Open Cannot view Laser Drill Recipe (Industrial Foregoing)


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Cannot view Laser Drill Recipe (Industrial Foregoing)

Pack Version Revelation 2.2.0

What is the bug? When using JEI to look up the Laser Drill and Laser Base, you are immediately shown the item inside the Industrial Foregoing book. While that explains what the device does, you still can't view the crafting recipe. You cannot reach the Mod's end-game without crafting these items. This bug has also been present since V2 of the pack.

Mod & Version Industrial Foregoing - all releases included with Revelations 2.0 and onward.

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes

Known Fix Unknown.


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May 30, 2015
I have this to and this is because there are no diamond gears. I assume that this is cause because BuildCraft is not installed but then the main question is, why there are no other recipies so I created my own ones.
I hope these are suiteable for you and for the hole pack as I changed the used gear and the used "Machine Case" which are both no longer available in Tesla Core Lib (whyever).

Here is the Code which you can past in any ZS-Script (prefered is 00_recipe_changes.zs before the last line):

    #Adding recipies for Laser Drill and Laser base

I used Enderium and Platinum Gears because it is End-Game content so it can be a bit expensive for what you are getting out of it ;) - Also feedback from Buzz135 (IF Dev) in his Discord: they look good, I dont mind the recipes

Screens of the recipies (original vs my ones): and (last recipies are my ones from the script above)

What I also have seen, that the parts for the original recipies where turned off in the teslacorelib.cfg which are the following lines: 15 (for the Machine Case, default was true) and 59 to register the missing gears, which should then enable the default recipies.

Oh, if you are going to re-enable said lines then you'll only see a wood gear from Tesla Core Lib in JEI. Not sure why but the gears from it are not fully shown in JEI for now so look up there recipies through the "r"-Key ;)

Also I am not sure who has had this stupied idea to disable them. Only because those Void Miners are in this pack and we are forced to use them? Never ever in hundread years, FTB Team!