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    Open Cannot view Laser Drill Recipe (Industrial Foregoing)

    Summary of the problem Cannot view Laser Drill Recipe (Industrial Foregoing) Pack Version Revelation 2.2.0 What is the bug? When using JEI to look up the Laser Drill and Laser Base, you are immediately shown the item inside the Industrial Foregoing book. While that explains what the device...
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    Open 1.8.2: Ender IO: Item Conduits

    I just sent him a tweet reply and asked if a YouTube video showing off the problem might help. It sounds like he just needs to see it in action so he can fix it. He just can't reproduce it.
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    Open 1.8.2: Ender IO: Item Conduits

    I can verify this bug. It's a bad one. Occasionally all EnderIO facade blocks will also glitch out. Switching to TE's wrench (or the native Yeta Wrench) seems to make it even worse. The item conduits are there, but trying to work with them is almost impossible. Pressing F3 + A for a chunk...
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    RedPower for FTB 1.5

    But that's impossible. How many mods out there actually modify the functionality of redstone? Not many. But that's the backbone to Redpower 2. ANY changes to Minecraft's code in regards to redstone usage will totally screw with Redpower's functionality. The last update made some pretty...