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Open Zephyrus network

Server IP
Divine Journey 2
Modpack Version
Version 2.20.1
Zephyrus - Modded Network
Zephyrus is a Modded Network that has now existed for over 3.5 years, we're trying our best making our servers as stable as possible so that we can give players the best Modded MC experience.

What we offer:

All of our servers are running under Custom Plugins! You shouldn't miss any features we offer. We are using Custom Plugins to offer users the best possible, non-buggy experience.

No banned items!
We have no banned items as of yet, we try to give players the full Modded MC experience.

Chat between all servers and discord!
The chat is synced between all servers, so that you always have someone to talk to!

20 TPS at all times!
The servers are running on an amazing build, so that you can enjoy the game at 20 TPS.
Server specs:
CPU AMD Ryzen 7950X
Motherboard Asrock B650D4U-2L2T/BCM
Memory 4x Crucial CT32G48C40U5 32GB
Storage: Samsung 980 Pro 2TB

Very supportive Network Staff!
Our Server Network has very helpful, supportive Staff, who try to help you whenever you need to ask a question, or have a problem!

We are planning on hosting more servers in the future, you don't want to miss out on any of them!
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