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    Ultimate thaumcraft Build

    Lol our system IS a large setup using 0 golems. Granted it does require Thaumic Tinker for the Transvector Interface. However we handle all 48 essences, storage, and overflow without the use of a single golem. However in the newer updates of Thaumcraft there are changes made to the essentia...
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    Ultimate thaumcraft Build

    You need to use a Silverwood wand with Charged Thaumium Caps, and a wand focus that has frugal 3 on it, + your thaumcraft robes to get the cost down. Make sure the focus does not have potency on it too. Potency increases the cost where frugal decreases it.
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    Ultimate thaumcraft Build

    Well the entire purpose of our setup is for our infusion altar. It's so we always have 128 of each essence if we ever need to do an infusion especialy with some of the higher tier thaumic tinker's stuff that requires 100+ of essences, plus... we think it looks cool like this =P and another side...
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    Ultimate thaumcraft Build

    You got it right, Currently there are 4 crystallizers setup to deal with overflow, however void jars can also be installed. The crystallized essence can either be collected or dumped into a hungry node that we have out back. We can get quite a bit of storage out of this system up to probably 6-7...
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    [LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

    That block in OpenBlocks was on by default before, but now requires a redstone signal to operate. Try putting a lever on it.
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    Whitelist Server DarkLabs FTB Server [Whitelisted] -Small Community-

    minecraft Ign: Simtimzero skype (required): simtimzero age (if ok): 25 gender (if ok): Male why should we accept: Because I am a solid technical builder when it relates to redstone, automation, and CC. I can also build things such as a community workshops, efficient mob grinders, rail systems...
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    SkyBlock: Feed the Beast Edition (Choose your Pack!)

    Hate to break the news to ya bub, but it doesn't say that where i can see it. All i see is it saying "Choose your pack!". and i'm just trying to tell ya one that it's not working on. So i recommend you put that its for v 1.4.7 in the description somewhere.
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    SkyBlock: Feed the Beast Edition (Choose your Pack!)

    just to let ya know, you cant use this with all the packs. Tried it on the "FTB Unleashed" pack, and there are id conflicts between the map and the ic2 config. The exact error is "Ic2 detected an ID conflict between your IC2.cfg and the map you are trying to load" , "Config section: block Config...
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    DireBlock Sky Map

    you dont need soul sand for a nether wart farm... just use ic2 crops
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    Whitelist Server Please Close thread

    In Game Name: Simtimzero Do you understand and agree with rules stated above: Yes If you have been banned before please share your side of the story (we do check for previous bans): No Why do you want to join Tybak? Looking for a good server to call home. What are you looking for in a server...
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    GizmoCraft/Direwolf20pack/Whitelist/16+ Mature/20 Slots(ForNow)

    IGN: Simtimzero Age: 24 Reason for Joining: Looking for a good server to call home Have you been banned: Never Additional Info you can put(Optional): like to randomly build things... and enjoy building big things