1.0.1: PneumaticCraft Chopper Plants taking over

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  1. Jarbroslav

    Jarbroslav New Member


    What is the bug:
    The Chopper plants from PneumaticCraft are taking over the entire biome. They are spreading like insane, and almost every single tile near my base is now covered with them. Tried to trim them, but they just grow back after awhile.

    Mod & Version:

    Paste.feed-the-beast.com log:

    Can it be repeated:

    Known Fix:
  2. tofuturkey

    tofuturkey New Member

    I also have this issue, a fix would be very much appreciated!

    For me the problem is not just isolated to the chopper plants, it is also the burst plants and most of the other PneumaticCraft plants. Very annoying... to get rid of them you have to pretty much stand right on top of the tile cause the seeds will plant themselves on an adjacent available tile. :(
  3. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    The pneumaticraft seeds taking over thing needs a look at since even after clearing every single seed in sight a creeper for example can drop one of it's seeds as it wanders around at night starting a chain reaction that envelopes entire fields in 1 to 2 minecraft days if you don't stop it. I brought this up on i think episode 2 of direwolf's 1.7 series and got a bunch of flak about how "easy" it is to clean up. It wouldn't be so bad if mobs didn't randomly drop seeds and if they did to make it when killed only and not just randomly as they walk around. Creepers are a major cause of this with the creeper seeds, every couple ingame days i have to clear the field my house is at because of them and the outside of my starting cave was a slime biome so everything around it was nothing but slime plants as far as the eye can see. Another mob that i know of that i have seen drop seeds without me having to kill them are enderman and enderminy, luckily those can only be planted on end stone so they don't cause a problem.

    The easiest way i have found to clean them up is with the horn of the wild and ring of magnetism from Botania which are both fairly easy to make pretty quickly after starting the mod but that is only a temporary solution due to the mobs dropping seeds like i mentioned above. It would would need to be cleaned up every few ingame days so you aren't forced to look at the eyesore. Or light up the entire field so nothing can spawn and thus drop seeds but that would look just as bad if not worse than looking at the sea of pneumaticraft plants.

    The drop planting mechanic is pretty neat but has some pretty serious drawbacks, especially when combined with mobs randomly dropping them and the self spreading so quickly thing. I really wish the mod had an option to make the seeds act like normal seeds and need to be planted normally, then those of us who don't want to deal with this nightmare don't have to.
  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I'm 99% sure the mod has a config option to disable the last stage of growth, which should stop this behaviour.
  5. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    I seen that but wasn't sure if it disabled each plants special effects as well since it is refereed to at "Full grown effect" which i don't want to do. If it just turns off the spreading i would be forever grateful, the spreading is way too overboard.
  6. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    Interesting, 'cause in my world the plants won't spread on their own at all due to what I assume is a safety measure; They are spawned in "inactive mode", and will not become active unless I specifically break the plant myself and leave the seeds alone or drop them. I have a pit underground that's surrounded by stone for when I want to use the slime plants for a slaughterhouse or creeper seeds to make cactus green, and that seems to work fairly well to keep them spreading outside the area.
    Also, I have noticed that, with rain plants at least, they eventually become inactive after a while, and won't produce their effects anymore. I suspect that there's a limit on how often they go off before they shut down.
    Btw, inactive or active is being shown via WAILA on my end.
  7. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    One solution could be to cover your area with a block or tile the seeds can't plant themselves on, for example microblocks or half slabs. Since this mod has many different microblock types, and has automation methods for placing large areas of them, it should be easy to come up with a workable solution.

    For farmland you could place it in a building or under glass or underground, if the seeds can't get to the farmland to plant themselves they can't annoy you.

    Lighting up an area to prevent unwanted mob spawns in the first place should definitely be a priority.

    Cheers ...

  8. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    Ok, so still no real solution other than disabling the spreading completely which is what i ended up doing because making everything look unnatural isn't a solution. Modifying the landscape, either by lighting everything up so mobs that drop the seeds can't spawn or placing a bunch of blocks so that they can't be planted are not solutions. Setting up a farm for them so they don't spread where you don't want them to is one thing, but modifying every chunk that is loaded around our base is something we shouldn't have to do to prevent these obviously badly designed plants from completely taking over. If the author has something in the code to stop the massive spread of these plants, it clearly doesn't work.

    I lit up my base itself, but i REFUSE to light up the huge field around my base to stop mob spawns, it just looks bad and i like having the mobs around nearby for when i need stuff like pearls.
  9. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    I looked at the wiki for this mod and it looks as if you should be able to turn off the plant's full-grown behavior in the mod's config file. Hopefully this will help you with your problem. FWIW, some of these seeds propagate intentionally in this manner, so it's by design, not a bug. You just need to deal with the circumstances under which they happen and try to avoid them. This modpack does have the Division Sigil in it, so therefore Cursed Earth should be available to you, and you can always implement an autospawner setup from MFR to get your desired mob drops, including special ones that only come from exact copies of the mob being spawned.

    The other thing that might work, if there's anything in the modpack that can do it, would be something that would automatically harvest the pneumaticcraft seeds for you. It's easy enough to keep whatever you need for on-demand needs, and trashcan the excess, thus making them into a useful product instead of getting frustrated at their being there, which seems intended where the modpack is concerned.

    Cheers ...

  10. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    As i said in the post you quoted, i already did that and it sorta fixed it. I am fully aware of late to later game mob farming mechanics, i just don't have the infrastructure yet to support such mob farming methods and even if i did it wouldn't change my mind about lighting up chunks and chunks of area. This has nothing to do with me farming the seeds, this is entirely about mobs randomly dropping them (when not killed by the player) as they wander around causing entire fields to become infested by them even with full grown effects disabled. I have watched enough of Dire's videos to know how to grow them automatically if i wanted to, this isn't about farming the seeds.

    I find it extremely hard to believe that the seeds completely taking over EVERY SINGLE grass block as far as the eye can see is intentional and by design whether you have final stage effect on or not. At the very least i will be happy if someone could tell me how to disable mobs randomly dropping seeds unless physically killed by me.

    I don't think you or anyone else trying to come up with workarounds fully understand what this is about. I appreciate you guys trying to help but these workaround are not what i am after here, i am after a way to stop mobs from passively dropping their seeds (without the player killing them directly) that end up taking over huge fields even with the config option for full grown effects disabled. I will repeat this again, i am not trying to farm the seeds, i am not going to light up chunks worth of field, i am not going to place blocks the seeds can't grow on, i am not going to stop mobs from spawning around the outside of my base. Disabling full grown effects was a good tip and helped with the issue, but until i can stop mobs from dropping their seeds without me physically killing them, this will continue to be a problem and no amount of block placing or changing how i play will change that.
  11. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    Then visit the pneumaticcraft homepage and file a bug report with them about it. They might respond with some sort of fix if you do that but if all you do is complain about how you can't efficiently use existing items to good effect to solve or mitigate your problem in the meantime, then good luck with that attitude. Personally, I'd try setting up blocks mobs can spawn on that are of a type the seeds cannot plant themselves on. It doesn't matter, though, if you aren't willing to try advice that should solve the spawn problem in the first place, you are well and truly stuck with what you have.

    Cheers ...

  12. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    I am willing to try advice when it doesn't involve lighting up or replacing every exposed dirt block in several dozen chunks. This has absolutely nothing to do with efficiently using anything, it is about mobs randomly dropping seeds all over the place.
  13. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    I saw the question you wrote in my email copy of the message you posted and the answer is that the Thaumcraft wand of equal trade focus can do the surfaces of what you want to replace very quickly. It should only do the outermost layer which is all you'll need for these plants to stop planting themselves. I don't know if it works with microblocks but the wand should exchange the blocks rapidly for you.

    Cheers ...

  14. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    Alright alright, enough. Please no fighting, this is beta, things break.

    I have noticed chickens and villagers dropping feathers and emeralds respectively by just walking around recently, which would indicate that this effect of dropping kill loot without dying is not just PC causing this effect. Does anyone know what mod causes this to happen?
  15. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    Please just read what i posted instead of posting the same thing over and over and over and over. I already said countless time that i will not be replacing blocks around my base, i don't care how easy it is with whatever mod or tool. That is not a valid solution.

    I removed said question almost immediately after posting it because it was sarcastic and i knew some dingbat would take the question seriously and i was right.

    This is exactly what i have been wondering but keep getting the same reply back about replacing blocks around my base. Normally the mod that does this would be perfectly fine, but when combined with Pneumaticraft's unique planting method it cause problems.
  16. Yaeger

    Yaeger New Member

    The mod Botania adds the shedding of items by mobs, I am guessing this is the mechanism that is causing this? I checked the botania.cfg, and although it contains a lot of configuration options, I haven't found any related to the pneumaticraft seeds, or even a global one to turn all off.
  17. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    Thank you! Finally some progress. I took a peek at the config for Botania but like you i couldn't find anything anything that mentions Pneumaticraft seeds and being the noob when it comes to these puzzles known as configs (mods for this game really could use better and easier to understand configs) can't figure out what to change and to what to just straight up disable the shedding even if i have to do it mob by mob.
  18. Yaeger

    Yaeger New Member

    Most of the shedding is actually turned off, so I am not sure if that is actually the mechanism responsible. I am seeing a lot of plants myself as well, and I have now turned off the last stage of plant development in the pneumaticraft config file. I hope that will make a difference.

    I changed the config to :
    plant_full-grown_effects {
      B:"Adrenaline Plant"=false
      B:"Burst Plant"=false
      B:"Chopper Plant"=false
      B:"Creeper Plant"=false
      B:"Ender Plant"=false
      B:"Fire Flower"=false
      B:"Flying Flower"=false
      B:"Helium Plant"=false
      B:"Lightning Plant"=false
      B:"Music Plant"=false
      B:"Potion Plant"=false
      B:"Propulsion Plant"=false
      B:"Rain Plant"=false
      B:"Repulsion Plant"=false
      B:"Slime Plant"=false
      B:"Squid Plant"=false
  19. FInaldeath

    FInaldeath New Member

    I changed those a long time ago. But there is no way shedding is turned off, i find myself picking up ender seeds in my base during storms and occasionally pick up emeralds when going through villages so if Botania has it disabled then some other mod is causing the exact same effect or the config is broken.
  20. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    Ender seeds are supposed to drop when someone teleports I believe, and that may be the only way you can find them.

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