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    How many of you play with keepInventory on?

    I always turn on keep inventory and turn off mob griefing when playing modded. The standard rules are fine for me for vanilla, when it won't ever take much effort to replace an inventory, or much time to rebuild after an explosion. In a modpack, some of the systems I've built or items I've...
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    DLC for Minecraft?

    About three thousand years ago, a wise man said "everything is worth what it's purchaser will pay for it". It's still true today. I've bought the odd skin pack for various games for the price of a coffee, and I choose to 'pay' for some Minecraft mods by donating to the creators. If you don't...
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    How can I farm flowers automatically ?

    An autonomous activator above the centre block with a sickle or scythe in it works in most modpacks. EDIT - changed 'under' to 'over'. Under is where I usually put my bone meal AA.
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    [1.6.4] Agrarian Skies - Bragging Rights Question

    I started this quest last night and I have the same issue. Five of the ones you need are primal (no Perdito), one of the others is Meto and the other remains a mystery to me, but it's definitely not Humanus or Cogthingy (the brain). I am stumped as to the last one as many of the colours are...
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    To make a local server, open your launcher and select AgSkies, but instead of hitting Launch, select Download Server. This gives you a zip file. Unzip it somewhere to make your server folder. In that is a file named serverstart.bat. Run that once to initialize the server, then close the...
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    Clay in bulk

    An alternative solution for a Thaumcraft user could be to build the structure out of something else for now, and then when you happen to have gathered a load of clay, to Equal Trade the blocks.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    You can travel farther afield and scan a bunch of previously-unscanned nodes to get a big supply of the basic aspects, then combine them in the research table to get the compund aspects. Let's say you needed Mortuus (death). You could grab a bunch of water, earth and chaos from nodes, then...
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    Automating Dye trees

    Random Things - change the config line 'FastLeaveDecay=true' to false to disable the change.
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    Ars Magica 2 Worldgen

    AM2 has a config option for it - make sure 'RetroactiveWorldGen' is set to true and you should be okay.
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    Tube/Pipe Systems for FTB Monster

    Thermal Expansion's Itemducts can be whacked with a wrench to set them into Dense mode (+1000 blocks) or Vacuum mode (-1000 blocks).
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    Automating Dye trees

    That would explain what I saw, and is a change I very much welcome. Thanks for that info. :D
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    Automating Dye trees

    EDIT - Ignore this, I said something incorrect. The post below explains.
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    Automating Dye trees

    Just had a quick poke around in a test world. It seems as though the harvester is happy to cut down the tree and take the logs, but it doesn't recognize the dyes or saplings as acceptable, so it leaves them on the floor until they despawn. You can leave your harvester setup in place, you just...
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    Automating Dye trees

    Just to check, are these trees from Project Red (Stained Trees), or are they from Reika's Dye Trees mod? Niels is definitely right if they're the PR trees, but I think the trees from Dye Trees may behave differently.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    They're definitely available, although I can't confirm if they can be found in the chests in those dungeons - I think I found mine in chests on those obsidian altars Thaumcraft adds. An alternative way to get ender pearls, assuming you have at least one, is by combining them with mimichite from...