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Open Server ✰Crash Landing✰ - Hardcore Server | 24/7, advanced protection, auto reset (+quests) after game over

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by SirWill, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member


    IP: crash.mineyourmind.net
    Version: 1.1.3
    Forum: MineYourMind.net


    - Team up with up to 4/8 friends per crash landing
    - Auto reset if you are game over
    - Change biomes per chunk basis
    - Huge distances between crash landings, build nearly as big as you want
    - Custom protection to avoid griefing with modded items
    - No banned items (we only ban what we need to)
    - Public showcase on the forums to show everyone what you are able to achieve


    - Ignorance is no excuse!
    - Be respectful and use common sense
    - Speak English in the global chat
    - No spamming, swearing, advertising and no racial or sexual slurs
    - No griefing and stealing in any form, even if it is unprotected
    - No custom modifications or hacks
    - Use the ticket system if you have questions/problems
    - Report Bugs, exploits, glitches and don't use them
    - The procedure for breaking rules is up to the server staff.

    Server Hardware:

    - E3-1270v3 (one of the worlds best single thread cpu's -> perfect for minecraft)
    - 32 GB ECC RAM
    - DataCenter SSDs as Raid
    - Level 3 Backbone (for low latency world wide)
    - Hosted in Germany.
    (this is just one of our boxes as example)


    We MineYourMind are hosting modded minecraft servers since years and got professional with our own box when the ftb ultimate pack got public, since than we have collected a lot of experience and developed our own plugins to solve a lot of the problems modded minecraft adds.
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  2. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    • Updated to 1.1.2
  3. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    • Implemented cities and ruins :)
  4. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    • Fixed Sync issue
    • Second server -> crash2.mineyourmind.net
  5. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    • Third crash landing server open
  6. SpwnX

    SpwnX New Member

    Hey @SirWilli , is it possible to add a fourth crash landing server where it has the special mobs active?
    I find it too easy without them, even with the hard route :3
  7. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    It is not planned to open up another 1.6 server as we are already working on 1.7.
  8. Eduard777

    Eduard777 New Member

    Terrible server and moderators, quests are buged, when asked about it moderator told me to shush ... and in the end told me command to type for fixing quests and command killed me on HC mode ... avoid this servers at all costs
  9. Slind

    Slind Well-Known Member

    • /home no longer triggers the island deletion
    • new cities
    • mode can be chosen now (hardcore = 0 life's, normal = endless life's)
  10. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

  11. beninev

    beninev Guest

    I really love this server! the modpack it's self is great but plus other people!? Fantastic!:eek:
  12. Hello I've been having trouble connecting in crash landing it keeps telling me = read time out exception:null but I haven't done anything :(
  13. SD-Ragnarök

    SD-Ragnarök Guest

    Hello , Please can anyone help me ? My quests do not reset , I 've tried resetting the island more was not. Any idea what I can do ? -Goo
  14. is the server still up?
  15. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member


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