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  1. Pancake Riots

    Pancake Riots New Member


    What is the bug:
    The mana spreader will shoot a mana burst into the mana pool (set to accepting mana from other items) yet the mana pool doesn't fill up

    Mod & Version:

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:

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  2. Jakalth

    Jakalth New Member

    It needs to be noted that a single mana burst will not be enough to change the indicated level of mana in a mana pool. Even several bursts will not show a change in the pools level due to just how much mana a pool can actually hold, and how small of an amount of mana is actually sent out in a mana burst, in comparison.

    I am also guessing you are talking about the full mana pool, not the diluted mana pool?

    Also, is the pool showing any mana in it at all? If not, then there is something else going on here.
  3. Pancake Riots

    Pancake Riots New Member

    It is the normal mana pool, and yes it shows mana.
  4. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    I take it you're checking it with the wand thing? As long as it's going up REALLY slowly, it's working fine. Once you get around to making the mana rune, things'll become a bit easier.
    I recommend making a giant flat area filled with Dayblooms and their night whateveritscalled equivalent in a checkerboard pattern. put a mana spreader in the middle of them, and remember that it has a range of somewhere around nine blocks to a side.
    Then make some of the generating flowers that use water, and if you still have it installed some way to automate the planting and harvesting of the Pneumaticraft rain plants.

    And even after all that, it'll still take a LONG time to get even one mana pool half full. Suffice to say Terrasteel is one of the most endgame items I've seen since IC2's ultra power armor. XD
  5. Jakalth

    Jakalth New Member

    As Trisscar said. It just take a long time to fill the pool, and the wand only shows a progress bar which can be deceptive.

    I agree completely with Trisscar's recommendation. It does require a LOT of yellow, orange, and light blue flowers, but since botania mystical flowers are everywhere(nearly) it's not that hard to find at least half a stack of each. Doesn't hurt to gather the other colors as well while your at it.

    The night time flower would be the Nightshade. Works just like the daybloom, only at night, is a little slower, and uses different colored petals to make it. But over all, still a good early option.

    If your running blood magic as well, Serenade of the Nether(the ritual), combined with 4 thermalilies, can get you quite a bit of mana. Still takes a while to fill a mana pool, but is noticably faster then the other passive flowers. Only drawback is the nearly constant drain on the players soul network, and needing a tier 4 alter.
  6. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    Alternately on the lava req, use a BC pump and an Extra Utilities lava generator, plus a chunk loader and a tesseract, and just pump straight from the nether.

    There's a flower in the Functional Flora section of the Botania book, that plants new mystical flowers around the area for a little bit of mana. I highly recommend it if you think you might run out of them.
  7. Shamporo19951989

    Shamporo19951989 New Member

    I've got the quite the same problem only is my mana pool not showing any mana AT ALL, i know it takes a long time wiht nightshades and dayblooms but even the diluted mana pool isnt getting any mana at all.
  8. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    Have you tried reloading the game to make sure it isn't a texture error?

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