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    [1.7.10 | Unlisted] Obscurity - Jampacked 2 Winner

    Ah, that's kinda lame. I was hoping to use my ender quarry to convert all the land around my base into dirt, and then proceed to begin repopulating/building villages/defense/spreading grass and vegetation. qq
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    [1.7.10 | Unlisted] Obscurity - Jampacked 2 Winner

    Recommended version, still not generating nether quartz in deep dark. Played with cofh config, gave same dimension (-100, -1, 1) as the other spawning ores had listed, enabled retrogen in common config file. Removed "metadata = 5" option as well. Still none, or hasn't found any. Unlikely the...
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    Whitelist Server Jemands Infinity Server 1.4.1| Mature & Friendly Community | No lag, 6 GB Ram! | Only a few rules :)

    Namiasdf Canadia 18+ Hide passive animals in people's bases named for different delicious parts of that animal.
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Infinity|1.10.1|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|UK

    Forum Name: Namiasdf Minecraft name: Namiasdf Age: 18+ Country: Canadia How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? Since 1.4.7 Ultimate What do you like about modded minecraft?: Applied Energistics Have you been banned? If so, why?: No What can you bring to the community? 7x7...
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    TiC Crossbow number crunching

    Yeah, it's been nerfed heavily.
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    Bug Botania Force Relay (1.7.10 Regrowth Recommended)

    Tried again to fix it, still nothing.
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    Bug Botania Force Relay (1.7.10 Regrowth Recommended)

    Dang, I tried updating but nothing happened.
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    Bug Botania Force Relay (1.7.10 Regrowth Recommended)

    I am using force relays to redirect warp lens'd mana beams. Every time I reload the world the settings reset. Is this intentional?
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    Balance or Tedium

    i.e. Old GT. If it's complicated for the sake of being complicated, also to a point where it isn't fun, but just dumb... Right now, no mod is really that way. Mods that are overly complicated, offer great rewards. Mods which skim this fine line are those like Mekanism, and RoC (and all the...
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    [Regrowth] Namiasdf's Review

    For all those out there who have been playing FTB since the good ole' BC/IC2, or even before those days... I would strongly suggest you try out Regrowth. Regrowth's goal is the revitalization of a desolate world, devote of any resource, or animal/plant life, using: Various magic mods Limited...
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    Infinity Nether Ores pulverizer recipes

    Well, the point of modded minecraft isn't specifically to get infinite of everything. That isn't difficult, even with Infinity. Build one ender quarry, and use the materials from that one to build 10 more, pretty soon you'll have exponential resource income. That isn't really the issue. It...
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    Infinity Nether Ores pulverizer recipes

    Um, I believe if you smelt it, you can pulverize it then into lapis. Instead of having too much lapis, I have a manageable amount now. Infinity ore balance is a lot better. I am not swimming in shiny metal, nor do I have more diamonds than iron.
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    New to Mods/Overwhelmed

    Agrarian Skies is a tutorial based pack
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    powered spawners

    Alternatively Alternatively, you can use the powered spawner to generate mob essence, then use the MFR spawner to spawn specific mob types. This way you can take advantage of the ability to convert RF to mob essence, and still have the ability to spawn specific mob types, without having to go...