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Open Server 1.1.2 | 20 TPS ||- Broventuretime Ultimate!!! -|| Anarchy + Raiding Ages | No-Grief Ages | Patched

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Malice, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Malice

    Malice New Member



    It's time to stop with the puns and introduce the server.

    Broventuretime Ultimate aims to be a place where players can enjoy the very challenging and creative mod FTB Ultimate, in a lag free and balanced environment Players are encouraged to start up communities and work on group projects. Broventuretime also aims to be a server that is themed on making friends and having fun. We really hope you'll enjoy your stay, and look forward to seeing you around.

    If you ever find yourself in need, Contact any of these users on the server. These users will be happy to assist you in any issues or questions that you may have.

    Malice - Project lead on SoulZoneNetwork Projects; Lives in a Basement, Good with Whips

    It_is_Coming - Lead Map Design; Will kick your ass in Starcraft 2, Gets stuff done

    Kyctarniq - Texture Pack Artist; Also assists with schooling everyone on the Team, specialty Religion

    BackPackBack - Voxel Box Member, Builds stuff for us; Will flip out if everything isn't perfect, Disowned SZN 3 times

    A4E - Dependable Builder; Also known as Gruffman, Battles deadly Spiders everyday

    DeathByPenguin - Webmaster and Graphics; Knows poop, has super procrastination abilities

    Dmillerw - Mod Developer/Plugin Dev; Has ability to tick off Eloraam's Lackeys, Was too good for ChemCraft

    Psherman1 - Lead Build Designer; Doesn't like Sandwiches that look like err.. things. Hiding.


    1. Have Manners when addressing the Server
    We've spent alot of time and effort and Money to set this server up. It's totally free for everyone to use, and all core features are intact for all the players. We do not appreciate any trash talking or disrespect to our server. If you have a problem with the way we operate and run this server, we ask you to leave. Or better yet, instead of complaining/dissing the server, you can turn it into constructive feed-back. When giving constructive feed-back, you let us know of any major problems that your having, and give us a gateway to improve these areas. Otherwise, if you have a problem, please leave.

    2. Respect each other
    Broventuretime aims to be a chillout server, where people can meet another and start up groups and make friends. We simply ask our players to be mature and interact with each other with consideration to each other's feelings. In other words, please keep insulting, name calling, and anything that can be interpretted as "Disrespect" to the bare minimum.
    Punishment: Mute

    3. Bug Reporting
    FTB ultimate is fairly new, and alot of mods are incomplete, there will be times where you will find a bug. We ask that you immediately report these bugs so we can in turn bring it to the Modder's attention and attempt to fix the issue. If caught abusing bugs, which include but not limited to: Duplications, Protection bypasses, or any exploit that furthers your position, you will be banned.
    Punishment: Ban

    3. Advertising
    Any server advertising is not allowed. It is very rude, and disrespectful to our server. With that being said, things like sharing links to other players is totally allowed.
    Punishment: Ban/Mute depending on situation

    4. Griefing is allowed
    So pretty much, there are tons of ways to protect yourself and your things. We even added extra ways to keep yourself and your items safe. Raiding is allowed. Looting is allowed. Griefing (Destroying other's builds) is allowed.

    By stepping off the platform at spawn you agree to follow our rules. Supporters are not immune to these rules (Sorry fellas, we have to keep it fair)
  2. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Server ram boosted by 1 gb.
  3. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    If you're going to have the server open have and have no rules on nether pumping I would suggest changing the CodeChickenCore config to change lava to have a more water like flow. It'll ease the stress on the server a good bit if someone nether pumps.
  4. Technician

    Technician New Member

    What Hoffling sayz
  5. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I will make that change. We've been having lag issues, and we're running on a 6gb Machine. 10-15 Players, and the server TPS is at 10. Trying to figure out which mods and plugins are causing this issue.
  6. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    If people are using a lot of RedPower it'll lag. Tell people to use jacketed cabled as soon as possible and it'll help a lot with not having block updates.
  7. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Thanks for your advice. I will make sure all of the users know this. Though server performance is still a nightmare.
  8. notawallplan

    notawallplan New Member

    Destroyed world, needs fixin DO NOT JOIN YET
  9. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Server has been relaunched, improved with alot of major fixes. Thanks to Nexusrightsi for stepping up and patching alot of the mods. Also, to owner of Bedcraft , Darkdeath1332.
  10. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Forgot about GraviGuns, will be fixed within a few hours. Temp Greylisted.
  11. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Fixed Portal guns, added to whitelist however, since they are capable of causing grief in the wilderness.
  12. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Fixed Safari ball griefing, item is not banned or grey listed.
  13. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Removed Portal gun's ability to grab blocks in overworld. Removed from Grey-list.

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