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    Important Announcement

    Jaded, You hardly get along with anyone yet you keep putting blame on everyone but yourself.. You need to seek some help jaded.. You really do. Feed the beast could be a rock solid product if not so many people had walked away from the streams that have you involved. The people that keep up...
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    64x My Mixpack Texture Pack {1.5} {1.6} {1.7}

    Couldn't find a download link without actually having to register for yet another site.... Shame... Good effort on compiling the pack.. Was gonna give it a go finally.. Guess I'll wait until there actually is a download link :)
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    [32x] 1.5.2 Faithful FTB Unleashed, Direwolf20, Unhinged +More

    Shame it's only 32x and not 64x+.. My eyes start to blead with anything that low... Other than that faitful pack is a nice pack.
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    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    Thanks a lot! This pack is awesome. Great to see that there are 1.5+ additions for several mods. Keep up the good work! :)
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    Mod Pack Update

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    [Tutorial] How to install shaders

    Thanks for writing up the guide.. >> Excuse my noobness.. Before I wrote it didn't work.. but it does... Nice guide... ! :) Colors look weirdish though... a bit brownish etc... washed out... But have to say the water, moving leaves/grass are absolutely brilliant. :) >> another edit...
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    T42 [x64] Texture Pack

    Not bad, not bad at all.. I'll try this out for a while... I absolutely don't like the look of diamonds but hey... keep up the good work! :) Not sure how hard it would be but some higher resolution packs would be awesome although I like the fact that this pack looks good and has good...
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    Tekkit is a joke but my FPS was Higher

    For some reason after the 5.01 update my system decided to use my internal 4000 HD graphics again instead of my GTX670 resulting in occasionaly worse framerates.. Seems it is impossible to actually force it to use the GTX. All info related to it refers to older nVIDIA drivers which had some...
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    Pack updates and new packs

    Fair enough.
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    Pack updates and new packs

    Fact that azsheficwhatever liked your response tells me you guys are the mature ones. Lol. I guess being rude is just your way of communicating. Finally somehow managed to get it running and yes I was using optifine although it also gave me crashes without. Now it doesn't.. And no, thaumcraft...
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    Pack updates and new packs

    Yup I did backup so I guess I need to go back to my previous version with a non working Thaumcraft (staff doesn't charge anywhere)... Just tried again with a full clean install except my saves and after clicking yes on the blank screen, it just stays on black screen and a bunch of new errors...
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    Pack updates and new packs

    Yes everything is so smooth... My FTB install and world ended up being a horrible mess after the update. Seriously, try testing it first or just quit trying to release mod packs. As it is you are forcing people to dig through 10 pages of forum threads to get things working. But this is what...
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    Pack updates and new packs

    scratch that
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    Pack updates and new packs

    wow a zilion mismatched items, forestry and such... looks like a big mess... :/ Console output looks frightning after updating to 5.01 DW... hmm..
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    I absolutely love this pack. I also like the sphax one but this one just seems a bit more polished and I appear to run into fewer glitches with this one. Keep up the good work. Using DW20 pack btw.