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    Forums/Website suggestion

    I like the idea but I honestly don't know who the responsibility falls down to ? Is it down to FTB? we don't develop the mods we just put them into a nice neat package which other's also do (the likes of Calclavia and the universal electricity pack), to make it easy for people to play. The...
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    Hey please contact Jadedcat for more information, you can also look here these are for the wiki she may also be able to help you with launcher translations. Scottwears
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    How can you get out of mystcraft without book

    the easiest way is to open a ssp game to lan with cheats activated and use /tpx [name] 0 this will tp you back to the overworld.
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    FTB Launcher Crash ( MAC )

    I would like top remind all members that this is not a support section as stated here
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    Same Problem.

    It just allows others with a similar problem to look at your error compare it and try out the solutions suggested my other members .....sort of just a helpful thing to do. Can I ask that in the future you don't delete pastebin posts that you link on the forums? to help other members?. And as...
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    Minecraft songs

    Diggy Diggy Hole FTW :)
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    can someone please explain how to use the MFFS projector

    Let is refer again to DW20 he explains the basics of the machines there function etc ... I've been playing with allot of Mffs lately and I've got to tell you its awesome but also a little scary at the same time :)... I also think It could make a good way for server owners to protect community...
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    Problem Recipe Remover. Help please!

    you can use NEI server config files to block crafting of recipies It looks like
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    Cute Kitty is Cute ;p

    Cute Kitty is Cute ;p
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    Server Seeds?

    what did you try the program or copying the world to single player and pressing F3 ? also if your op try using /seed ?
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    Server Seeds?

    You could try loading the world files into this its supposed to tell you various information including the seed Or copy it into a single play game and hit F3.
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    IMPORTANT: Found a serious vulnerabilty in the FTB launcher.

    IN the future feel free to pm any of the forum staff with any issues we will always make sure it is passed on to the right member of the team. FYI
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    Server Seeds?

    if you have access to the files look in the server file (with notepad)
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    Magic pack & FTB pack

    yep just use the filters on the launcher to get the magic pack server files
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    Solved headings

    I think this is a good idea ... It will help other members know that a solution has been found so the can easily find solutions to their own problems.