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    Mod Design Poll (BioCircuitry Mod, WIP)

    I am a Health Sciences student at the University of Calgary (studying Bioinformatics), and have been given the opportunity to make a Minecraft mod which would simulate genetics semi-realistically. Specifically, this mod focuses on simulating a chromosome-based gene transfer model in worms, with...
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    Herbalism; Any thoughts?

    Just wanted to poll interest for a mod in this realm, but I was intending to make a mod based around herbalism and botanic stuff (outside of what has already been added in mods like Pam's Harvestcraft or Agricraft). This would include things like clover crops (which, like potatoes dropping...
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    Which Minecraft version and which mod first?

    At the risk of Necroposting, with the release of 1.10 should one stick with 1.9.4 (or another version) or move forward onto 1.10 now?
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    Discussion on Mod design/progression management

    I see; looks like a very interesting levelling system (and as a bonus I learned about a snippet of code I had never come across before). On a side note, a YouTube channel that I like to look at for a crash course on how to do ANYTHING game design is Extra Credits; we may not be making full...
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    Discussion on Mod design/progression management

    Sounds like that would work very well! I am curious though now: how will the leveling system be handled? Is it an exp system (in which case, how will the exp be represented) or something like psi, where completing certain tasks automatically levels you up to the next level (in which case how...
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    Discussion on Mod design/progression management

    I think it would be, as if one was using one and suddenly swapped to another an abrupt shift would occur twice (one initially, when the new luxin is used before the last luxin has regenerated fully, and again when the last luxin finally regenerates before the most recently used one has...
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    Discussion on Mod design/progression management

    I do agree; in the end it is your mod, so do what you envision it being, not what anyone says it should be. That being said, hearing opinions can spark ideas, if nothing else, so I don't really have a problem tossing ideas about; I'll be doing the same when I get a mod up and running If I'm...
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    1001 things to do in modded minecraft

    269: Play an entire world without directly causing harm to any creature (with the exception of boss mobs); No thorns/elementium armor, no automatic damaging contraptions, nothing that has the potential to cause harm to a mob accidentally allowed 270: Power your base entirely on non-resource...
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    Discussion on Mod design/progression management

    "Magic" Blocks: They're a nice utility to have, but I would imagine an absolute pain to balance properly. Also rather breaks immersion (since stuff just happening is, sadly, not how our world works) Non-Magic Blocks: If you're going for immersion, this would probably be the way to go. Also is...