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    What is the bug:
    I cant for the life of me, seem to get cauldron working properly with this modpack. First came the issues with AE2, then CoFH, now the world doesn't load up properly and makes the server crash.

    Console Spam for SERVER_ABOUT_TO_START (Errors)

    Currently I am using Cauldron 1.1272.06.215, I tried 1.1207.01.198 (Which there are lots of mirrors for) as well. With 1.1207, AE2 and CoFH would not load properly. AE2 because of incompatible forge version, and CoFH I don't remember exactly.

    Entire Console Log (Has Errors all Throughout It)

    If anyone has a WORKING version of cauldron that seems to hit sweet spot for this modpack, please inform me on where the mirror is. I am at a stand still with this, and I am wanting to really get a working server with plugins.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thankyou


    Found how to fix this, remove NotEnoughResources and your good. One other thing, if you disable Mystcraft server sided, there is a good chance that the client will crash trying to connect to the server. I resolved this by keeping mystcraft loaded into the server, then using a item restriction plugin to disable usage of any mystcraft related items. (this could also be done via mystcraft config).

    I made a tut on how to get it working as well, enjoy.

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    We do not support cauldron, sorry.
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