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  • Hey man, I'm trying to join the A7Craft server but it says I'm not whitelisted. Thanks in advance! :)
    Hey sorry to bother you, I posted on the forum for the A7Craft server, but didn't get a response. I keep getting the "you are not white-listed on this server" message. Not sure if that is in error or if I was removed. Hoping to hear back from you.
    Hey Vantoura, any idea when the server will be updating? Also will you be updating to the Direwold20 pack and will there be a new world?
    I'm not sure the exact rules for mystcraft on this server, but I believe WolfDoggg is making a bunch of them one ofter another.
    I'm not totally sure I may be wrong but it was just the two of us on the server and I was having MASSIVE lag spikes that you normally only get when a new age is made.
    again I'm not Positive, and I'm not sure if you allow that but thought I might tell you.
    hey heavens i know now server still in testing i want to see how mush it can handle thanks for informing me but when ftb out from beta rules will change by the way server have been upgraded now more ram and more player slot
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