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    Official FTB Pack Suggestions Thread

    I think you are both underestimating how many tweaks there are even in a seemingly "normal" modpack. There's a lot of stuff going on to ensure ore processing all produces the same type of ingot, and to just make the playing experience a bit nicer in general. Also think things like adding ways to...
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    Which is your favorite game?

    A game I've seen a playthrough of which you might find of interest is "The Long Dark". It's a survival game without the monsters and such most games have, just you against nature, which is pretty cool imo.
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    Up to 9000

    261. Just realized, but you might want to change your signature, as the Void Of pack no longer has a public server
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    How can i get more Capacity in Tier 3 Blood Altar FTB Infinity evolved

    Without telling you the exact solution, remember that you can still add LP while the craft is going. You can use that to craft the T3 orb. I would recommend against having runes of speed while crafting it, as well, as that makes it a lot harder.
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    Up to 9000

    253. Well, I've finished my study in the last few years, and am currently looking for work. So I'd say a reasonable amount changed, there. Also, fun fact, I actually recently looked up your Void Of packs again to share the ore processing. Sadly never played the packs, but I love the ore...
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    Up to 9000

    250. Oh well, let's just go with this then.
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    Good vs. Evil

    56. Nah, you can't not deserve hugs
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    Good vs. Evil

    56. Now there's a good question. Still, don't be hard on yourself just because you, yourself, think you deserve it. Ask others how they think about whatever you did.
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    Good vs. Evil

    54. Yes, as you rarely actually deserve it
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    That would be the MineTogether mod, which you can safely remove. Don't worry, your world has not been hacked, it's an intended mechanic of the mod to allow chatting with others even while in single player.
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    The first thing....

    Industrialcraft (are we going to go through all the classic mods now?)
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    Its a Colourful Life: A Polychromatic World multiplayer

    Considering we are planning to do another playthrough, you could try again? Reading more about your adventures in my pack would be awesome!
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    The first thing....

    Transposition Gate
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    Ask a Silly Question, Get a Silly Answer

    Sometime before today Why is there snow outside?
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    Any good free games?

    I would highly recommend anyone that still likes to play flash games to download flashpoint. Makes it possible to play the games again, and easy to find old classics. And all of them are free. Some of my personal favorites: The Phantom Mansion series (puzzle games) Sonny and Sonny 2 (turn-based...