo
Flat Colored Blocks
Global Game Rules
Guide API
ichun Util
Immersive Engineering
Infernal Mobs
Iron Bakcpacks
Iron Chests
JEI bees
Just Enough Resources
Klee Slaps
LL Overlay Reloaded
mcjity lib
More Default Options
Nether Portal Fix
Realistic Terrain Generation
RFtools: Control
Rough Mobs
Special AI
Steve Carts
The One Probe
Tomb Many Graves
Underp Hangables