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Whitelist Infinity Evolved : Expert Mode! (1.7.10) - Whitelist

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Infinity Evolved
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You can join the discord and ask for a whitelist there, or reply to this thread / DM me and I'll add you.

Discord :

Rules for both discord and in game

  1. Respect and be polite to others. (Includes, but is not limited to, provoking and / or insulting others due to race / gender / religion / sexual orientation etc)
  2. Keep Politics out of the chat.
  3. No griefing someone else's things, even if it is unclaimed.
  4. Respect peoples privacy, their information is their own. If they don't want the information to be shared. (which is their personal choice) - don't share it on their behalf if you don't have their permission to do so.
    (This includes peoples names, location, age and all other personal information.)
  5. No obsessive toxic/offensive banter, even if intended as a joke. This behaviour does not promote a healthy environment.
  6. General manners still apply, these rules are guidelines. - This is to help keep the community positive and non-toxic.
  7. PvP is enabled but should not be enacted without consent.
  8. Try to be conscientious of laggy setups.
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