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    1.0.0: 1.2.0 broke alot

    Sorry but english is not my native language and to be honest i dont care!
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    1.0.0: 1.2.0 broke alot

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: Version 1.2.0 will delete Aluminium Ingots (expect from Immersive Engeneering in my experience), delete alot of EMC Values (Immersive Engeneering, Quantum Flux, Extra Utilities) and will do funny stuff to the world in general...not nice Mod & Version...
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    1.0.0: Equivalent Exchange 3 Values Dissappearing

    Reintall the pack, go into the config folder and search for EE3.cfg! For me its on this path: C:\Users\Olfington\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\FTB Horizons Daybreaker\config You need to chenge following line: S:energyvalues.regenerateEnergyValuesWhen=Always to...
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    1.0.0: EE3 loses EMC values for a bunch of items

    Maybe a bit late (near a month) BUT you are right! I had the same issue and changed following line in the EE3.cfg from: S:energyvalues.regenerateEnergyValuesWhen=Always to S:energyvalues.regenerateEnergyValuesWhen=Never and its working perfectly now (no lose of any EMC values now)! I raged...
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    1.0.0: [1.0.2] Galacticraft Oil missing?

    There is a recipe for that! The new worldgen cancels the Oil gen in th world... Craft your self an empty canister and put 4 Obsidian around it! Look it up in NEI. Downside is you dupe the canisters that way, means you will get a filled AND an empty one back.
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    1.0.0: Compacting draws & transfer nodes

    Try to lock the drawer....This way it wont "forget" the content from before and you can progress with the Compressed cobblegen!
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    Age:31 IGN:Olfington Knowledge of Direwolf20 Mods 0/5:solid 3/5 Why do you want to join?:I want to play with other people in a community to help and get help. Do you want to record/post videos of game play on the server?:Maybe one crappy video of my base, nothing really big.
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    Open 1.3.4: See through blocks :/

    Do you use Optifine or anything?!Asking cause it seems only the Chisel2 Blocks are affected.
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    Open 1.3.4: Quarry in the Twilight Forest crashes the game

    Sounds like the level.dat is corrupted....standard problem with the modpacks!Even just walking can corrupt your world (happend to me right now)! Only way to get back in the world is to get the backup in.On my PC the backups are normally saved here...
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    Open 1.3.4: FTB infinity not loading world after PC crash

    On my machine the backups are located here D:\FeedTheBeast\FTBInfinity\minecraft\backups\New World-\2015\4\13 The last rar file is normally the latest backup of your world! Just read you deleted your files :/ But remeber this for the next time ;) And it´s AromaBackup which do the backups, you...
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    Open 1.3.4: Please help... Not able to launch

    Maybe restarting th launcher can solve the problem, or a ordinary relog (just log out and in again) the worst case you have to reinstall the Launcher all over again (Save your savefiles form other packs before you delete the installation). These are the steps i use with that problem, hope...
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    Open 1.1.0: [Solved?] Ender Quarry mysteriously halts, still drawing power

    Dont forget the Blood and the honey in the nether (Natura/BoP.
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    1.1.0: death.attack.mfr.grinder

    This is the path i went and it worked for me: D:\FeedTheBeast\direwolf20_17\minecraft\config\cofh\core\common.cfg Have fun and by the way the named mobs are from Thaumcraft and drop Treasure bags, in 1.0.4 the message called the name and "was ground to bits" and the monsters killed by a Well...
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    1.0.3: (1.0.4) Random named mob deaths in chat

    My guess is that the mobs killed by the "Well of Suffering" are falling out of the world. The only place i grind Blazes in my world is the Well of Suffering and the blazes are frequently falling out of the world :D