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Open Server ➊ Evolvecraft ➊ |Agrarian Skies 2.1.2|Open|PARTY QUESTS|24/7|200 Slots|SSD|64GB|20TPS|Plugins

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by stephen92, May 2, 2014.

  1. stephen92

    stephen92 New Member

    Evolvecraft Agrarian Skies
    Version: 2.1.2
    IP: skies.evolvecraft.com
    Website: www.evolvecraft.com

    1. Do not Grief
    2. Do not Spam
    3. Do not Steal
    4. Do not Hack
    5. Keep Chat Clean
    Evolvecraft is a network of servers striving to provide the best game experience for our users. We currently run a Pixelmon, Lord of the RIngs, and a Digimobs server. Now we can add Agrarian Skies to our list! We are experienced server admins with over 4 years of server management experience under our belts. Our goal is to bring you a lag free environment to enjoy the game.

    Server Description:
    When you join our server you will spawn in our lovely spawn. You will see some info boards that we recommend you read in order to learn how our server works. We have a skyblock plugin that allows our users to have their very own island on our server. There is also a built in party system that enables you to add your friends to the island. Then it is basically just like normal Agrarian Skies except you can enjoy the game with others.

    You get 20 lives on our server. This still allows there to be a hardcore aspect to the server but it also allows you to still have fun and not worry about losing your island.
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  2. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    is the shop on there the server,I love me some shops
    i will join the server soon :)
  3. stephen92

    stephen92 New Member

    No not yet, tonight once im off work, I will have something nice for that!
  4. Jinempa

    Jinempa New Member

    Its a great server, its also brand new so there will be a lot of improvements made around this time. But the goal is to take all the best ideas to make the best server.
  5. Hedy101

    Hedy101 New Member

    why no one talk on the server what is wrong
  6. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    qds quest issues, no info at spawn, no forums, no lighting at house, no staff, no players.
  7. stephen92

    stephen92 New Member

    Forums are coming, as well as a better spawn, I didnt see any point in wasting my time with a website if the server didnt pan out as I have several other servers.
  8. stephen92

    stephen92 New Member

    Server is doing great!
  9. XD_Dylan

    XD_Dylan New Member

    This is actually really cool o.o XD everyone should try it!
  10. Paintballlaws

    Paintballlaws New Member

    the server has been down for a day now
  11. Blovadova

    Blovadova New Member

    Please get this bad boy up and running again. Need my fix Stephen.
  12. Jonsky

    Jonsky New Member

    From what I'm seeing when trying to connect to the server is that the server is actually up and running. It's just the fact, I think, that it needs a reboot.

    If you ask me it looks as if it's crashed.
  13. Blovadova

    Blovadova New Member

    Also noticed it tries to connect to the the pixelmon server at times.
  14. Blovadova

    Blovadova New Member

    Sent a message to Stephen on team speak. He said he didn't know what he wanted to do with the server atm.
  15. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Thats why we move already to another server :p Lets face it .. he wasnt really in to it since the start anyways ..!
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