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    Back? Again? Maybe?

    Back? Again? Maybe?
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    Werewolves the matrix. [Signups][Championship Practice]

    In. Hopefully I'm interpreting the rules correctly, it's either boldfaced or in the ##vote style, correct? Oh, and my first game back and I'm not allowed to start a villager conspiracy against the wolves/mafia/whatever (I'm going to call them wolves just because of habit). This should be fun. :p
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    Werewolf Organisation: Electric Boogaloo Redux

    So, after my impromptu vacation from here, I've decided I'll become active in werewolf again. Hopefully. We'll see if I can restart my habit of checking the forums.
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    At the risk of necroposting, I think that it's far too relevant to mention what (IIRC) @VikeStep found, that the code which stops you from sprinting when low on hunger is entirely client-side.
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    [SIGNUP] TarkirWolf 2

    I'll join. Go village, etc, etc.
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    100th Hunger games - Werewolf edition! [ARENA!]

    Vote Nobody I'll be out until tommorow, don't expect too much from me until then.
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    Forge and Nova

    I meant officially cross-platform - Mono is nice, but it isn't official, which could be a bad thing depending on your point of view. Also, my workflow in git is pretty much write code -> refresh git gui -> commit changes -> push to remote repo. As for selling software - well, obviously having...
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    Forge and Nova

    Weeeell, yes and no. It is, in theory, possible to get a language with different paradigms from Java running on the JVM (say, for example, compiling Rust to JVM bytecode). However, you can still translate it so long as both languages are turing-complete and the non-Java language has support for...
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    [GAME THREAD] TarkirWolf

    Antismite Striking I suppose.
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    [GAME THREAD] TarkirWolf

    Vote Nobody Okay, wow. That's a lot of people voting for Pyure day 1.
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    [SIGNUP] TarkirWolf

    I was that guy with a deck built around removing any creatures that I didn't like temporarily. It was a troll deck - I could never win, but was it fun to see the look on the other person's face when I detention-sphered the most important thing they had out. There was a time when that was all I...
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    [SIGNUP] TarkirWolf

    Another MTG game? I'm in.
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    [GAME THREAD] WeRewolPh!

    Agree to instawin
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    [GAME THREAD] WeRewolPh!

    uh what happened? I feel like I missed something.