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Come ahead and join us on our second playthrough of Jason McCrays Infitech2. We are 3 core players and looking for more to join us this time around, the pack is hosted on a dedicated server and ought to be around for the forseeable future!

Only rules are don't be a dick and english language only please- common sense applies in general.

Extra mods needed are FTB lib and FTBUtilities, both of these are the most recent 1.7.10 release. You can play without them but wont be able to use the chunk claiming features they have.
Downloads from curse:

Some of us are using a texture pack which is a combination of Soartex Invictus for the modded blocks and LBPhotoRealism x256 for vanilla, you can get it at the link below if you want to use it too.
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Excellent server. Has chunk protection. No recipes are banned, people are friendly and speak English. Everyone is mature and the server is hosted in Europe. The server has no lag and runs 10/10. Overall, a very good Infitech 2 server that I do recommend joining.