Open 1.0.4: Rock Hive missing recipe

Discussion in 'Infinity Evolved Skyblock 1.7.10' started by Xavion, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Xavion

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    1.0.4 - Still in 1.1

    What is the bug:
    All the hives have a method of crafting them specifically using either TE machines or TC crafting with a scented hive except for Rock Hives.

    Mod & Version: log:

    Can it be repeated:

    Known Fix:
    Add a recipe for rock hives, recommended based off the pattern is a scented hive, 10kRF and 8000mB of seared stone in a fluid transposer as the other extra bees hives require that just with different fluids. Try and get an actual line for a script here within a few hours.

    mods.thermalexpansion.Transposer.addFillRecipe(10000, <exnihilo:bee_trap_treated>, <ExtraBees:hive:1>, <liquid:stone.seared> * 8000);
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  3. Xavion

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    Ex Astris currently adds crafting methods for all of the hives except for Rock Hives, this leads to the bizarre case where it's the only hive you have to use that method for which is why I'm reporting it as a bug here as it can be fixed here because for whatever reason Ex Astris didn't do the recipe. Plus as mentioned there it makes Rock Hives currently totally unobtainable.

    So yeah, that's the Ex Nihilo way but but the Ex Astris way should be supported too.
  4. ettore85a

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    sorry my ignorance...

    Where is the txtScript in the minecraft's files for add this line?

  5. Xavion

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    It's a .zs file, any of them should work as long as they're in the scripts folder inside your minecraft folder.
  6. Booker The Geek

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    @tfox83 is this intended to work this way? I'll add it to the script Fixs if it is.
  7. Xavion

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    In Ex Astris they use that recipe but it's commented out, I have no idea why, maybe they had issues with the API at the time? It does leave rocky hives without a recipe though, it's actually where I got the idea for that specific recipe as I found that while investigating how to get them with it.

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