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    Casual Server FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6 (Invite Only)

    Hi, I would like to play in a Server with some people
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    [1.7.10] Ultimate Questpack [WIP][800+ Quests][HQM][OpenWorld]

    How can I get the rest of food in pam's? If there are no gardens spawning in my world
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    1 Tester for new modpack

    I can help if you want
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    Ok PM me when the pack is ready so I can join the server ;)
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    Whitelist Server (Closed for maintenance) The Dark Trilogy(1.7.10)|No banned items|Small Community|

    Serevr full I now but is there any space I would be so glad to enter this community Name (Not required): Isaac Minecraft User-Name: ViDMort Preffered Name: Vid, Mort Age (Preffered but not required):14 (Im mature enough) Have you ever been banned: Nope Why you want to play: I like to play in...
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    Material Energy^4 Alpha Test Group

    I can help you with the Alpha Testing :) I will be glad to help you. I played Material Energy 3 and I liked it so if you are looking for a tester you can PM me ;) Im a very meticulous guy, so if there is a problem I will find it.
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    [LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

    The save would be the same in 1.0.3 and 1.0.4?
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    [LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

    I can´t create a world, idk what happen. When i click create a new world it returns to the game menu like if I just launch the game. I tried to re install the modpack. I dont now what to do. Any Idea (I have java 8 intalled)