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    Draconic Armor is broken OP

    I have another question since I haven't played in a while. Did he buff the Draconic Armor (awakened draconium tier) or did he add a new tier above the existing Draconic Armor?
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    Draconic Armor is broken OP

    So Draconic Armor now is like playing as Chuck Norris in MUGEN? It probably will end up escalating to stuff like a weapon that permabans anyone it strikes, and then armor that makes the player have no hitbox, and then a weapon that shuts down the server when you left click, a mob that crashes...
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    Draconic Reactor Experimentation

    I decided to play around with the draconic reactor in a test world and do some informal experimentation. I've made the following findings. First the more obvious (the stuff that comes in the manual): The field will take as much RF as you pour into it. You should regulate the rate that RF is fed...
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    Become part of my game

    You can surround your Thaumcraft altar with all the heads. ;)
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    I Derp, You Derp, We all Derp, What's your's?

    The Creeper accepts your sacrifice. ;)
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    I'm pretty sure that, at least in Vanilla, poison cannot kill you on any difficulty (you can never drop below half a heart). It definitely leaves you open to die from any other source of damage, however minor, though (such as being hit by any mob, falling by 4 blocks, starvation, or instant...
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    Draconic Reactor - Containing an explosion?

    I think the mod documentation says something about ignoring line of sight. Best way to prevent your base being wiped by an explosion is to build it far away from your base, or in another dimension. You can then easily connect its power to your base with tesseracts. And you can use the RFTools...
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    New Microsoft Minecraft project...

    So how long until there will be an API to write a bot that can play the full game of Minecraft (if someone is good enough of a programmer), all the way from collecting wood to making tools to building its own house to gathering food to mining for stuff to fighting mobs to farming to exploring...
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    Hidden TPS Lag

    I might try downloading the server files and running my world on my PC as a standalone server (without me on it) to see if it gets better TPS than when I'm logged into it. It would make more sense if the client and server used separate cores. Are you sure that they both share a thread?
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    Chicken chunks got the axe in Infinity update?

    Chicken chunks is still available but disabled by default. If you click "Edit Mod Pack" you can enable it.
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    Hidden TPS Lag

    In my current world, when I do /cofh tps, it shows 20 TPS (time is about 30 ms) but there's lots of can't keep up errors in the console and it's pretty obvious that the internal server is running slow when I try to break blocks or look at machines (it feels like around 10 TPS). Occasionally if I...
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    Open 2.1.0: Power Module [Gendustry] [2.1.1]

    There's an "Infinity Drop" that's commented out of the Gendustry custom bee config file that could be re-enabled and made a product of the comb.
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    Node missing aspects after charged [Thaumcraft]

    The only reason I can see to de-energize a node is if you want to get rid of it altogether without flooding the room with flux goo. Or if you want to move it somewhere else, but then again, the node will be damaged so it's better to just use vis relays unless you're relocating really far away or...
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    Open 2.1.0: Power Module [Gendustry] [2.1.1]

    Not a bug, but it's a pretty weird recipe. I would vouch for modifying the Power Module recipe to have the Infinity Comb itself in it instead, rather than being produced by centrifuging the comb.
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    Request Need Older Version

    Maybe install a Linux partition?