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Open IceyCave | Dedicated Aus | NVMe | v1.9.1

Server IP
Direwolf20 1.18
Modpack Version
looking to find people to join a small server, its hosted in Brisbane Australia with a 250/250 connection so hopefully that's enough the hardware it is hosted on is a 8700k with 64gb or ddr4 ram and Intel 750 1.2tb nvme

General rules
  • Don't x-ray
  • don't be rude
  • don't grief
  • have fun
  • don't make a lag machine...... or do XD

Latest updates

  1. server has been taken down

    Server has been taken down to run a ATM9 server feel free to join XD
  2. updated

    Updated to v1.9.1 Enjoy.
  3. Server upgrades

    The server has been upgraded to a AMD 3900x and 128gb ddr4 ecc enjoy XD

Latest reviews

great uptime and tps !