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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    Both happened within an hour of each other just walking around in my world.Opening creative through survival and clicking on the search tab crashes my world to desktop with no error screen.
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    If holding an extra utilities power gen with power stored in it and you shift-click another form the crafting table then the two merge to become empty. Similar bug to the shift-clicking bees merge bug.Also, two crash logs (no idea why they happened):
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    (Monster) Beastly Logger

    I was Afk for a while but I see that you are still doing awesome stuff. How much does that produce?!?
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Cool build. Where do you find mods for functional weapons?
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    Custom Monster pack crashes sometimes.

    Fixed that for him :)
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    [Infamy modpack] How to make Infinite lava?

    Only over thing I heard of was in horizons and turned any item into lava for free. Only 5mb per piece though...
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    [Infamy modpack] How to make Infinite lava?

    You need the mod ex nihilio. You need the crucible to make lava.
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    Massive Farms/Factories! - Show us yours!

    HAven't done anything with EE2 forever, but the best things were the sugar cane farms with the bands and the energy condenser where they would glitch out and break, spilling thousands of items everywhere if you relogged without turning them off... :) ;)
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    Loads of Eggs

    Possibly repair shears? Or maybe just autonomous activator and export bus on craft or some fancy itemduct NBT thing to automatically refill them somehow.
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    Your house/base on FTB Post Photos

    See this is what I would call a necro because a stickies thread already exists for bases so making a post in this thread seems a waste. However, if this was the only base design thread then I would be fine.
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    FTB Monster Auto/Free 15k rf pt PowerPlant

    Nice, you are now really set to abuse mods to the maximum :)!
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    Early Power In A Legitimate Survival

    Engineers toolbox modules with block breaker and block update modules.
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    FTB Monster Auto/Free 15k rf pt PowerPlant

    I really like the big exploit, seems more hardcore :). The only thing that I might dare say is that you could use an extra utilities transfer node with upgrades for water because that would probably cost less and generate more water.
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    Smelting stuff fast, a comparison =)

    So 32768 I'm guessing?
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    "[STDOUT] You have some mods with DRM, you must remove these to continue"

    All seems kind of suspicious since this guy doesn't know about you supposedly if you look at the earlier posts yet he is playing monster and 'found' your name on google.