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    Server Worldgen is Different than Single Player Worldgen with Same Seed

    What I'm encountering is a bit different and weird, both server and client are composed of exactly same mods and same configs yet biomes are totally different. Rainforest turns into snowforest and desert into extreme hills. It is not a slight change one would expect.
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    Server Worldgen is Different than Single Player Worldgen with Same Seed

    That basically it, I wonder what might be causing it? Have you ever experienced such a thing? I must note that both server and client are using identical mods, identical configs. Worldgen is DEFAULT on both. The list might be long though the mods that change world generation are basically...
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    This will explain the problem with IC2 Experimental.
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    This reminds me an infamous add-on we all "love" and "cherish".
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    You are right, problem is that the reward is not worth the effort. If it is easier to use just a stone pick than to use the device then it totally is worthless.
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    Dart Craft and SMP

    Wood is so OP, you get FOUR planks! Nerf it or remove it! Oh somebody already nerfed it!
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    1.7.x Packs Yet!? [Mindcrack/DW20/Ultimate/Lite/Horizons/Monster/Unleashed/Unhinged/Tech/Magic/etc]

    I'm even using it, it is available as a dev version.
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    Halflife 3 Confirmed
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    IC2 was one my the first mods I've ever used, it was a good and fun mod. It is sad to see that it is dead.
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    Figured I'd drop in...

    Lemming, I just love your professional and responsible attitude.
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    OP Items

    You are the OP, items can not post on forums!
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    Looking for a FTB partner!

    I won't be able to play for 8 hours a day but I can team up with you; guide you through different stages of the game and some mod mechanics and different ways of doing things.
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    What is life without GT?

    Life without GT is life without grinding. I'm happy and I'm building, exploring mods, making big and small builds I've been using 1.5.2 since June and I've spent more than 500 hours during that timeframe; in the end I'm still enjoying and building and trying different things. In the end, life...
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    IC2 is slowly dying out ?

    It is better for IC2 to be discontinued than being taken over by GregoriousT and turned into an hideous monster giving IC2 worst death possible, death in spirit.
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    How to Make an Efficient Server

    I'm glad it worked out, we've also solved the login problem; if your language has different "I" characters like "i, İ, ı, I" and your client OS language is different than server language you will fail to connect. We've found changing OS language helped a lot.