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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Can anyone explain how to use the pump from Industrial Foregoing in FTB Ultimate Reloaded? Without a range upgrade it works fine, draining the one block it can get, but as soon as I place a range addon it doesn't do anything.
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    What Pack would you recommend? Been away from the game for a while

    As the title says its been a fairly long time since I've played any FtB or Minecraft in general. What pack would you recommend I play now there are so many to choose from?
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    What weird cross-mod combos have you found?

    I personally love the Caliometric Burner (Heater?) from Factorization to generate steam from an MFR carrot farm. That steam can then produce EU, MJ or RF
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    1.6.4 Modpack releases

    Well when the page for the modpacks appeared there was a Mindcrack one. Baj mentioned making a modlist as well as saying he hoped it would happen before Christmas. And Generik in his last stream he mentioned its going to be insane. So thats it so far
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    Upcoming Mod Packs

    Maybe. Last time I checked the update was paid for
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    Opinions on Dartcraft

    This includes tools but modular furnaces that can be insanely efficient to insanely fast, turn into macerators or go into freeze mode offering some very powerful recipes as well as efficiency when it comes to certain production. Picks that can auto grind and smelt ores as you go. A whole new...
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    Upcoming Mod Packs

    Yeah because updating to the newer Java requires actual money :S
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    Upcoming Mod Packs

    I really dont know if this has been fixed or not but it had a dependency on Java 7 which made it an issue for mac users
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    Opinions on Dartcraft

    The only similarity is the tools, which are no longer really the main part of DartCraft. It adds a ton of utility machines and extra stuff thats just generally fun to play
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    ''Test pack please ignore'', the REAL replacement of Ultimate/Unleashed

    I agree about the large packs thing. I'm attempting to make a pack that I'll try and limit down to just using Redstone Flux for power combined with some non-techy mods. Of course I'll have to add the Buildcraft three and the additional bees but I really don't see the point in having ic2 any more...
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    1.8 Vanilla Enchanting

    This seems a really good move. Ok there will still be better ways with mods but there always will be. Given that vanilla can't really suddenly add any sort of energy system to the game or any Thaumcraft like system then using resources to produce enchantments is a logical move. What I want to...
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    FTB Horizons - General Feedback Thread

    Yeah I believe they are meant to consume a massive amount of power when they open, at least thats how I understand it. I can't help but feel you've missed the points of quite a few of the mods. For example EnderIO isn't based around the machines it adds, which are basically added for crafting...
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    FTB Horizons - General Feedback Thread

    If your using berries try combine them with sugar and a juicer. Default Harvestcraft crops don't feed you for much but combine them into new recipes and theyll feed you for ages
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    Your favorite mod, and why?

    RailCraft-For the amount of control it offers you when it comes to rails Thermal Expansion-Has always been a brilliant mod, got better with Itemducts and Florbs Engineer's Toolbox-A new like of mine. Haven't done a lot with it but everything I have feels awesome To be honest though I love all...
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    DW 1.6.4 MJ Power over long distance

    You could set up your engines there and move the steam via Ender Tanks/Tesseracts as it counts as a fluid. Longer set up for sure but saves you running 200 pipes like you just mentioned. I don't know about Extra Utilities wireless energy but the Energy Node is like the Transfer Node and requires...