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    Open 2.5.2: Game stopping while playing (not crashing)

    No log provided, so a 0.0375% chance of help incoming. Please provide a log next time it does this to you.
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    Open 2.5.2: Crashes Possibly Caused by Witches and Ex Nihilo Ore Bits

    CustomThings is not the issue. Check this line: at com.enderio.core.common.util.ResourcePackAssembler.assemble( At the bottom of the log, it states the following: EnderIO: Found the following problem(s) with your installation: * The RF...
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    Open 2.5.1: crash removing items from nei

    I have noticed that every now and then, the AE cards are also missing from mine. There's no rhyme or reason, no cause that I can find. A simple close and re-launch of the client fixes the issue. I tested this multiple times to see if I could find a variable to cause the issue, and there...
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    Open 2.5.2: Crash on world load

    Or just disable the ChickenChunks mod, load your world, confirm the removal of chunk loaders. Save your game, close out, re-enable the mod and continue playing as normal.
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    Open 2.5.2: Pre 2.5.2 world crash

    Does it crash if you disable the mod Ding?
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    Closed 2.5.0: SkyFactory 2.5 Not Launching (Sorted) For Info view here

    You have 32-bit Java installed, it appears. You most likely need to have 64-bit Java installed, as 2.4 did not work on 32-bit computers.
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    Open 2.5.0: Upgraded to 2.5.1 and missing stuff from AE

    I noticed they were missing on mine. Did a restart of the game client and they were there.
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    Open 2.5.0: Created world.. gone...

    If the folder for your save directory is still in the instance's saves folder, then make a new world and replace your old world's level.dat file with the new world's level.dat file.
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    Request Mystcraft help :)

    Yeah I put those two, sky color and red color in the wrong order. As for out of date information, this is where I get my information from:
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    Looking for people to play FTB Unleashed with...18+

    How about playing on an Infinity server?
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    Request Mystcraft help :)

    You're going to write it like this: (!) Biome (Garden) (!) Biome Layout (Single Biome) (!) Biome Modifier (Flat) Zero Length Zenith Phase (Makes it so the sun is always "up") (!) Sun (Normal Sun) Zero Length Nadir Phase (Makes it so the moon is always "down") (!) Moon (Normal Moon) (!) Stars...
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    I want to host a whitelist server

    I know you want to host a server, but if you are looking for a small group of players, I have a server you can join. There are maybe 8 of us that play. Let me know and I'll add your name to the list.
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    I'm looking for a small white listed infinity server to join.

    Still have a few spots left, I'll send you the details, Dragonaslin.
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    I'm looking for a small white listed infinity server to join.

    I've got a fairly fresh Infinity server running. No banned items, and not currently whitelisted. If people start doing wrong, a whitelist will incur. Just me and another fella right now. Let me know if you'd like to join.
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    Seeking Modded Mc players 20+

    Just got done with SF2, put Inf. on the server. If you want to join, hit me up.