1.0.2: Big Reactor Yellorium fix, excessive?

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  1. Wackra

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    What is the bug:
    In version 1.0.1 a Big Reactor with core 3x3x3 was using 1 Yellorium Ingot every 20 mins. This was too low for the power produced.

    The fix in version 1.0.2 is now using 1 Yellorium Ingot every 2 mins. This a approximately 1 stack per hour. I am running a Ender Quarry continuously and it's not producing this amount of Yellorium even with ore tripling.

    I don't think a 3x3x3 core Big Reactor is excessive but this fix probably means I will have to abandon it for power production as I can not keep up with its demands for fuel, at least until I get into Bees.

    Mod & Version:
    Big Reactors

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:
    This is a config change between 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

    Known Fix:
    Revert the config file for Big Reactors to the previous version. However I do agree that Big Reactors in 1.0.1 was producing too much power per ingot.
  2. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    I've got a similar setup, but I'm using and MFR Mining Laser instead with three prechargers, three "uranium color" focuses and three yellow ones, because uranium has a better increased chance from the greenish focuses than yellorium does from the yellow ones. I'm about able to keep up by making new areas of my base every so often, and getting more fuel that way.
    The ender quarry uses up more power than similar stuff from other mods I think, to the point that the only reason I might use it will be if I go into the Deep Dark.
    Alternately, you could also use the lava generators from Ex. Util.-(I think), set one up with a bc pump in the nether with a chunk loader, send the lava back with a tesseract, and use more generators to process the lava into power.
  3. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime New Member

    I found that a 5*5*3 reactor is lots more efficient then the smallest one. It has 9 fuel rods in it. Had to do some research to get it set up right though. With the rednet controlling it the way I wanted it too.

    Direwolf20 was the one that decided to change the yellorium fuel ratio. He wanted it to be more in line with other fuels to energy thingies.
  4. Wackra

    Wackra New Member

    A 3x3x3 Reactor Core (7x7x5 external) is 422% efficient, which I think is ok. The only problem I have is getting enough Yellorium/Uranium Ore. The Reactor Control Rods are 77% inserted, which is enough to drive a single max sized Turbine (producing 24,070 RF/t). It can drive 2 Turbines if I raise the control rods to 55%.

    I agree that the fuel / power ratio needed changing. My issue is not the change but how to get enough raw ore to power what I consider to me a medium sized Big Reactor.

    I have added 6 Uranium Laser Focuses (as suggested by Trisscar above) to my MFR Mining Laser setup and I am running an Ender Quarry. I will be monitor my consumption/production and give some more feedback where when I have some numbers.
  5. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    if 1.0.2 updated extra utilis to 1.2.0 you may be able to go into positives with fuel due to enderquarry speed upgrades power consumption getting lowerd by a massive amount also were are you guys mineing? deep dark when i tryed had a tiny amout on yellorite ore compared to overworld
  6. Wackra

    Wackra New Member

  7. Nailbunny

    Nailbunny New Member

    My 5x5x5 reactor (3x3x3 core with 1 rod), is set to deactivate if power starts to build in a buffer energy cell between the turbine and capacitor cell. The reactor only ever kicks on when running my quarry, as my base is primarily powered by two steam boilers with 18 steam dynamos each.

    I run an ender quarry in a mystcraft age with 1 speed upgrade and the upgrade that removes the blocks. The age is comprised of jaded cliffs and forest hills biomes. The quarry collects enough yellorium ore that, when doubled, I am accumulating a surplus.
  8. Wackra

    Wackra New Member

    That's good to know. I am running a MFR Mining Laser (needs 20,000 MR/t) to power it fully. So I run the Big Reactor into a Big Reactor's Turbine to get the needed RF. The Problem with Big Reactor's larger turbines is they can take many mins to get up to speed (even with disengaging the coils).

    I used to use a Programmable RedNet Controller to manage the reactor when I was taking power from it directly.
  9. Nailbunny

    Nailbunny New Member

    If you are using a turbine, there is no way to have them talk directly, since there does not appear to be a turbine rednet port (at least not listed in NEI.) What I did was set power from the turbine to output to an buffering energy cell, which then feeds a 3x3x5 capacitor cell. Adjacent to the energy cell, I have a comparitor, NOT Gate (to invert the signal), and then the rednet circuit feeding into the reactor.

    Excessive power demand will drain the energy cell first, which activates the reactor when empty. When demand subsides, the capacitor cell fills before the energy cell. When the energy cell begins to collect power, it deactivates the reactor.

    There is probably a better way to do it with computercraft, but I don't have that complex a setup or demand yet.
  10. Wackra

    Wackra New Member

    Report on today's play:
    • Hours played: approx 4hrs;
    • Approx stacks of Yellorium Ingots consumed: 4 stacks
    • Approx stacks of Yellorium Ingots produced: 12 stacks with ore x3 (or 8 with ore x2)
    That's with an over-world Quarry and an MFR Laser Drill (with 6 Uranium Focuses) running full time. Conclusion "I can leave the lights on" :)

    When the Quarry finishes am going to see if just the Laser Drill can keep up.

    I think my problem is liking the MFR Laser Drill it uses 20,000 RF/t (too run at full speed) so it basically needs a Big Reactor/Turbine running all the time.

    With regard to switching the Reactor/Turbine on and I just tried the following.
    • Turned off the Turbine output Tesseract and
    • With the MFR Drill and my base running normally I just drained 4 Resonant Energy Cells in 6 mins. This is much shorted than the "spin-up" time of the Big Reactor Turbine.
  11. Jakalth

    Jakalth New Member

    When your mining for specific ores by hand, and only grabbing what yellorium you bump into as you dig, there is no way to keep even a smallish big reactor running non-stop. A quarry though, should be able to keep an efficient reactor running non stop without a drop in your yellorium reserves.

    I do see one little issue that was overlooked(the team is quite busy, so they are more then forgiven if this is the case). When the modpack was released, the team altered the pretty excessive spawn frequency of yellorite deposits from the origional setting, to what is now about half as common as it normally would be. I agree with them on this. Then the fuel burn rate was upped in the big reactors config. This I also agree with, but... When you take the two changes into account, the total difference is a bit overkill. Half the amount of ore and each ingot only lasting 1/10th as long in the reactor. IMO, the change is more then was required to get the effect they were going for. I find a slightly lower burn rate, like say 6x or 7x instead of 10x, to be a bit more balanced. Any less then a fuel burn rate of 6 and it becomes a little too easy, which takes some of the fun out of it.

    I do have to say, I do like the lowered yellorite deposit fequency quite a bit. Without the altered ore generation, it would become a nuisance, generating more often then both copper and iron, and filling up your storage system.
  12. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime New Member

    Which focuses are the "Uranium" ones? I tried 6 lime and it just increased Emeralds, a lot. Which was useful. Yet not what I was looking for.

    With a build craft quarry in the ocean I was easily able to keep up with yellorium demand. I was only feeding it 360rf/t though. The Laserdrill just sucks down all the power and doesn't return much yellorium or uranium. Bunch of other useful stuff though, Like firestone. Still doesn't seem sustainable yet. I may just be needing to add on a turbine though to my reactor. Just getting the materials for the one I want to build now.

    So far the change to power per ingot seems alright. Just takes more effort to keep the yellorium in supply. Though the ration still seems like it might need work.
  13. Wackra

    Wackra New Member

    Uranium Ore: Laser Focus (Lime) +1.12%
    Yellorite Ore: Laser Focus (Yellow) +0.34%

    To find a Focus for a particular ore: type the ore name into NEI and click on the ore block, cycle round the recipes until you find the Focus one (assuming there is one).
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  14. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime New Member

    Thanks. I tried NEI earlier. It kept telling me the only ore focus there was was "fire". It listed the drop chance bonus for it though.
  15. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    Odd, I've been able to get NEI to show me Laser focuses for everything I've ended up trying. Not that I tried that many things so far, but still...
  16. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime New Member

    Tried a few different ores. I think it could be a issue with how I am running the game. I am running a server on the same computer that runs the game. I also disabled journeymap, aromas stuff; then enabled opis.

    Yep. seems to have something to do with the server setup. Focus show up fine in single player, while looking up ores in NEI.
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  17. Wackra

    Wackra New Member

    Went the Bee route (just in case). 4 Alvearies with Radioactive Bees with 4 Frame Housings in each Alveary (production * 16) is producing approx 100 Crushed Uranium Ore every hour, which then smelts to 100 Yellorium Ingots. I only need 64 Yellorium Ingots per hour to power my Big Reactor/Turbine.

    So 4 Bees are producing 24,070 RF/t with some spare capacity :)

    Note Genetis by Binnie was used to assist Bee breeding and tweaking, for example the Radioactive Bees were improved to have Production Speed: Fast.
  18. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    More power to ya man, I've never had the patience for bees OR the sped up Genetics version.

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