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  • Hey man, when's the server gonna be back up?
    If you can't pay for hosting or something I can. Been bored the past few days.
    Am i the only one who gets "Can't resolve hostname" when trying to connect to server, or is it actaully down
    Nope, its down. I'm getting it as well and I believe jkriner1 is having the same issue.
    Hey, when you have a chance, can you restart the server? My client is acting weird and registering me being on the server when I'm not, and I can't join. Thanks in advance
    Age: 17

    IGN: jkriner

    Experience with modded: A couple years

    Experience with AG2: about a week, was endgame on a AG1 server

    btw, i couldn't pm you
    Thanks in advance

    Age: 33

    Experience with Modded Minecraft: 7-8 years

    Experience with AG2 in particular: As far as Nether portal on solo map
    Accepted. Welcome to the server.
    Wait. Two things:
    1) His name is pretty sketchy on its own.
    2) Minecraft itself has only been around for six years, with modded even fewer.
    IGN: Sevenfm
    Age: 18
    Experience with Modded Minecraft: Played modded and vanilla since 1.4 Alpha.
    Experience with AG2 in particular: Played an AG1 server for around 6-7 months.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hey man, I can't seem to PM you. I'm interested in joining your whitelisted AG2 server. Thanks.
    The PM issue is due to our spam filter. Anyone below five posts can't send PMs. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    You are welcome to join, just fill out my application and post it on here.
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