Open 1.1.0: Bucket trophies spawning like crazy

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Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
Bucket trophies are spawning out of nowhere like crazy! At first it was very random, but as shown in the supplied video, they just spawn every few seconds. None of the machines are handling buckets in any way. They say they are cheat spawned.


(my upload speed is awful so may not be live yet)

Mod & Version: log:

Can it be repeated:
Will rebuild the exact same setup in another world and update

UPDATE: Does not seem to be happening after 15 mins.

Known Fix:
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Jul 29, 2019
same thing just started happening on my server thy keep popping up at spawn


Same on my server, it happened since 1.0.4 (not checked before). It seem to be related to the formation plane i'm using for cakes.

Vacuum chest with filter, transfer node and trash can as a quick fix...
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This has recently started happening to me with the ic2 wrench trophy. Wasnt really sure what was causing it until I added the bucket recipe to my ae2 autocrafting and started getting the bucket trophy as well. I went to my terminal and removed the plutonium and bucket patterns and they stopped spawning immediately. When I put them back it the spawning returned. I tried moving the world spawn 2k blocks away but they kept spawning right at x=0 z=0 where my origin spawn platform was.


I ran in to this issue today when trying to make cake for the Botania flower Kekimurus using a formation plane. I tried many different things but in the end i managed to work around it. The basic issue is that you can't use a formation plane that places something newly crafted containging buckets. In my case milk buckets was part of the recipe. I worked around this by making my cake in a Cyclic Assembler where the milk was pumped in using pipes. I then added an export bus for sugar, wheat & eggs and a storage bus. Now i always have 16 cake in my AE network and the formation planes work again.

Hope someone can use this, i am a bit late to the FTB IE:S modpack