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Open [EU/NA] Pixel Gaming [ PvE | Survival | English Speaking | Active Staff ]

Open | English Speaking | Active Staff | PvE| Landclaiming

  1. Blacky
    Server IP:
    Sky Adventures, Stoneblock 2, Project Ozone 3, Ultimate Reloaded, Enigmatica 2 Expert etc..
    Modpack Version:
    We will stay on the latest versions
    Welcome to Pixel Gaming!

    We are a friendly, active and English speaking community trying to enjoy the many features modded Minecraft is giving us.
    So if you are looking for a friendly English speaking PvE survival server then you are at the right place!

    We are running multiple servers with each one having a different modpack than the other.
    To find the updated list of servers we have, please check our Discord.

    If you would like to see some more information about our server, ask questions or if you are interested in chatting,
    please join our Discord server.

    We hope to see you soon!