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    Solved Green Team Furnace Generator quest bugged

    I wasn't able to recreate the bug in a new save but hitting the computer reset button seems to have fixed the problem.
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    Solved Green Team Furnace Generator quest bugged

    The green team chest will not accept the Furnace Generator.
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    Solved Unexpected recipe change

    Summary of the problem Unexpected recipe change Pack Version 1.1.0 What is the bug? There was an unexpected recipe change for the tin gear. In 1.0.0 it properly used 4 tin and 1 iron to make the TE gear but now it requires 4 tin and a cobblestone gear. This is the only gear I've noticed that...
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    Closed mob grinder sound bug

    Is this the sound bug your talking about? Because if so than I'm getting it too.
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    Closed Mob Masher recipe

    I've seen this too. It should either use up the saws completely or accept used saws in the recipe. I'd prefer the second option.
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    Closed Breaking Heavy Sieve Destroys Mesh

    Summary of the problem Breaking Heavy Sieve Destroys Mesh Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? Breaking a Heavy Oak Sieve from Ex Compressum with a mesh inside it will destroy the mesh. Mod & Version Ex Compressum 2.0.54 Link to log file Is it repeatable? Yes Known Fix Looks...
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    Closed crafting on stick crash

    I had this bug too.
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    Here's what I've been using. It's as tall as I can make it without adding another mana spreader.
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    It looks like your problem is with light levels. It's not bright enough at the center of your crops so the crops won't grow. Put a torch down near the center of the crops and they should start growing. As for the irrigation system, it's a bug. The sprinklers are actually turned off and are...
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    I'm gonna make a new world for 0.7 and I'm thinking of using an amplified world. Just thought I'd share.
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    Despite being quite grindy, I'm finding this pack extreamly addicting. I'm looking forward to the next release. There is one thing I would like to see though. I really want the various ingots properly unified. Right now if you smelt copper in a smeltery, pouring an ingot will get you the...
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    Neither of the Thaumcraft aspects Granum nor Saxum can be scanned. Atleast nothing I scanned would give me them. Also the Botania flower density is way too high. I believe it was set to 32 in the default settings, I changed it to 8 and while still abundant, they were no longer overwhelming the...
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Unleashed|White list|Grief Prev|Daily Contests|TS3|Keep items on death|Essentials

    Forum name: redawgts In-Game Name: redawgts Age: 34 Country: USA Have you ever been banned? why? No Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? Yes If you could be any super hero or villain who would it be and why? Iron-Man. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist...
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    Whitelist Server S!KCraft|Unleashed|MCPC+|MyTown + Essentials|80slots|TS3|No Lag|24/7|No griefing||16+

    Age (16+ only): 34 Country: USA Your experience with FTB: Been playing since day one. What kind of projects to do enjoy making the most?: I like automating everything I can. Do you think you'd make use of the Teamspeak server? (not mandatory, don't worry): No Have you ever been banned from a...
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    Applecraft - Magic World | Whitelisted | No Pvp | Creeper Explosions (off)

    IGN - redawgts Age - 33 FTB Experience - I've been playing modded Minecraft off and on for about 2 years. Have you ever been banned? - Nope Why Were you banned? - See above. Why Do you want to be part of AppleCraft? - Magic World looks like fun and I'd like to play it on a server with other people.